Green on way out of Upton Park

Sun, 03 Jun 11:09:29 2012

West Ham chairman David Gold has confirmed England goalkeeper Rob Green will leave the club this summer.

Green, 32, will be out of contract at the end of June and has not agreed new terms despite the Hammers' promotion back to the Barclays Premier League.

Former captain Matthew Upson left Upton Park as a free agent last year and Green is now set to follow suit having been linked with Tottenham, QPR, West Brom and Spanish side Malaga.

Gold wrote on Twitter: "Robert Green is a free agent he has chosen to move on. Matthew Upson did the same thing."

He added: "Nobody wants Rob to leave but nothing is for ever, he must do what is best for him and we must do what is best for us."


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  1. sorry to see him go top top keeper you can count the­ amount of bad games he has had on one hand...ignorant­ people who remember him for one bad error for england­ have not seen him perform brilliantly week in week out­ like hammers fans,all the best robert and good luck for­ the future.just chuck a couple in your own net if you­ play against west ham for old times sake please.

    From GAVIN, on Thu 7 Jun 11:32
  2. 3. Stephen - I think the board knew beforehand and I­ agree that he most probably thinks he can get a better­ contract elsewhere, loyalty counts for nothing nowadays­ - money, money, money ! Hence why they got Henderson in­ as cover and so long as he is not another Bywater we­ could be ok. Surprised Green is going especially after­ coming back­ into the premiership. He may think that­ next year he­ does not want to be in a relegation fight­ which­ hopefully won't happen. However, the likes­ of QPR­ and West Brom are not an improvement. Swap for­ Ruddy sounds good lolJuski is a good­ replacement­ despite his age and Henderson is a good­ gifted goalie­ who needs a bit more experience. Just­ waiting for­ Papdragon now to come on here and say­ 'Sham's­ at it again. Another Bolton reject who­ kicks the ball­ high and long''s­ wot Green does.­ COYI need a few decent summer signings­ and more than­ just signing players from the relegated­ teams. Dost­ would have been a good signing but­ let's see wot­ happens next.

    From Yeahbutnobut, on Sun 3 Jun 20:05
  3. Good luck Greeno - stayed when it really mattered. I­ suspect the new owners bring with them an entirely­ different approach, better/worse - I'm really not­ sure.Perhaps the new regime just wasn't for­ Greeno,shame. The new boys seem to make all the right­ noises, only time will tell us of their true agenda and­ intention. Still, let's be positive, Rob Green has­ served us well and I for one wish him all the best. To­ echo other comments, I just hope we get a replacement­ that equals Mr.Green. Irons - always and forever. M

    From M, on Sun 3 Jun 12:09
  4. well done rob back in the england set up---and fk­ off........thought you where a diamond geezer..and i­ honestly believed you would have finished your career­ at upton park........something has happaned-perhaps the­ boys upstairs dont rate you-or you believe you can get­ a better contract elsewhere.........this morning i am­ gutted where ever you end up good luck--been a good­ servent since sighning from norwich. you return to­ norwich and we can get john ruddy cost us around 3.5­ mill and a future england international strike whilst­ the iron is hot...norwich without a manager this could­ be the time to make a offer.

    From geezer, on Sun 3 Jun 11:44
  5. Good luck Rob. You made some great saves but also had­ some nervy performances down the years. Mind you,­ playing behind some of the back four's we've­ had in recent years I think I'd be nervous!

    From FIREBOY, on Sun 3 Jun 11:33
  6. Good luck to him. He did us proud last year. Eveyone­ wants to try a diferent club.

    From TREVOR, on Sun 3 Jun 11:32
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