Vidic targets opening day

Sun, 03 Jun 09:47:28 2012

Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic hopes to be fit for the start of the season.

The 30-year-old has been out since December because of damaged knee ligaments.

But he said in The Sun: "I can now run and do some things on the pitch which is better for me psychologically because for the last four months it's been every day in the gym, which is hard.

"But the worst part is behind me. I can look forward to the second half of the rehabilitation and work more on my fitness.

"Hopefully, I'll be fit for the big kick-off."


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  1. Sir Alex cannot buy any foreign players at the moment­ because most of the players are very expensive and they­ are willing to join Chelsea and Mancity. Best thing he­ could do at this stage try to buy young home-grown­ talent in the Championship and other lower divisions.­ It is good for Manu and they will represent England­ tean in the future.

    From Gus, on Mon 4 Jun 21:38
  2. great news,all we need now is all the dead wood cast­ off & at least 4 new signings coming in.

    From red away from henrietta, on Mon 4 Jun 15:31
  3. It will be great to have Vidic back the lynch pin in­ Uniteds defence much the same as Company is for City. ­ Both players the same age and equally important to­ their respective sides. It was noticeable when Company­ was missing City went through a bad spell. United­ lost Vidic for most of the season and did well to keep­ pace with City right up to the last minute of the last­ game

    From Dr Graham J Smith DD, on Sun 3 Jun 14:46
  4. Vidic and Rio = 0 pace what a dream for all strikers .

    From MANUFA, on Sun 3 Jun 12:17
  5. Defender Nemanja Vidic is the ROCK in Manchester­ United's defence along with Rio Ferdinand the HARD­ PLACE. Manchester United lost the title to Chitty­ simply because Nemanja Vidic was injured, and­ unavailable. Nemanja Vidic is the STABLIZER or the­ GLUE in Manchester United's defence. With Nemanja­ Vidic back and fit, Manchester United will RECAPTURE­ the Premiership title number 20. Manchester United­ the GREATEST team of the 20th and 21st centuries.­ Manchester United the RED TIDE of fear. Manchester­ United the TRUE CHAMPIONS of England.

    From hannelelaws, on Sun 3 Jun 10:57
  6. hope he is back from the start ,then they cannot blame­ winning nowt on his absence like this year

    From HARRY, on Sun 3 Jun 10:29
  7. tut tut tut you rags need to read before you post .

    From RICH UNCLE MALCOLM, on Sun 3 Jun 10:08
  8. iknow its a quote, as is mine and i didnt say i knew­ better did i?? what a tool YOU are

    From RICH UNCLE MALCOLM, on Sun 3 Jun 10:06
  9. its a quote, but of course you would know better. what­ a tool you are!

    From Marc, on Sun 3 Jun 10:02
  10. not what i heard

    From RICH UNCLE MALCOLM, on Sun 3 Jun 8:44
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