Lorenzo wins Spanish Catalunya battle

Sun, 03 Jun 13:52:00 2012

Jorge Lorenzo tightened his grip on the MotoGP championship lead when the Spanish Yamaha rider came out on top in a battle with compatriot Dani Pedrosa to win the Catalunya Grand Prix on Sunday.

Yamaha MotoGP rider Jorge Lorenzo of Spain rides his motorbike during the third free practice of the Catalunya MotoGP Grand Prix in Montmelo, near Barcelona - 0

Under dark skies and with spots of rain falling on the Montmelo track, Lorenzo snatched the lead with just under six laps left and pulled away from Honda's Pedrosa to secure his third victory in five races this season.

Italian Andrea Dovizioso was third on his Yamaha, with Pedrosa's Honda team mate and defending champion Casey Stoner of Australia fourth and Britain's Cal Crutchlow, another Yamaha rider, fifth.

After planting his signature flag in the gravel in front of his ecstatic fans, Lorenzo told Spanish television it was "fantastic" to win in front of home support.

"It was a finely balanced race," added the flamboyant 25-year-old, the 2010 MotoGP champion.

"I didn't want to do anything crazy as we were riding very close together and there was a danger of colliding and ending up on the ground.

"I had to wait for my chance and as you saw I managed to get past him."

Lorenzo's victory extended his lead over Stoner in the standings to 20 points and the Spaniard now has 115 after five of 18 races. Stoner, who said last month he would retire at the end of the season after falling out of love with the sport, has 95 and Pedrosa 85.

Pedrosa admitted to being "a bit disappointed" with his race, especially after he rocketed from fifth on the grid to lead into the opening corner.

"I thought I would be able to perform better towards the end of the race but I had to settle for second," he told Spanish TV.

"I tried my hardest but I found it very hard to control the bike when braking on the final laps."


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  1. MRS J comments not shown, rules for the boys only ,­ don't want to upset the pond algae like Kenny S do­ we

    From J, on Wed 6 Jun 19:08
  2. @Kenny We'll see how long that will last.

    From M, on Tue 5 Jun 23:38
  3. @Kenny Put Rossi on Yamaha or Honda and he'll­ win races even at 33. Rossi is still the most talented­ rider out there. and Le mans was an evidence to that.­ There's something is not working with Ducati, but­ they'll get it eventually. But I would like to see­ Rossi back to Yamaha and not Honda, then we'll see­ who is the man. I hope you and I stay alive and see for­ how many years likes of Lorenzo can continue winning.

    From M, on Tue 5 Jun 19:34
  4. Kenny J It is very difficult to take you seriously,­ when after several reminders you appear to be too­ obtuse to realize J is a WOMAN! It's fine that you­ have your ideals, but please don't preach.

    From Bill K, on Tue 5 Jun 18:07
  5. @M OK, Your last statement is just pathetic. Can you­ not remember Lorenzo's first year? They kid was so­ badly broken they had to lift him on and off the bike. ­ To intimate that he is not tough enough to stand up to­ the demands of MotoGP shows selective memory and reeks­ of bias.

    From Bill K, on Tue 5 Jun 6:32
  6. @George or Jorge Oh I forgot to mention that badly­ injured Rossi finished 7 times on podium beside his­ Sepang victory. and lorenzo stepped out coz his finger­ got hurt. 2010 hollow title.Nobody ever beaten healthy­ Rossi riding a competitive bike !!

    From M, on Tue 5 Jun 5:23
  7. @George ;lol, yeah right, but there was 15 races­ till the end of the season!! Don't forget Lorenzo­ is just copying Rossi in almost everything,­ celebrations, riding style, bike setup, swinging leg,­ lat brakes, coloured leg and arms(red)...etc Lorenzo is­ nothing for Rossi even at 33. I'd like to see­ Lorenzo winning race when he's 30 over. lol lorenzo­ never beaten Rossi, remember How Rossi beaten him with­ broken bone n shoulder at Sepang ??? and you think a­ healthy Rossi couldn't beat him?? Well you're­ just one of those Gooo case, Goooo Jorge schoolboy­ fans!! you probably think you know more that everybody­ else in your neighborhood...lollol

    From M, on Tue 5 Jun 5:12
  8. Rossi never beaten by Jorge? That's dillusional­ even by your usual standards M, Lorenzo was leading the­ championship before Mugello in 2010 and finished ahead­ of Rossi in 9 of the 11 races after Rossi returned. Why­ do you think Rossi left Yamaha, it was because he knew­ he couldn't match Lorenzo on the same machine, even­ after he had thrown his teddy out the pram and refused­ to share any technical data with Jorge throughout the­ 2010 season

    From George, on Mon 4 Jun 23:09
  9. @Kleulse Please don't talk about something that­ you don't know a jot. Go join that Mallum Cansell­ and say your "Gooo Casey".

    From M, on Mon 4 Jun 22:09
  10. @George Rossi never beaten by Jorge, in fact Rossi­ beaten Jorge more than Jorge did to him. and for 2010,­ Rossi was badly injured and that's why Jorge won­ that year's title.

    From M, on Mon 4 Jun 22:01
  11. farbeit for me to criticise someone of a "higher­ grade intelligence" Kenny but that's not how­ you spell pygmies, plus you refer to "J" as a­ boy on 2 occassions when she signed herself as Mrs J,­ maybe you need to read before engaging fingers ­ “Your greatness is measured by your kindness; your­ education and intellect by your modesty; your ignorance­ is betrayed by your suspicions and prejudices, and your­ real caliber is measured by the consideration and­ tolerance you have for others" william j h­ boetcker

    From George, on Mon 4 Jun 21:33
  12. "M1 is the bike that built around Rossi and by­ Rossi to­ suit Rossi" - makes Lorenzo beating him­ on it even more impressive then

    From George, on Mon 4 Jun 20:25
  13. Kenny your posts make you sound like an idiot. Respect­ to Mrs J and her man for having a go at the TT.

    From Yvonne, on Mon 4 Jun 19:00
  14. Post 26, Raineys career finished in 1993 and Lawson­ only rode for Honda for 1 year (1989),.I think your­ post is the stupidest I have ever read or is it just a­ weak attempt to irritate other people. Idiot.

    From STEPHEN, on Mon 4 Jun 18:38
  15. Kenny S eply, both my husband and I have riddeen on the­ Island, I take offence at your comments, this is trye­ road racing, it's the gras roots of the Moto­ Gp's you sit and watch on a Sunday afternoon, I­ guess that your mummy and daddy wouldn't let you­ have a moped or motorbike , when you were younger, you­ obviously haven't experience the buzz of ,­ travelling on normal roads, at phenomenal speeds, we­ gave it up only when our health became an issue , and a­ risk, our family was always behind us when we raced ,­ always in the pits in support, so don't tell me I­ don't care about my family you little toad,­ I've probably got tights older than you sonny. So­ if you've nothing constructive to say keep your­ mouth and your comments to yourself, get a life and a­ few TT videos, and see some real racing and leave­ racing to those who ACUALLY race , or have, Moto Gp is­ great its far faster, than on my TZ750 or RG500 , but­ so's the handling the electronic anti- wheelie ,­ slip, reverse etc., put todays superheroes on yesterday­ bikes, and they'd crash, vica versa, the old school­ would survive a lot better on newer and more complex­ machinery, just for the record, I've a Laverda­ Jota, hubby an R6, but we love our pre-70 bikes for the­ sheer enjoyment of riding, without electronic­ interpretation, , Mrs J

    From J, on Mon 4 Jun 17:37
  16. from a guy that competed in 1 yes 1 sweedish club­ endurance race and did'nt do that well at that you­ dont half give it the bigun about world class riders­ claesless!!!!!!!

    From GLYN, on Mon 4 Jun 16:20
  17. HI The Yamaha was not to bad it was Honda and Rossi­ that was soo good Max got 2nd on it in the WC which­ means he did beat a lot of Hondas but not Vale, and­ just by riding the Yamaha Vale would at that time been­ faster than excisting Yamaha riders, a little bit like­ Stoner today Put Stoner on a CRT and we will see how­ less slow they are:) Yamaha 2003 had good riders but­ not the top spec as Honda had with Rossi, so it was not­ such a dog as you think, Rossi would have beaten all­ Yamaha rides on a M1 even without the new engine that­ they gave him:) So as normal you are talking with your­ Rossi tinted glasses:) Cheers Claes

    From Klas, on Mon 4 Jun 16:07
  18. @Klueless So Yamaha developed by Raney ehh?? I still­ can remember how far behind that Yamaha was when Rossi­ joind them, and according to Furusawa they completely­ transformed it to a totally different bike. So Rossi­ did develop that Yamaha and almost everybody knows that­ M1 is the bike that built around Rossi and by Rossi to­ suit Rossi. So shut up and read more about it before­ talking nonsense like you always do!!

    From M, on Mon 4 Jun 15:13
  19. The season is still long way to go, one race mean­ nothing. Spies still has all chances to be a winner. I­ think Bau will replace Stoner next year, and Marques­ will replace Dani one more year later. Rossi maybe­ welcomed at all Yamaha and Honda teams but hope­ he'll stay in red.

    From Tom, on Mon 4 Jun 12:48
  20. Hi Ben had his chance and blew it big time, which­ shoes he is not cut for it, if Ben do not pick it up he­ will be in the team only because he is American, almost­ the same why Danni still is on a factory Honda:) ­ Cheers Claes

    From Klas, on Mon 4 Jun 11:20
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