Mayweather begins Vegas jail term

Sat, 02 Jun 07:40:00 2012

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. was booked into a Las Vegas jail on Friday to serve a 90-day sentence for domestic violence against an ex-girlfriend, a term that was previously postponed so the welterweight fighter could compete in a bout.

2011 BOXING Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. - 0

Mayweather, a flamboyant athlete regarded as the best defensive boxer of his generation, was issued standard dark blue prison garb and slippers and will be kept apart from the jail's general population of more than 3,000 other inmates, Las Vegas police said.

The unbeaten Mayweather had the start of his jail term delayed in January so he could fight in a May 5 super welterweight bout at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, where he came through 12 bruising rounds to prevail over Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto.

After that contest, improving his professional record to 43-0, Mayweather discussed a possible fight with Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines, his rival for the mythical title of the world's best pound-for-pound fighter.

Fans have been clamoring for a Mayweather-Pacquiao matchup despite such stumbling blocks as Mayweather's insistence that Pacquiao agree to blood testing and disagreement over how the revenue from the fight should be divided.

Mayweather's jail sentence stems from a guilty plea in December to a charge of felony battery and pleas of no contest to two counts of harassment linked to a 2010 attack on his ex-girlfriend, Josie Harris, and verbal threats against two of his children with her.

Mayweather was sentenced to six months for that outburst, but half the jail term was suspended.

The decision to delay his serving of the sentence, which was opposed by prosecutors, had been expected to benefit hotels and other businesses in Las Vegas. A major prize fight can generate $10 million to $15 million in non-gambling revenue.

During his time in the Clark County Detention Center, Mayweather will be confined to a cell consisting of a bed, toilet, sink and small desk, with a window to allow direct sunlight into the room, police said in a statement.

He will be allowed two books or magazines in his cell, and up to five religious books, and will be fed three meals a day, starting with breakfast at 4am.

As a protective custody inmate, Mayweather will be kept in his cell while other inmates are on free-time, and will come out for free time for an hour a day while other inmates are on lockdown. During that time, he will have access to a recreation room, police said.


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  1. @Gavin, for someone who lives in a $17m house- and the­ goodies that come with it, its gonna be a long 3months­ to be in a cell alone for 23hrs in a day. Its arguably­ harder for him than it is for the rest in General­ Population lol - They're ordinary folk who work 8-5­ and not used to eating in 5 star restaurants or other­ things celebrities can afford any day of the week.­ Drastic change of lifestyle. It will be tough in there.

    From Dosh, on Fri 8 Jun 17:09
  2. marquez well beat manny but as usual marquez was robbed­ again mayweather would beat manny easily

    From allan, on Tue 5 Jun 18:43
  3. When a man is blessed cases like that are always­ arround the corner! but a Pac on PED is called by the­ evils a Saint!

    From STOHINC?, on Sun 3 Jun 18:39
  4. assole

    From Paul Ross, on Sat 2 Jun 16:18
  5. My Idol is a Criminal! Pacman manny is a saint.

    From Android, on Sat 2 Jun 14:46
  6. There is no way he tried to get banged up to avoid­ meeting manni. He would just retire and leave it at­ that. I can understand why he is not being treated the­ same as all other inmates. Every inmate will be trying­ beat the living daylights out of him just because he is­ famous. He is a boxer and not a brawler so for his own­ safery he should be kept apart from murderers and­ rapist's. i am not saying i'st fairs but for­ the safety of an inmate and to stop mass brawls this is­ probably the right decision

    From PAUL, on Sat 2 Jun 12:33
  7. Tried to get banged up to avoid PAC? Do you know how­ ridiculous that is? He doesn't have to fight Manny,­ any more than Manny has to fight him.

    From Mark, on Sat 2 Jun 12:01
  8. should be treated the same as any other prisoner! what­ a pathetic coward. personally i think he tried to get­ himself banged up as a way avoiding pac

    From Gerry Murphy, on Sat 2 Jun 11:00
  9. Its not so tough when you have special treatment like­ Mayweather is getting. All his money counts for nothing­ to the other inmates and if he is in jail for something­ then he should be doing his time with the rest of the­ inmates and not separately.

    From 1gavinr, on Sat 2 Jun 8:29
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    3 months is tough in a yanky jail

    From Mr Burns, on Sat 2 Jun 8:17
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