Cranie could give us a lift - Thorn

Wed, 02 May 14:25:50 2012

Coventry boss Andy Thorn has appealed to the club's board to offer a new contract to Martin Cranie.

The defender's contract expires in the summer and Thorn is urging them to take action with the 25-year-old open minded about his future.

Cranie has made over 100 appearances for the Sky Blues but is reportedly assessing his options following their relegation from the npower Championship.

"I've asked the club to speak to him regarding re-signing and we'll see where we go with that," Thorn told the Coventry Telegraph.

"I'd like to keep Martin because he's been terrific and he's formed a decent partnership with Richard Keogh and they are the right age for us as well.

"None of the lads want to play in League One but it's something we have to do and if we can do what Southampton did by keeping hold of a lot of their players we can hopefully achieve what they have."


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  1. we will be lucky to see cov play again at this rate.­ its about time the FA got hold of sisu ask them what­ the f~~k they are playing at killing what was a great­ footballing club.If they can't even pay the rent on­ time

    From darren edkins, on Thu 3 May 20:26
  2. I still think that until they get their hands on the­ stadium we are going no where. Its called being held to­ ransom! I think.

    From dogruffffffff, on Thu 3 May 11:09
  3. Indeed I do indeed, Kid.But we all know what they are­ dont we. LIAR LIAR YA BUMSON FIRE.

    From dogruffffffff, on Thu 3 May 11:06
  4. Dog......Do you remember SISU saying they had half the­ money needed to buy the half share in the stadium last­ year?

    From Sky Blue Kid 1, on Thu 3 May 10:53
  5. Trying for a THIRD TIME, What happened to the £10m that­ had been put away towards the £20m needed to buy half­ shares in the stadium. This was quoted by our­ illustrious owners last summer!

    From Sky Blue Kid 1, on Thu 3 May 10:47
  6. Why? have my last 2 posts been removed? I've­ written nothing against (Yahoo) guidelines!!!

    From Sky Blue Kid 1, on Thu 3 May 10:42
  7. Well, does it matter who leaves? Mr, Thorn has said­ that he has been asked to stay and rebuild! SISU are­ backing him. Well Mr Thorn rebuild man rebuild.I cant­ wait to see how much they will give you. Remembering­ that the rent is 100k a month. I reckon you will be­ doing a Cranie and moving out.

    From dogruffffffff, on Thu 3 May 10:19
  8. If, as a poster has written...Crainie has "Given­ notice to quit" on his rented property....I think­ we can all assume he's going.

    From Sky Blue Kid 1, on Thu 3 May 9:08
  9. here we go lets get rid of our players. what about the­ manager when is he going????????????????? at this rate­ we will fit in nicely in league one . and not a chance­ of getting straight back up

    From darren edkins, on Wed 2 May 21:47
  10. He wont be staying.

    From dogruffffffff, on Wed 2 May 20:17
  11. Please stay Cranie, you are a good player and you do­ have the backing of us Coventry fans. Unlike lazy­ Clingan you tried your best.

    From David Cooper, on Wed 2 May 19:16
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