Greipel wins again in Luxembourg

Fri, 01 Jun 20:01:00 2012

Andre Greipel won a second successive stage in the Tour of Luxembourg when beating Ben Swift into second and Jurgen Roelandts into third.

Greipel - 0

The Lotto-Belisol rider, who won the first stage on Thursday in a mass sprint, held off Sky Procycling's Swift.

The riders set off at a rapid pace before Kevin van Melsen and Gediminas Kaupas broke away.

They were caught by an attack led by Andreas Kloden but in the final sprint Greipel reigned him in and crossed the line ahead of Swift.

"It may look simple to the people watching, but it's not," said Greipel. "The final was hard but in the end all went well."

Prologue winner Jimmy Engoulvent retains the yellow jersey.


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  1. It's not just the individual riders who decide­ which races to ride, the sponsors, directeurs-sportif,­ and in many cases the race calendar all have a say.­ Greipel has proved himself an accomplished sprinter who­ has beaten Cav on occasion and I think will probably­ give the Manxman some problems in the Tour. I would bet­ on him winning at least one, possibly two stages this­ year. I'm sure Mark Cavendish will not be so quick­ to dismiss Andre Greipel's wins as 'local­ circuit wins'.

    From Unchained malady, on Sun 3 Jun 13:06
  2. It makes sense to target races you can win. At least­ he didn't show the lack of respect to the Giro that­ most sprinters did by riding just the first week or two­ and then stepping off or getting thrown off the race­ for cheating!

    From Adam, on Sun 3 Jun 12:13
  3. For what it's worth I think Andre is a great rider.­ But I think he should have been targeting stages at the­ Giro rather than Luxembourg. Or at least for the first­ week of the Giro! But hey, it's Lotto-Belisol who­ pay the bills so they can send him where they get the­ best bang for their buck!

    From RiChArD, on Sun 3 Jun 9:11
  4. Some very poor cycling fans here, Greipel is a very­ good sprinter and team rider. Like all these athletes­ he should be give the up-most respect like Cav. ­ Don't start becoming football type­ fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From kevin, on Sun 3 Jun 0:03
  5. ooops!,i didn't think cav was even racing in this­ event yet the non-cyclist armchair critic still­ manages to get cav a mention in,what a plank!.

    From Freddybee, on Sat 2 Jun 19:51
  6. Not sure I'd say Greipel's got a great­ personality as previously suggested but looks like­ he'll certainly be challenging Cav come the Tour.­ Going to be a tough man to beat if Lotto get their­ lead-out train together so should be interesting stuff.

    From Duncan101, on Sat 2 Jun 19:21
  7. Previous post should read 'Grand Tours' and­ 'types'. Well done Greipel.

    From Adam, on Sat 2 Jun 18:58
  8. Since turning professional Greipel has competed in all­ the grand tours and will almost certainly compete in­ one this year. The tours of Luxemburg and Belgium are­ valid professional cycling events and are no less­ difficult to compete in than any other comparable­ professional cycle race. Richard if you think that­ these type of races are so easy/nondescript then why­ don't you apply for a professional cycling licence­ and participate?

    From Adam, on Sat 2 Jun 18:30
  9. Why do some people think that everything Greipel does­ is related to Cavendish's annual itinerary? Why­ would he even care...?

    From Stefan, on Sat 2 Jun 18:29
  10. why is it that greipel does the events that CAVS NOT IN­ HE MAYBE A GOOD SPRINTER BUT HE IS NOT AND NEVER WILL­ BE IN CAVS CLASS FACT

    From Shane Symington, on Sat 2 Jun 17:47
  11. Make hay while the sun shines Andre, cos come the TdF­ we all know whats gonna happen !

    From Terry, on Sat 2 Jun 14:55
  12. So much rubbish from armchair losers .... Greipel may­ not be the absolute quickest in the world but he is­ still a very fine sprinter.... and certainly up their­ with the best. How can you even call Ben Swift a 2nd­ string sprinter..... he is still developing. I'm­ not even a Greipel advocate but why do some people­ always have to be just nasty ?

    From Alexander, on Sat 2 Jun 13:43
  13. Greipel beating the rabbits again i see,the also­ rans!!!2nd string sprinters!!hiding from the real­ sprinters it seems.

    From M, on Sat 2 Jun 12:09
  14. Yeah a wins a win, but i bet you don't see­ Schumacker down at your local go-kart circuit instead­ of racing around Monaco anytime soon ........

    From RiChArD, on Sat 2 Jun 9:54
  15. Cue the morons claiming another win counts for nothing­ because Valentino Rossi, Michael Schumacher and God­ weren't taking part...

    From Adam, on Fri 1 Jun 21:01
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