Rodgers sets out Anfield vision

Fri, 01 Jun 13:02:45 2012

New Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers exerted his authority in his interview with the club's owners by insisting he would not work under a director of football.

The 39-year-old has shown great strength of character throughout the whole recruitment process and turned down an initial approach a fortnight ago as he wanted to be considered first choice and not just one of many options.

When it was made clear to him by Fenway Sports Group (FSG) this week that he was their preferred option, he relented somewhat but he was not prepared to compromise on his ideals. Rodgers said: "It is one of the items I brought up when I was speaking to the club was that I wouldn't directly work with a director of football."

He added: "I work best around a group of people and it is about a group of people. When you come to a big club you can't do it on your own. There is not one of us that is better than all of us.

"But what you need at a football club is you need an outstanding recruitment team, an outstanding medical and sports science team, player liaison team and these are all people who will come into the group and we will form a little technical board. There will be four or five people around that group who will decide the way forward."

FSG remain committed to a continental-style structure within the club, which will mean there will be a number of people appointed to cover the roles usually undertaken by a sporting director.

Rodgers, who said he was happy at Swansea, took a bold decision to turn down Liverpool's advances first time around but admitted he could not reject them when the call came again.

"I spoke to the chairman at Swansea and I always said if I left them it would be for a top club, but I would have to be the number one choice," he added. "At that time maybe I was in a process so I was happy at Swansea, I was not crying to leave.

"When Liverpool came back in a second time to say I was the number one choice, I had to think seriously about it.

"I spoke with the Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins, who is a fantastic man, and he gave me permission to speak. Once I had found out I was the number one target from the important people at Liverpool it was quite an easy decision. I'm very proud, it's a club with wonderful tradition and I feel very blessed with the opportunity to manage the club."


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  1. Hope Brendan bring the Cheers to liverpool who have­ been craving long for Premier League Title....

    From rajendiran g, on Sat 2 Jun 13:06
  2. Comment 11 :- you are 110% correct on your status.­ Brendan rodgers is taking liverpool to the top again.­ Swansea city supporter

    From Alan, on Sat 2 Jun 4:13
  3. l have followed this mans career for years, and just­ before dalglish was sacked,l was telling a group of­ friends that l would like him to be the next manager of­ liverpool. Rodgers is really that good, he is the­ complete manager,just wait and see

    From Elizabeth, on Fri 1 Jun 19:30
  4. Lets be honest here,how many games last season were we­ outplayed? I could count on 1 hand, Liverpool didnt­ get there share of luck last term,we didnt deserve all­ those draws,so the squad needs little change,maybe­ Carra & Kuyt wont get many games & with Carrol­ & Henderson we've seen glimses of some­ potential,along with Lucas back hopefully we will be­ stronger.KK wasnt a million miles away,just not going­ for the throat enough sadly. But anyway, good luck­ Brendan,looking forward to your attacking style of­ play,here's to a bright future! YNWA

    From kevlec, on Fri 1 Jun 19:21
  5. Brendan, You sound like the real man we LFC fans had­ been waiting for. fantastic working in team.

    From obalim, on Fri 1 Jun 18:26
  6. Comment 1 :- brendan rodgers and colin pascoe will­ bring back the glory days for your massive team­ liverpool. He will not go and waste money on players if­ he does'nt need to. He knows how to get the best­ out of the players. He plays the game the right way.­ Liverpool fans will be impressed with how quick results­ will improve and they will be in the champions league­ where they belong. Swansea city supporter

    From Alan, on Fri 1 Jun 18:11
  7. Good luck brendon all the lfc fans r behind u and the­ team ynwa

    From Peter, on Fri 1 Jun 18:03
  8. Good luck Brendon - Everyone at LFC will be behind­ you

    From Richard, on Fri 1 Jun 15:07
  9. Good luck and welcome Brendan to LFC, very much hoping­ for the good work and success! just ensure new addition­ should be only one or two player a season but quality­ one... RAFA used to go for whole sale player; King­ Kenny splashed huge sum of money in to avarage British­ talent; in both occasion things did not worked that­ well. I think one player may come good is AA if he gets­ opprtunity. All the best Brendan.....

    From Bel, on Fri 1 Jun 15:02
  10. Good luck Brendan, you can do it, bring back the title­ to where it belongs.

    From Wayne, on Fri 1 Jun 13:59
  11. yes i believe he will do it?

    From pa s, on Fri 1 Jun 13:58
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Yeah! Bring in Hodgson and Garth Crooks too!

    From FowlerLegend, on Fri 1 Jun 13:43
  13. Good luck Brendan, you have big boots to fill and a­ club with a real history, so here's to you bringing­ back the glory days.

    From The Mighty Sputnik, on Fri 1 Jun 13:15
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