Premier League - Villa appoint Lambert

Sat, 02 Jun 12:12:00 2012

Aston Villa have appointed Paul Lambert as their new manager after he left Norwich City.

2011-12 Premier League Norwich City manager Paul Lambert - 0

Lambert joins from Norwich City, having offered his resignation earlier in the week, after leading them to a very respectable 12th place on their return to the Premier League last season.

Villa dismissed Alex McLeish, also a Scot, the day after the season ended last month.

McLeish, never popular with the fans after arriving from arch-rivals Birmingham City, ended his one season in charge with the former European champions in 16th place and just two points off the relegation zone.

They won just seven of their 38 league games.

The club announced the news on their website with a one line statement: "The Board of Aston Villa are delighted to confirm that Paul Lambert has been appointed Villa manager."

The signing of 42-year-old Lambert, a former midfielder who won the Champions League with Germany's Borussia Dortmund in 1997 and also played for Celtic, follows immediately after Liverpool's swoop for Swansea City boss Brendan Rodgers.

Swansea and Norwich, both small provincial clubs, were promoted together and both impressed last season with their young British managers catching the eye of the American owners at the two former European Cup winners.

Villa's American chairman Randy Lerner said last month that the Birmingham-based club lacked the sort of "compelling play" the fans expected.

Lambert, a player under successful former Villa manager Martin O'Neill in his time at Celtic, will be expected to deliver as he becomes the fourth man in charge at Villa in less than two years.

Lambert's debt to Germany


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  1. Zoe j.....Ive been to Norfolk and as beautiful as it is­ the people are puddled and very slightly inbred, the­ place is nice to look at but its quiet and a little­ boring. Birmingham is the hub of Britain, its one of­ the most vibrant cities in the country with a major­ nightlife and some of the best restaurants in the­ country. Its also home to the mighty Villa who have­ just pinched the best manager you've ever­ had....easy ho ho UTV

    From Justinio, on Tue 5 Jun 21:06
  2. see what you think when he walks out on you before he­ has finished what he started!!

    From John, on Tue 5 Jun 19:47
  3. daffy look at a map norfolk is not in fenland. norfolk­ is a clean and great place to live. 20mins drive to fab­ goldern beaches. what do the midlands offer. filthy­ dirty place inter breads, brothers shagging sisters ­ lambert will fit in there

    From Bobs, on Tue 5 Jun 19:40
  4. Yes John, the backstabber who got you promoted twice...­ pfft idiot. Do you think he owes you something else?

    From Jeff Bridges, on Tue 5 Jun 15:55
  5. why does this appear Norwich`s page,the back stabber is­ no longer anything to do with NCFC!!!

    From John, on Tue 5 Jun 12:35
  6. I am pleased we have appointed a manager who is young,­ hungry and ambitious, although i am still not sure­ about Lambert i am willing to give him a chance, but he­ has to be given a fair crack at it, i see him been a­ younger version of MON, he will bring an attacking­ approach, you only win games by scoring goals, i think­ our previous manager forgot about that, i really hope­ next season we can get back to been a top half team,­ and i hope the board back the new manager with a decent­ amount of money (not asking for a fortune) but this­ season proved when you try to do things on the cheap­ you end up in trouble, i am sure also Lambert will get­ read of any player or players who don't pull there­ weight.

    From craig, on Tue 5 Jun 0:02
  7. Time for a City fan to speak up for Paul Lambert and­ wish him well. He has performed miracles at Carrow Road­ and should be remembered for that and not resigning on­ a point of principle. Unfortunately the Norwich board­ seem to have tried to play hard ball with both him and­ Grant Holt and reneged on previously made promises.­ Sorry Mr McNally but that's what you get! I think­ it's highly likely Paul Lambert would have gone­ anyway had he been able to talk to Villa, but I am not­ so sure the "big club little club" syndrome­ is that relevant or their relative histories. He is an­ ambitious man and in time will move on from Villa I­ think (he is strong willed and has walked away from his­ last three managerial posts). Mr Lerner may find he has­ employed a firebrand and he will not be able to­ manipulate Paul I am sure. In the meantime, I think­ Villa fans will find they have a lot of good attacking­ football to look forward to this season and although I­ will cheer with any Canary if we turn you over in­ 2012/13 I wish Paul Lambert the best and thank him for­ his last 3 years work. Stu

    From STUART, on Mon 4 Jun 13:35
  8. I was sure Mcleish is and was a truly terrible manager,­ Am really not sure about this guy, So i ll sit on­ the fence for now

    From rahul s, on Sun 3 Jun 22:21
  9. 197 john, thank you for the Aston Villa history­ lesson...

    From Robert, on Sun 3 Jun 17:43
  10. Firstly Norwich infuriate Lambert by deciding who is a­ big Club in their eyes......Now they call Grant Holt­ too old for a Three Year Contract. Yea! That sounds­ like the actions of a Big Club to me.....Not!!!!

    From Paulee, on Sun 3 Jun 17:26
  11. Sorry to offend, but let me put this bluntly, we­ (villa) have a better stadium, a larger fan base,­ considerably larger attendances, Bodymore Heath is the­ envy of many TOP european clubs as a training facility­ and to cap it all off we have what could potentially be­ the largest best crop of young academy players in the­ EPL at this moment. Regardless of history, Villa IS a­ bigger club with huge potential, many suspect that­ Norwich is as good as it's going to get. Want to­ bring last season into it?... ok, the BEST Norwich team­ for at least the last 25 years only finished 4 places­ higher than the WORST Villa team for 25 years. I really­ wish this wasn't getting bitter, because I­ seriously have nothing against Norwich as a football­ team, however how can they be so angry at a man who­ dragged them up 2 leagues in 2 years?... what the hell­ does Lambert owe Norwich?...

    From Jeff Bridges, on Sun 3 Jun 15:48
  12. Mick Quinn, is a idiot seriously Villa fans don't­ let this guy get to you after all he played for­ Coventry at the time when we used to bet them in our­ sleep, as for Norwich fans commenting on things they­ don't know anything about such as our financial­ position, i would seriously doubt weather Paul Lambert­ would take the job if there were so many bad things­ going on at Villa, truth is our squad when fully fit is­ good enough to finish top of the bottom half of the­ table at least, if they are given licence to attack,­ and not told to defend all game, as our previous­ manager instructed them to do. i have criticised­ Charles N'Zogbia a lot this season, but someone­ quiet rightly pointed out he spent most of last season­ playing as a second RB instead of a RW which is his­ natural position, because of the tactics of the former­ manager.

    From craig, on Sun 3 Jun 15:26
  13. The best example of this "Norwich are bigger than­ Villa" b0llocks was Micky Quinn on Talk Sport.­ I've wondered for ages where his anti-Villa bias­ comes from, but it made up for it to hear him insist­ that Norwich are bigger on the grounds of finishing­ higher in the league last season. It's official -­ the Pieman declares Everton bigger than his beloved­ Liverpool!

    From VillanD, on Sun 3 Jun 14:26
  14. Firstly...Villa is already a established world club­ without the need to launder money, sell 300m shirts in­ malaysia to pay wages or buy history and trophies....we­ have won all many times domestically and if it­ wasn't for two world wars etc we propbably would­ have won the so called euorpean trophies about 20 times­ by now..but hey ho 7 leagues,12 cups and the biggun­ will do for starters and THE most successful club up­ until the 70's that's 100 years before we were­ betterd and still only by clubs that have bought­ 4th... secondly...Norwich have been­ taken as far as Lambert wanted to take you...his­ contract says he has the right to talk that's all,­ to talk to other positions...your deluded board denied­ him that simple he took a job he­ couldn't refuse where he knows that if things go­ properly and with a bit of luck he'll win major­ honours....Norwich are in the mix with West brom blues­ and fulham etc...good proud club that should be top­ flight/ aiming to get into it most seasons..but in­ terms of top honours, unless you have a sheik etc you ­ only have your board to blame.

    From brett ashcroft, on Sun 3 Jun 12:23
  15. To be honest did'nt see much of Norwich last year­ so have'nt got a clue what to expect. Given the­ reactions of the Norwich fans who clearly are really­ fed up could signal good times ahead at Villa Park. As­ for managers and players moving on i am afraid you­ norfolkerners are going to have to get use to it. We­ have had some good players at the Park in fact you need­ look no further than the England squad. Barry, Milner,­ Young, Cahill, Walker, Downing have all come and gone. ­ In short term Paul Lambert will struggle with what is­ left to choose from, as he will be working with players­ with potential, however should the big clubs with­ bigger budgets come calling we will just roll over­ again and again. Welcome to the big league Norwich -­ So much for fair play

    From Tony, on Sun 3 Jun 12:20
  16. I am absolutely delighted that Paul Lambert has joinee­ Aston Villa, I think it will take more than just one­ season to fix the issues we have but I think this is a­ guy with the conviction to get rid of those that fail­ to perform and bring in fresh new faces with a desire­ to play as requested and the heart to give it 100% no­ matter if we're 3-0 up or 6-0 down. Good luck­ Paul Lambert - you have the support of every single­ Villa fan and we believe!!!

    From Andrew, on Sun 3 Jun 12:04
  17. "Villa a club on decline" - still a much­ bigger club and you only have to look at Man­ City/Newcastle/Everton/Spurs for examples of big teams­ doing well once they get things sorted. Villa have been­ in trouble the last couple of years, but before then­ they finished 6th three seasons in a row with two trips­ to Wembley. There is no argument if you know­ football, Villa are a bigger club. Much much much­ bigger. I promise you there is money there - the­ problems before have been to an obscene wage bill that­ is now largely under control. O'Neill left Villa in­ a mess of bad finances and a poorly developed squad­ with a few choice stars. Now Lambert has the chance­ to make their potential count. I guarantee he will not­ be sacked 'in no time' like some people are­ suggesting. Football can be disappointing at times but­ don't forget Norwich might not have 'made­ him' but maybe instead he made Norwich.

    From ol, on Sun 3 Jun 11:49
  18. Seriously norwich fans on here are a little bit­ deluded!!Because you finished higher than villa last­ season doesnt make you a bigger club than them...Villa­ have a richer history a bigger fan base,bigger ground­ better facilities all in all a richer club,i agree you­ probably have better "food" than us but thats­ about it!!If villa finished above man utd in the league­ would that make villa a bigger club NO it wouldnt.We­ have had one bad season and that has gone now so we­ will see in the coming years who are bigger...By the­ way villa are the 4th most successful english club­ norwich are ranked err no sorry cant see that­ anywhere!!

    From JOHN, on Sun 3 Jun 9:53
  19. He did the dirty on Colchester, has now done it to­ Norwich. Villa are the next stepping stone in his ego­ trip. "I'm going nowhere, I love it­ here"...Liar. OTBC

    From STEPHEN, on Sun 3 Jun 9:35
  20. No cash in the kitty where does lambert think he is­ going to get the players from ? every time villa get a­ good player come through learner sells them behind the­ manager's back and pockets the cash. I doubt­ lambert will be in charge this time next year unless he­ can perform miricles and get villa in europe.he should­ have stayed at norwich as long as he would have kept­ them in the premier he would have a job for life

    From Charles, on Sun 3 Jun 9:18
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