West Ham laugh off Hearn idea

Fri, 01 Jun 13:56:26 2012

West Ham have rejected a suggestion from Leyton Orient chairman Barry Hearn to consider groundsharing at the Olympic Stadium.

Hearn has been a fierce critic of West Ham's bid to become stadium tenants after the Olympics but said recently he would consider a ground-share arrangement for his League One club.

The Hammers insist there have been no talks about such a possibility - nor will there be.

A West Ham statement said: "West Ham United has not held talks with Leyton Orient in respect of ground sharing and nor is it our intention to do so.

"We do not wish to comment on recent statements made by Barry Hearn not least because we can't keep up with his ever-changing position. They continue, however, to provide us with a constant source of amusement."


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  1. Ha HA Ha, Lets hope this is only a joke.

    From John, on Mon 11 Jun 19:29
  2. Leyton Orient/ Hearn could not afford to share the­ ground, I bet Hearn was thinking a 10% cash stake would­ get L/Orient A 50% CONTROL situation, DREAM ON HEARN !!­ your just a greedy pr@t.

    From skb, on Sun 10 Jun 10:43
  3. Just stay where we are for gods sake.

    From Mark, on Tue 5 Jun 23:34
  4. Our Sunday league team Gets more Support than Orient,­ Hearn Get a F,,kin Life

    From Roy R, on Mon 4 Jun 17:12
  5. I sympathise with you papa....none of us like change­ and disruption in our lives. I think you are wrong­ though, it will simply be 21st century westham instead­ of westham 1950. I don't know all the minutae of­ the detail but i do know that commercially speaking­ there are many pros for leasing a property instead of­ owning....particularly if the resident company is not­ in the trade. Westham at large need to focus on­ football and all that goes with it (players etc) and­ nothing else. If we have that new stadium we will­ immediately increase our attractiveness to players and­ fans alike. Everything will grow. I would estimate that­ our fan base overseas will increase during the first­ season alone because of the stadium....they may not be­ fans like us but they will all be buying shirts and­ gawd knows what else.... do you know that man u have­ over 350 million supporters worldwide?.....any idea how­ much that is worth to them. In our first season we­ will have crowds in excess of 50,000 for some of our­ games i assure you.

    From David, on Mon 4 Jun 15:57
  6. What the ----!!.

    From John, on Mon 4 Jun 15:47
  7. Stay at upton,its your home not stratford.The fans of­ the hammers are one of the most loyal groups i know(god­ this hurts me to say) your one of the best teams in­ london (apart from us ! ) look at us we moved and we­ lost the old den and old atmosphere(is that spelt­ right) see you in the following season when you return­ to the championship,cmon you lions

    From demo mick, on Mon 4 Jun 9:38
  8. Just heard that West Ham and Orient like the idea of­ the new Olympic stadium "play as you share­ scheme" with the Hammers and Orient taking it in­ turn to play at home with Upton Park and the Matchroom­ stadium being demolished for new housing and offices,­ not sure that that would go down well with either fans

    From Gary, on Sun 3 Jun 11:06
  9. M the old Post Office building is now a bus garage­ replacing Plaistow and Upton Park bus garage. This was­ the site the Iclandic group wanted to build the new­ stadium as it was the only place near to the old­ Memorial Grounds. Have to aggree with papa dragon this­ time I have supported West Ham since I was old enough­ to sing bubbles and would rather them develop the East­ Stand now that the bus garage has gone and buolding­ plans are in place for this to take us upto 45-50,000­ which I think is better than the white elephant­ stadium, but to compete with the big boys if we do get­ the white elepant stadium a: the prices need to bring­ fans in, b: a realistic way of using the running track­ like the yanks do in their stadia, and c: being able to­ use ut out of season to bring in more money like the­ Gooners with concerts etc.

    From Paul, on Sun 3 Jun 8:09
  10. David, I have just returned from celebrating our­ Queen's 60th anniversary so am not as coherent as I­ would wish. I do understand the point that you make and­ simply there is no counter-argument if you are simply­ looking for the logical progresion of football in West­ Ham. However, my concern is that in attempting to keep­ in step with the 'big boys' isn't on unless­ some other body with money takes a fancy to owning a­ team who play in an impressive stadium. What is more­ pertinent in my opinion [for what it is worth] is­ whether we will keep our true identity should this­ happen. I fear not. Sadly at the beginning of each­ season because of "Mr Money" the gap twixt­ have and have-not clubs increases each season and I­ think this is a poor state of affairs particularly with­ the youngsters who will understandably follow the­ "successful" sides where ever they are, e.g.­ I am lucky to be able to spend an expanded time each­ winter in Tenerife and ove the years and have got to­ know and like many Canarians - who do they support?­ either Barcelona or Real Madrid! I find this sad and­ see the same happening back home. As such I would­ rather see our 36/40,000 at Upton Park with sides­ including a majority of home produced talent in the­ bottom half of the Premiership than a Man C/Chelski­ side used as an ego trip for some monied owner. I­ haven't a clue how my opinion will go down with­ younger supporters all I can say I hope that it 50­ years time they still love the Club as I do. Must­ confess I still have reservations re the present owners­ motivation but will just have to wait and see.

    From JOHN, on Sat 2 Jun 17:18
  11. Hi all, I am also a bit of an oldie these days, born­ in the middle of the last century (ffs) and as­ passionate now about wh as i always have been. I live­ in africa now so it is maybe easier for me to say (i­ also dearly love our ground) but we have to move with­ the times. Wrong though it may be money rules the roost­ because the game is now a business. We need to up our­ 'game' all round to be be able to compete for­ top honours and to be a permanent fixture in the­ premier. I am worried about the track but if the­ seats are moveable and come forward over it ......? ­ Aside from that concern we will only grow our support­ and attendance if we have more seats and a world class­ facility. With residential developments and an­ increasing growth of people living in the area westham­ must take full advantagem. If the seats at the back are­ a bit far they should be really cheap...or even free,­ to get the crowds in. whatever, i don't profess­ to be an expert. I do know however that we have to move­ with the times, and personally i would rather we were­ right up there with all the other big clubs leading the­ way as opposed to be being dragged along by the likes­ of arsenal, chelsea and spurs etc. Anyway....still­ basking in the glory of being back. COYI. cheers all

    From David, on Sat 2 Jun 10:49
  12. Karl , That dirty ckuffer Hearn is after the wedge we­ spend on beer , grub etc. Which , if you go regularly­ ,you would know that West Ham fans are not shy about­ filling up pubs wherever we travel. Can see that being­ the only reason, plus he could stage his boxing shows­ there. Also , I reckon he would squeeze a Snooker Club­ under the stands somehow.

    From MICK, on Sat 2 Jun 9:55
  13. M as I understand it the old PO site is on a­ preservation site, why? I have no idea but obviously it­ would be ripe for some developer into the future who­ knew the right paople, all legit of course. However, a­ hobby horse of mine is hat adjacent is the Memorial­ Grounds where the Irons played in their infancy and­ which covers an area that could incorporate all their­ needs and could indeed even put up a plaque to tell all­ and sundry that I played there as a kid! Furthermore in­ the short term the PO site could house parking albeit­ the proximity to West Ham Stn and Canning Town Stn­ should suffice. But then who are we? Just the silly­ sods who love the club and count for nothing in this­ day and age. I know I sound like a silly old f.rt but­ it really does hurt to see OUR club being used like a­ shuttlcock.

    From JOHN, on Sat 2 Jun 0:19
  14. If West Ham move from Upton Park they will NOT even­ have 35,000 attendances Better a full Boleyn Ground­ than a half empty Myopic Stadium There's only one­ reason for this proposal and that's money - Upton­ Park will be demolished and developers will move in. ­ When that happens it will be the final nail in the West­ Ham coffin the club I have loved and supported for 66­ years will be brown bread.

    From Papadragon, on Fri 1 Jun 20:47
  15. i really dont understand this . west ham 35 thousand­ -leyton about 3 thousand and they want 80 thousand­ seater. specially leyton that would be a lough

    From KARL, on Fri 1 Jun 19:29
  16. what happened to that old post office waste ground­ outside West Ham station? we ought to buy and develop­ that.

    From M, on Fri 1 Jun 18:21
  17. We do have a piece of ground allocated for Mr Hearn, as­ it happens. And he won't even have to share it!

    From Ignity, on Fri 1 Jun 16:58
  18. Two words Hearn, and the second one is OFF !!!!!!!!! ­ Have it , we don't want it anyway .............

    From MICK, on Fri 1 Jun 16:20
  19. Couldn't have put it better myself. Shame I­ don't want us to have it either.

    From JOHN, on Fri 1 Jun 15:06
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