Ferguson: Title is in City's hands

Fri, 04 May 08:49:08 2012

Sir Alex Ferguson has rejected Roberto Mancini's insistence that Manchester United remain favourites for the Premier League title.

Despite Manchester City's victory over United on Monday, which took them back to the top of the table on goal difference with just two matches remaining, Mancini continues to regard his team as underdogs.

His theory is that United have an easier run-in, which in some senses is correct given City must travel to face in-form Newcastle on Sunday.

However, Ferguson does not believe that is any basis for thinking City are going to blow their chance to secure a first championship since 1968.

"What do you think?" said Ferguson when Mancini's theory was put to him during Thursday's press conference. "They've got two games left. If they win their two games they win the league.

"People talk about goal difference, but it depends how many they win by. Say they win 3-0 on Sunday, their lead would be 11 and they still have QPR at home. That would be impossible."


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  1. Tevez should be ashamed of himself waving that flag (­ RIP Fergie). The little s--t should be heavely fined­ and hauled up before the board. After SAF brought him­ to the forefront. and whilst on the subject of s--t and­ Ballocelli and the rantings of That I.TIe saying both­ of these players would never , never ,never play for­ City again, so much for his remarks. Enjoy it while you­ can.

    From casey emm, on Tue 15 May 7:53
  2. im a true blue we wi at newcastle we win the league as­ only qpr next but do the players have the bottle to be­ legends

    From Brian T, on Sat 5 May 17:23
  3. Eversince Utd sold Ronaldo and never spent the 70­ million we have slowly gone down hill. The yanks in­ charge curtail big spends and at Utd we always wont pay­ what the rate is to GET that player. Thats the only­ reason why the dirty blue hands have one hand already­ on our trophy!

    From V4M, on Sat 5 May 1:43
  4. 11- Gus : Is a Nob

    From V4M, on Sat 5 May 1:36
  5. get it right we have 2 beat newcaste or we r sunk as a­ true blue ill wait for the outcome

    From Brian T, on Fri 4 May 19:09
  6. Chelsea were never much until up crops a billioaire,­ now the same for the blue end of Manchester, nothing­ till another billioaire crops up. Keep going SAF. A utd­ supporter for the last 58 years. KMC

    From casey emm, on Fri 4 May 18:45
  7. It'll be hilarious if we win it on a goal­ difference of 7, the amount we put past yoonited. The­ pain!

    From sellobic, on Fri 4 May 14:17
  8. Robert stop bum kissing City! Overnight a billionaire­ has purchased the first of many trophies for them as­ they were unable to do so for 40 years! On the one hand­ this is the future of football so we must all accept it­ but why act as if City deserve to be in the position­ they are? If the Shiekh had decided to buy Fulham, for­ example, City would still be scrapping mid table and­ Mancini would have laughed at the idea of managing the­ club. No history or pedigree - just oil money. Not seen­ a single City player kiss the badge since the Sheikh­ rolled in and, suddenly, David Da Silva was a realistic­ target! The game as we all know it is dead. Citys first­ league trophy nothing more than a business transaction.­ Ill always support Utd, but football will never mean as­ much again. to anyone.

    From Dominic, on Fri 4 May 14:15
  9. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Manchester United are not exist any more

    From Gus, on Fri 4 May 13:36
  10. @ comment 4 (craig) - "4.One Question. If players­ like Cisse are out there. What­ is our chief scout a­ certain bosses brother getting­ paid for" - for­ finding players like cristiano ronaldo for £12­ million!!!!

    From shuja, on Fri 4 May 12:41
  11. Mancini has rejected Fergusons rejection of his opinion­ that he thinks united have the better chance and warns­ Ferguson to stop rejecting things, or he will come over­ and sort him out again...bloody new noisy neighbour.

    From Andy, on Fri 4 May 11:48
  12. newcastle to beat the scum 2-1 and utd to win the­ league

    From B, on Fri 4 May 10:26
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    you are right,ferguson. you are true loser...!

    From s, on Fri 4 May 10:12
  14. Pathetic about describes most of them recently!

    From A, on Fri 4 May 10:00
  15. One Question. If players like Cisse are out there. What­ is our chief scout a certain bosses brother getting­ paid for

    From craig, on Fri 4 May 9:18
  16. are you drunk robert U T D will win the premier league­ title

    From wolfman, on Fri 4 May 9:17
  17. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Here's hoping Newcastle stuff City, make­ mankini's prediction come true, lets see him squirm­ as he says it after defeat. "we had the harder run­ in" ...i wonder if he could say it without looking­ despondently at his shoes.

    From , on Fri 4 May 7:43
  18. Utd fan for life here...What Fergie really means is the­ trophy is in Citys hands as they are never going to­ lose it now that we have hand & gold plated the­ trophy to them. They are not weak like Utd, they have­ quality all round, I hope that we learn from them...

    From Robert, on Fri 4 May 7:31
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