Euro 2012 - Hodgson calls for fans' support

Tue, 01 May 16:39:00 2012

Roy Hodgson called for supporters to back the national side in his first press conference as England's new manager.

Roy Hodgson (right) - 0

Hodgson was, as expected, confirmed as Fabio Capello's successor on a four-year contract but there has already been much speculation as to why bookies' favourite Harry Redknapp was not approached. The Tottenham boss was widely perceived to be the popular choice for the position, but the Football Association confirmed Hodgson was their first and only choice.

"It is a very proud day for me, I'm a very happy man to be offered the chance to manage my country," he said. "I'm looking forward to the task ahead. Everyone knows it is not an easy one but I'm hoping that everyone, fans and supporters will get behind the team."

He added: "It's the team that counts, they go out and win football matches. What I'll do is try to make sure the team is well prepared for the challenge ahead. I'm really looking forward to it."

Hodgson acknowledged he did not have much time to settle into the job before Euro 2012, but said: "It's going to be difficult of course but hopefully I've got time. Obviously I've been working here [in England] for the last five years so the players are pretty well known to me even though I haven't worked with them all.

"I've done as much research and spoken to as many people as I can."

Redknapp was brought up time and again at Hodgson's press conference and the new manager said the Spurs boss had sent him a voicemail following his appointment.

Hodgson added: "We've unwittingly become rivals but I hope it won't affect our friendship and I think he's dealt with the situation extremely well in all his interviews."

new England manager

FA chairman David Bernstein said Hodgson was the "unanimous choice" of the FA board and that the governing body decided to appoint the West Brom boss a month ago.

He refused to discuss why Redknapp was not approached, saying only: "It was not a two-man race. Other candidates were looked at very seriously, whose names I won't give out."

Hodgson preferred not to answer questions about picking John Terry and Rio Ferdinand in his squad, or the possibility of selecting Steven Gerrard as captain, but was forthcoming about the prospect of Wayne Rooney going to Ukraine and Poland.

Rooney is suspended for England's opening two games, but Hodgson appeared to put to bed any debate about whether the Manchester United striker would be part of the final squad or not.

"I'm looking forward to Wayne Rooney coming to the Euros with us and making a contribution even though he cannot play the first two games," he said.

Asked about England's prospects at the Euros, Hodgson added: "England always have to go in tournaments to win them because we are a major football nation. I certainly think the players would be very disappointed if we expected anything less of them than to win the tournament."

Roy Hodgson called for supporters to back the national side in his first press conference as England's new manager. - 2

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  1. the FA do not know the solution to england manager job­ yet, there are only two solution to that managerial job­ in england and they are not (england english) born­ managers, the two solutions are; Arsène Wenger or the­ One and only SIR ALEX. do you mean that FA cant­ approach these guys for the job. do the FA want to­ england to be there in europe without winning an cup­ for years, because the only two solutions are those two­ guys. please the board of FA see to this mail and do­ something fast.

    From Noura nare Diallo, on Fri 4 May 13:25
  2. Look at his CV never last very long in any club, this­ will be the same, not a popular choice and there will­ be little tolerance if he doesnt win.

    From steve, on Thu 3 May 19:32
  3. Let's give Hodgson a chance.He is English with a­ good CV,i think we are lucky.Now let us Get behind­ him.Good luck.

    From HENRY, on Wed 2 May 22:06
  4. Give Hodgson A Chance, He will do well

    From Alan, on Wed 2 May 11:27
  5. i think stuart should pack his bags and go,its a joke,i­ bet the FA never offerd him that kind of money as­ caretaker manager.plenty of work out there in club­ management,good luck stuart.

    From Tom Wilson, on Wed 2 May 10:59
  6. If he wants the support of the fans,listen to them.They­ don't want Terry or Lampard in the squad.If you do­ pick them you will have failed already.

    From RICHARD, on Wed 2 May 10:37
  7. I see the gutter press has already started on Roy this­ morning. Its a perfect match. A gutter press for a­ gutter nation.

    From COLIN B, on Wed 2 May 10:18
  8. After reading what is in the press about Hodgson today,­ I bet Redknapp is pleased he has,nt got the England job­ , Its discusting, the paper should be BANNED,

    From redevildetester, on Wed 2 May 9:16
  9. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    One of the worst managers in the world who has a 4 year­ contract so can fail in Europe, get sacked and retire­ with his compensation lol

    From MUFC Champions By 11 Points, on Wed 2 May 9:15
  10. Good luck to Roy Hodgson, Lets get behind the man, not­ ridicule him, the players should bust a gut for him,­ and I have to say he was treated poorly at liverpool.­ From a Liverpool Fan.

    From redevildetester, on Wed 2 May 9:11
  11. At the end of the day Harry would have been too­ expensive. Roy needs the real England fans to get­ behind him. I think its going to work if we support­ him, at least he is english and has passion.

    From , on Wed 2 May 9:01
  12. ENGLAND WILL WIN ZIP WITH RH HE IS­ RUBBISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­ !!!!!!!!!!!!

    From lanesra, on Wed 2 May 8:45
  13. @101; if you really like him all that much, how come­ you can't even spell his name?

    From Jimmy, on Wed 2 May 8:41
  14. Think Hodgson's appointment is respectable and­ worth trying out seeing as the FA decided to go English­ again. Dont think there is another English manager out­ there who could do better that Roy could. even. Alas no­ doubt Hodgson will be judged on Englands performance­ during the Euros, it might be a flash in the pan for­ him, but i cant see the FA sacking him before his 4­ years are up. Which means that Hodgson is probably­ about to go through the worst patch of his managerial­ career, all because of the press. He deserves to be­ left alone to do his contract for 4 years. but it wont­ happen like that.

    From Radge2def, on Wed 2 May 8:36
  15. Roy sounds level headed and probably has the expertise.­ He needs Luck. I dread the vile english media and fans­ should boycott all papers that unnecessarily get stuck­ into managers. In addition, true fans will support a­ team through thick and thin, but if the english­ mentality surfaces again, then we'll be reading­ about Roy's departure sooner rather than later.­ Good Luck Roy.

    From Begrudger, on Wed 2 May 7:35
  16. we dont have that many good footballers so what ever­ team he picks will be average

    From paul k, on Wed 2 May 6:18
  17. average manager now in charge of an average team , good­ match , harry never worry , lucky escape id say

    From james t, on Wed 2 May 5:34
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    i like steven gerred

    From Amianto, on Wed 2 May 5:04
  19. I think roy is a good bloke and a very good tactician,­ it makes me especially laugh when liverpool fans are­ complaining about him, has king kenny done so well?,­ liverpool without Gerrad and carragher have no backbone­ left im affraid

    From JEREMY, on Wed 2 May 4:11
  20. How will the "Stars "react" to this­ news! They seem to run the show.

    From The Sentinel, on Wed 2 May 3:52
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