Premier League - Vidic targets opening day

Sun, 03 Jun 09:47:00 2012

Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic hopes to be fit for the start of the season.

2011-12 Premier League Manchester United Nemanja Vidic - 0

The 30-year-old has been out since December because of damaged knee ligaments.

But he said in The Sun: "I can now run and do some things on the pitch which is better for me psychologically because for the last four months it's been every day in the gym, which is hard.

"But the worst part is behind me. I can look forward to the second half of the rehabilitation and work more on my fitness.

"Hopefully, I'll be fit for the big kick-off."

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  1. Hopefully,yes.

    From manic major, on Wed 13 Jun 19:00
  2. Young, Nani, Vidic, Cleverley, Anderson, Smalling,­ Jones, Rafael, Fletcher, and Valencia all missed­ significant chunks of last season, basically half of­ the first finishing 2nd the league on goal­ difference to a side that's spent more than half a­ billion pounds on players over the last 5 seasons­ really so bad?

    From Rích, on Wed 6 Jun 9:43
  3. Is good news for all United fans with Kagawa enroute to­ United, but we really need a further holding midfield­ "GURU". Carrick is no more the fastest at the­ moment, and his passes are currently not so accurate.­ Paul Scholes can't play every match, and with­ Anderson and Cleverly constantly injured, our midfield­ needs a boost up, and hope Sir Alex will consider­ buying Dembele. The Barclays Cup must return to where­ it belongs next season, to the home of footbal, OLD­ TRAFFORD.

    From Stephen, on Tue 5 Jun 15:42
  4. Immense boost for Utd, and a new signing in Kagawa, now­ need a defensive midfielder and a centre back and the­ squad is as good as done and dusted

    From Andrew, on Tue 5 Jun 15:12
  5. that,ll be the meathead that smashed the ball past­ degea ahaahahhahaa

    From RICH UNCLE MALCOLM, on Tue 5 Jun 11:21
  6. Vincent Kompany Has a MASSIVE MEAT HEAD

    From V4M, on Tue 5 Jun 10:59
  7. After Fergie's latest rant about ridiculous­ transfer fees, it's clear what kind of market­ United will be shopping in. No Sneijder last season, no­ Hazard, Modric, Tiote or Baines this season, and still­ Gill and Ferguson heap praise on the Glazers. I­ sincerely hope I'm proved wrong but I'll not be­ getting my hopes up.

    From Philip, on Tue 5 Jun 9:06
  8. Lots of wishful thinking here. Squeaky Blue bums­ already before the season has even started?

    From Marx, on Mon 4 Jun 20:21
  9. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Vidic gets a part-time job at a zoo and the keeper,­ aware of the defender's reputation for a lack of­ pace, tells him to take care of the tortoises. Later­ the keeper pops to see how Vidic is doing and finds him­ standing by an empty enclosure, sobbing. "Where­ have all the tortoises gone?" asks the keeper.­ Vidic shrugs and says: "I just opened the door and­ whoooossh!!!"

    From MANUFA, on Mon 4 Jun 18:37
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Vidic is too old and unfit for 90 mts

    From Gus, on Mon 4 Jun 17:29

    From RICH UNCLE MALCOLM, on Mon 4 Jun 13:37
  12. anyway custard as always its been fun but i gotta go­ out for eeeeeeeeeeerm stuff. see ya later fella .

    From RICH UNCLE MALCOLM, on Mon 4 Jun 13:36
  13. and some better stats are that we finished higher than­ you did wahahhaahahaha

    From RICH UNCLE MALCOLM, on Mon 4 Jun 13:35
  14. heres a stat for ya, season ticket applications at­ yonited have dropped by nearly 25% in 3 seasons. yet a­ tenth of the world wants to go ahahhah summat dont­ quite add up here.

    From RICH UNCLE MALCOLM, on Mon 4 Jun 13:34
  15. some of his stats wahahhahahhhahaha i bet you could­ find an obscure little stat that shows little pee is­ better than pele or gonna be. degea is a bit poo imo

    From RICH UNCLE MALCOLM, on Mon 4 Jun 13:32
  16. I never said that De Gea is a better keeper but some of­ his stats are better than Hart if ya look them up and­ he is only 21. He will be the better keeper in the next­ two or three years, that I am certain of.

    From Pat Mustard, on Mon 4 Jun 13:15
  17. shyt gorta bail out, back laterzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    From RICH UNCLE MALCOLM, on Mon 4 Jun 12:59
  18. anyway custard wheres these stats that degea is better­ than hart?

    From RICH UNCLE MALCOLM, on Mon 4 Jun 12:58
  19. lol at savic, the new jonny evans.

    From RICH UNCLE MALCOLM, on Mon 4 Jun 12:57
  20. you may have obtained those points but it wasnt enough.­ on one hand you are telling me how great they did­ and on the other you are saying they missed a player,­ which is it custard wahahahhaha. we had a smaller­ squad and similarly had big names missing for long­ periods, vk also was injured during a crucial point of­ the season really. your squad aint strong enough,­ your firepower isnt as good as ours and we are looking­ to strengthen , also your midfield is non existant­ whilst ours won the league, we are strengthening there­ also, our defence is the best in the prem and we are­ looking to strengthen, you sir are pinning the hopes­ for a full season on one defender ahaahaahahahahaa,­ blaming thye loss of the title on one injury lol get­ real custard.

    From RICH UNCLE MALCOLM, on Mon 4 Jun 12:57
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