Moto2: Stoner, Rossi slam Marquez penalty

Sun, 03 Jun 17:15:26 2012

MotoGP world champions Casey Stoner and Valentino Rossi have hit out at the decision to give Moto2 title contender Marc Marquez a one-minute penalty for his incident with Pol Espgargaro at Catalunya.

The pair collided while part of a four-bike lead battle with eventual winner Andrea Iannone and Thomas Luthi. Marquez was recovering from a moment going into Turn 10 on lap 21 of the 23-lap race when Espargaro attempted to go down his inside. Firm contact was made as Marquez tried to regain the racing line, causing Espargaro to crash heavily. The Pons rider was unhurt, while Marquez went on to finish third behind Iannone and Luthi.

Race direction decided Marquez was at fault and gave him a one-minute penalty, dropping him to 23rd in the race results, and from second to fourth in the championship - 18 points behind leader Luthi. Marquez's Monlau team has appealed against the decision.

Earlier in the year Marquez had received a reprimand from the officials but no penalty for a controversial incident with Luthi as they battled for the lead of the Qatar round.

Both Stoner and Rossi felt that Marquez had been treated unfairly.

"Can't believe they gave Marc Marquez a one-minute penalty!" Stoner wrote on his Twitter feed. "Another reason why this championship needs some sorting out! I've seen much worse."

Rossi said that while Marquez had been at fault in Qatar, in this instance he reckoned the blame lay with Espargaro.

"For me, Marc did one bad manoeuvre at Qatar on the last lap with Luthi, but for me today was not a mistake from Marquez," said Rossi. "He was in front and it was impossible to see Espargaro.

"It is more a mistake from Espargaro to try in one place with not enough space for two bikes."


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  1. On the telly I was watching it looked like Marquez ran­ off the race line then tried to cut off who might ever­ be behind, cut it too close and took out Pol Espgargaro­ who wasnít off race line. Helicopter footage tells the­ tale better than anyone could.

    From Tim, on Mon 4 Jun 23:59
  2. This son of a B*** jon came back again. I don't­ know where this rat is from. He pretends to be Italian,­ Spanish, French...etc Such a fraud he is..

    From M, on Mon 4 Jun 22:05
  3. Jon Post #5 Better sheep than pasta tubes.

    From Tim, on Mon 4 Jun 13:04
  4. Jon Post #5 Better sheep that pasta tubes.

    From Tim, on Mon 4 Jun 13:03
  5. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Rossi is riding like an Englishman again. The saying­ 'englishman' in Italy means you have sex with­ sheep. That is how england and the english are known­ here in Italy. It is a great shame to be labelled a­ 'englishman'.

    From Jon, on Mon 4 Jun 0:41
  6. Iannone is a WARRIOR!!! Luthi and Espargaro, great­ races! Marquez is a charger; but we've seen this­ riding before and what it can lead to. RIP 58. I­ think the crash was unlucky, the result of tough racing­ - it happens on the edge.

    From Joe S, on Sun 3 Jun 23:30
  7. Marquez shot across to the left to regain the line­ because he knew there was every chance somebody was­ going to be there and if there was they were either­ going to be blocked or punted. Its dangerous, its­ careless, its irresponsible. I can understand Rossi­ slamming the penalty because it his sort of move as for­ Casey he is being diplomatic as he rides for Repsol.

    From , on Sun 3 Jun 23:20
  8. Marquez needs too sort himseIf out first,as a proper­ rider.Iast year and now this year,with a series of­ crashes due to his careIessness!!!!

    From , on Sun 3 Jun 18:54
  9. First - awesome ride by Iannone. Look forward to when­ he, marquez, Luthi and others make it up to the motogp­ class. Just hope there is sufficient competitive­ machinery to allow their talents to be exploited.­ Regarding Marquez, it looked to me like he turned back­ onto the racing line after his "save" without­ considering the possibility that the other rider would­ be trying to take advantage of the gap. However, if­ such notables as rossi and stoner feel the penalty is­ unfair, then I have to bow to their extensive­ experience in such matters. But I still think Marquez­ was wrong.....Great race from moto2 once again!!!

    From W R A, on Sun 3 Jun 18:12
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