Hughton out of Baggies contention

Mon, 04 Jun 17:49:38 2012

Chris Hughton is no longer in the running for the vacant manager's position at West Brom, Press Association Sport understands.

The Birmingham boss was thought to be on the shortlist of candidates to replace Roy Hodgson, but the Baggies have decided not to follow up their interest in the former Newcastle manager.

It is unclear why West Brom have decided against a move for Hughton, although the fact that the Blues were looking for £2million in compensation for the 53-year-old may have been a factor.

The bookmakers' favourite for the vacancy is former Schalke and Stuttgart boss Ralf Rangnick, but the club's decision not to appoint Hughton does not mean the German is a certainty for the position and other candidates may be pursued.

Rangnick first met with Albion officials when a guest of the club for the final game of Hodgson's reign on May 13, when the midlands club lost 3-2 to Arsenal.

It is clear to see why the 53-year-old is a potential option for the club. Compensation would not be an issue as Rangnick has been without a club since leaving Schalke eight months ago because of exhaustion, and he previously led the Bundesliga club to the semi-finals of the Champions League in 2010-11.


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  1. Probably perverse and petty of me, but what has this­ got to do with LFC. Are we to expect another blog­ informing us that Hughton has joined Norwich? Also, is­ it really necessary for us to be informed four times in­ different blogs, telling us that Steve Clarke has left­ LFC. I've just had a quick look on the Norwich­ site, no mention of Steve Clarke but four more blogs­ informing Norwich fans Hughton has joined them

    From PETER, on Fri 8 Jun 8:30
  2. Hughton has taken the Norwich job what a sad day for WB­ a top manager gone for the sake of 2million, what­ chance have WB in the players arena, backwards and­ downwards next season for WB especially with players­ moving away and non descript players moing in, with RH­ gone I think WB will struggle and Pearce will realise­ how good RH was.

    From Ray, on Thu 7 Jun 17:07
  3. The £2.0m was the only factor!! Baggies would turn­ their noses up at Fergie if it was going to cost £2.0m.­ no ambition - no money.

    From Boddo, on Thu 7 Jun 16:50
  4. Never was a choice as he wanted his backroom staff and­ Peace wanted to keep his yes men there .... must be­ someone whose been out of the game or overseas and will­ accept the kielys and downings

    From Fred, on Wed 6 Jun 20:20
  5. Peter, agreeing in part with "the Baggies are not­­ appointing a Manager but are appointing a Head­ Coach.­" surely Dan Ashworth is shown up as a­ Jeremy P lapdog by NOT pushing for an EARLY - RIGHT­ resolution so that the Head Coach and Manager can­ create the right way forward asap. I'd say that if­ this isn't in place within the next week then­ performance (and exits by the key players) will be­ severely impacted.

    From , on Wed 6 Jun 7:48
  6. SO RIGHT Ray .... some will all say what a wonderful­ job the current owner does and his cronies, BUT this­ continued delay is ONLY causing MORE problems, with the­ squad all citing to move on, i just hope the last­ player out remembers to switch all the lights off to­ save Peace even more money ! I would also agree about­ RH, he was asking the owner about future plans and got­ NO backing in what he thought was the way to go ! we­ can look forward to season 2013/14 at a lower level,­ but at least then Peace will get more games to earn­ more money for his bank account

    From andrew w, on Tue 5 Jun 15:38
  7. I see the Baggies taking a step backwards from 10th in­ the Prem, Malumbu can see whats coming he wants better­ and knows the Baggies with a new non descript manager­ and little invesment to sustain the current position a­ downwood struggle is expected, RH discussed with Pearce­ the plans to take Baggies to the next level and got­ little or no commitment, RH would have left WB with or­ without the England job however it did come as great­ get out, I am convinced that the coming season will see­ just how good RH was and is.

    From Ray, on Tue 5 Jun 15:07
  8. The biggest issue is that the Baggies are not­ appointing a Manager but are appointing a Head Coach.­ Whoever comes to the club will need to fit in with the­ structure - and that includes a Director of Football. I­ for one approve of that.

    From PETER, on Tue 5 Jun 11:54
  9. As per norm Albion the first team to need a new manager­ and will be the last to sort one out. Get your act­ together peace and give the new manager time before the­ start of next season !!!!

    From ka, on Tue 5 Jun 11:00
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Steve Bruce? Lol!!!

    From G, on Tue 5 Jun 9:10
  11. Thank **** for that. Someone also mentioned to me that­ Hughton was wanted by Rangers but turned it flat down?­ Might be a crock of **** mind

    From G, on Tue 5 Jun 9:10
  12. Good black country name - Ralph

    From , on Tue 5 Jun 8:56
  13. If the £2 million is an issue, surely Jeremy P should­ have valued all of the players he was going to release­ @ £3 million and given them away rather than release­ them! Not only has he (unusually) missed a trick,­ I'm sure the Blues would have welcomed the­ resultant improvement to their squad.

    From , on Tue 5 Jun 8:25
  14. Baggies got lucky with Hodgson he was a master. They­ won't be so lucky next time around.!!! Looks like­ they will be settling for the 3rd choice but only if­ it's cheap??

    From Boddo, on Mon 4 Jun 19:51
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    The top two are Alex McLeish and Mick McCarthy. Both­ cheap options so they will fit into Baggies plans well.

    From Boddo, on Mon 4 Jun 19:48
  16. Ch should have told them to take a running jump they­ didn't want him last time around did­ they?.....McLeish is looking for work!! LOL SOTV KRO­ GYO

    From Dangermouse, on Mon 4 Jun 18:08
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