Euro 2012 - FA rebukes Sun over 'Woy' headline

Wed, 02 May 15:14:00 2012

The FA has rebuked The Sun over a front page headline mocking Roy Hodgson's speech, saying that a large number of people complained both to the FA and the Press Complaints Commission.


The Sun led the news of Hodgson’s appointment as England manager with the headline "Bwing on the Euwos! (We’ll see you in Ukwaine against Fwance)", in clear reference to the West Brom manager’s speaking voice.

The headline led to heavy criticism of The Sun on social networking sites, with many fans upset at both The Sun’s immediate antagonistic tone and the poking of fun at speech impediments.

But, while a "large number of objections" had been received both by the FA and the PCC, English football’s governing body would not be making an official complaint about the matter.

FA Chairman David Bernstein said: "We are delighted at the media response toRoy’s appointment but are disappointed with the headline in The Sun, which we consider is in poor taste and disrespectful."

The FA’s statement added that it had "raised it with the newspaper and made it clear that their front page is unacceptable to us."

Hodgson signed a four-year contract on Monday, succeeding Fabio Capello, who resigned after disagreeing with the FA over the removal of John Terry as England captain.

The former Fulham, Liverpool, Internazionale and Switzerland boss has managed many club and national teams in a 36-year career, but the tabloid media - led by The Sun - had been campaigning for Tottenham's Harry Redknapp to be England's next manager.

Hodgson will remain West Brom manager until the end of the season.

The FA has rebuked The Sun over a front page headline mocking Roy Hodgson's speech, saying a large number of people complained to the PCC. - 2


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  1. I gave up reading this rag years ago, dont even pick up­ the ones left on the tube, little wonder its refered as­ the gutter press, and thats flattering.

    From JIM, on Sat 5 May 21:11
  2. buying the sun is cheaper than buying toilet rolls

    From john d, on Fri 4 May 14:58
  3. James 737 - You say Kenny can't speak English, but­ then again neither could the last Manager. Kenny­ doesn't court the press, now there's a­ difference. I understand Kenny completely.

    From JayJay, on Fri 4 May 14:25
  4. what would you expect from this rag. i cringe when i­ am in a paper shop and someone picks up this excuse for­ a newspaper. Stop buying it and it will go away as i­ hope the murdochs will!

    From philip, on Fri 4 May 13:15
  5. I seem to remember the press falling over themselfs­ with excitement when Roy got Fulham to the UEFA cup­ final, and calling for him to be the next England boss,­ now that he is they are slating him on a personal note­ making jibes at his speech, no matter what they think­ he is the most experienced England manager ever!! Lets­ all get behind Roy, because if we don't it will end­ in tears!

    From Stephen, on Thu 3 May 22:33
  6. i wonder what the toriesthinkof theirrag now, no­ soundatall typical. stone "emall fleet street­ would be niceno comment from buck house??

    From nyce one baby, on Thu 3 May 20:46
  7. The Answer is simpel having read so many of the comment­ I cannot find a one for the Sun so. SO GET RID OF­ THE SUN STOP BUYING IT, IF YOU WANY BOOBS GO ELSE­ WHERE.

    From RAYMOND, on Thu 3 May 17:54
  8. nofishlplaint,wiek

    From sven, on Thu 3 May 15:38
  9. i have never in my life encountered such a hateful and­ vitriolic rag as The Sun newspaper, why people would­ continue to purchase and sustain this rubbish is beyond­ me!

    From BRENDAN, on Thu 3 May 14:51
  10. The SUN writes what Man City is.

    From , on Thu 3 May 14:51
  11. So i take it from this headline that Murderoch­ hasn't managed to reign in The Scum yet. Then again­ responsible,considered headlines were never The Scums­ forte.

    From Maximus Ridiculous, on Thu 3 May 14:18
  12. To be honest I used to write a better school's­ paper with my trusty John Bull printing set

    From Steve, on Thu 3 May 13:56
  13. This headline is Murdoch retaliation he has lost his­ power and been humiliated.Sky news has been doing it­ for ages with its subtle inuendos but at the same time­ appearing to be neutral

    From Rissoles, on Thu 3 May 13:15
  14. Leonard gots to get PAID.

    From Norbert, on Thu 3 May 13:10
  15. Makes me think, I wonder if the Sun would have printed­ such a childish and pathetic front page if the new­ England manager was of an ethnic minority? Don't­ get me wrong, I think it was just plain stupid of them­ and I know it shouldn't make a difference but I­ cant help think that they might have hesitated if that­ was the case. Why they felt the need to write it is­ beyond me? I sincerley hope that Roy Hodgsen trains and­ coaches the England football team to many successes to­ put the idiots at the Sun newspaper to shame.

    From Dry Your Eyes, on Thu 3 May 13:05
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    come on fa get a grip get a life. every 1 youve­ appointed has been a disaster n that hasnt changed with­ the appointment of woy bloody havent a clue hodgson.­ step down n give the fans what we want ie harry rednap.­ theres also talk of alot of fans boycotting england­ games because of this

    From E, on Thu 3 May 13:03
  17. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    congwatuwations to woy hodgson on becoming­ engwand's new managew.Hopefully,you'll gwuide­ engwand to win Euwos 2012.

    From Norbert, on Thu 3 May 12:36
  18. Typical Sun and the morons who make up the staff. As­ for Rupert Murdock, he should have it pointed out to­ him that he possesses a very tiny hole in his body that­ he has probably never seen, and he should be encouraged­ to do a U turn and disappear into it and never return.­ Mike the Impaler

    From , on Thu 3 May 12:34
  19. so why are we all suprised at the sun paper, it thinks­ that by slating people it will sell its very unpopular­ paper. I wouldnt even put this trash in the bottom of­ my bird cage

    From nova, on Thu 3 May 12:22
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Weally this is such a wediculous stowy woy hodgson must­ weally have the ump,

    From phar'q, on Thu 3 May 12:22
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