Moreno wins Dauphine stage two

Tue, 05 Jun 15:33:00 2012

A powerful uphill surge gave Spanish climber Dani Moreno victory in stage two of the Criterium du Dauphine while Britain's Bradley Wiggins repelled some late challenges to maintain his narrow overall lead.

Dani Moreno gana el Gran Premio Indurain - 0

Moreno moved away from the splintering pack late on the 2.4km climb to Saint-Felicien to claim his biggest victory since a mountain top stage win in the Vuelta a Espana last September.

France's Julien Simon took second place behind the Katusha rider on the fast-paced, sinuous 160 kms stage through the verdant Ardeche hills, with Frenchman Tony Gallopin finishing third.

"I attacked with 200 metres to go, and could stay away, it wasn't so complicated," Moreno told reporters. "I knew this kind of finish suited me, so even if other people didn't consider me the favourite, I did.

"Together with my victory in the Vuelta and the win in the Tour of Piamonte (in 2011), this is one of the three most important wins of my career."

Moreno's role is usually that of key wingman for Spanish stage race specialist and Katusha team mate Joaquim Rodriguez, recently runner-up in the Giro.

But with Rodríguez, a double Criterium du Dauphiné stage winner last year, making a late decision not to race, Moreno has had more freedom to strike out in his own right.

"It was a very difficult finish, everybody was getting nervous on the downhill before this little climb. But I knew I could have a chance here," he said.

Dauphine libere stage 2

Ninth on the stage, defending champion Wiggins remains the overall leader, with Australian Cadel Evans in second and Andrej Grivko of the Ukraine third.

Keen to repeat his victory on stage one, Evans' BMC squad kept the pace on the fast, sweeping descent that precedes the final climb.

First the Australian and then world time trial champion Tony Martin steadily upped the pace at the front of the pack on the last steady but shallow ascent, but Wiggins was more than able to handle the change of rhythm.

The race finishes in Chatel on Sunday.


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  1. Why can't watch these videos from US??

    From TamerAir, on Wed 6 Jun 19:19
  2. You're dead right Peter as for Harmon and­ kelly,"he's very tallented" every few­ minutes and Kelly"you have to make the­ calculation"every time he opens his mouth!!!­ They've been at it for 10 years,time for new­ voices' The guy that i spoke about­ previously,really good and on his own,very informed,­ and an "easy" voice to listen too.

    From First NameHadyn Bosher, on Wed 6 Jun 12:16
  3. One good thing about Eurosports coverage.Brian Smith.He­ is brilliant,sign him up for Le Tour commentary.

    From Peter, on Wed 6 Jun 8:58
  4. well i knew eurosport wouldn't be covering this­ race til Thursday, so I watch it in French, glad I­ studied it at school many moons ago, the excitement and­ thrill is all the same in any language..go Brad - Team­ Sky - good racing.

    From Marty, on Wed 6 Jun 6:02
  5. With regard to what's been posted about eurosports­ dismal coverage i'm in Thailand and have been­ watching the Dauphine LIFE, with NO commercials with­ a(i think Australian commentater) makes Harmon and­ Kelly sound like amateures!! Had this once before on­ a stage race for a couple of days before Harmon/kelly­ came in and spoilt it,love to know how this­ happens' hadynbosh.

    From First NameHadyn Bosher, on Wed 6 Jun 5:22
  6. Spreading sport evenly would seem to involve not­ showing the same sport on multiple channels! Calling­ the Dauphine a "warm up" for the tour­ doesn't help either! It may be to all the Hooray­ Henries with no respect for cycling, but the Dauphine­ is an important race in its own right, with over 50­ years of history and whoever wins it should be honoured­ to have it on his palmarès since only one man will win­ the Tour de France.

    From Adam, on Tue 5 Jun 23:07
  7. Roland Garros is the equivalent of the Giro and the­ Dauphine is the equivalent of Queens. Both RG and­ the Giro are of greater importance than the DL and­ Queens so should always take priority. Bring some sense­ to the conversation, cycling and cyclists are not­ God/Allahs gift to man. Gotta spread sport evenly.

    From Typhoon, on Tue 5 Jun 21:57
  8. ...and well done to Daniel Moreno. (I should really­ have mentioned that previously)

    From , on Tue 5 Jun 20:54
  9. I get that Eurosport wants to show live sport and not­ cut away from it before a match/race/competition is­ over but showing the same sport on both of the main­ channels seems odd. It's not like a tennis fan can­ watch both matches at once. Is there no means of having­ a 'red button option' akin to what the BBC does­ with Wimbledon? That way, people could choose which­ tennis match they want to watch on one channel while­ while still being able to run scheduled programmes on­ the other.

    From , on Tue 5 Jun 20:48
  10. Outrageous! Totally agree - Tennis all day, all night­ and the warm up for the tour not live. I wonder when­ the techies from eurosport will figure out how to­ update the schedule when they are running over. Cos the­ cycling is always later than advertised. I keep having­ to connect to see when its on.

    From ALAN, on Tue 5 Jun 20:00
  11. Cycling has changed a lot since my day. I watched some­ on Eurosport and I see them hit balls at each other.­ Weird.

    From Meh., on Tue 5 Jun 19:48
  12. well now we've finally got to see the stage .......­ Bradley looked very calm & controlled, didn't­ seem to put himself under any pressure & plenty of­ the team around him at the finish, alls well so far!

    From RiChArD, on Tue 5 Jun 19:22
  13. So the Schlecks couldn't work for Riis, now it­ looks like they can't ride for Bruyneel. Wonder if­ Andy will go out on the lash tonight & have to­ leave the Dauphine? Maybe he'll save that for the­ Tour.

    From RiChArD, on Tue 5 Jun 18:54
  14. I agree with most of the previous comments. Why no­ live coverage on the warm up/test event for the TdF­ with a British previous winner and the current TdF­ champion, not to mention Tour favourites, racing. I am­ a tennis fan but even I think that the tennis coverage­ is well over the top with the Dauphine running at the­ moment. Surely one channel could be showing it live. ­ Not a good show, Eurosport!

    From Norrie, on Tue 5 Jun 18:35
  15. Where is the cycling?

    From Leaway2, on Tue 5 Jun 17:58
  16. Agree with RiChArD! Who needs six channels of tennis?­ You cant spare even one to show the cycling you­ advertised and I pay for?

    From Sleepy, on Tue 5 Jun 17:49
  17. Dear Eurosport ..... I don't pay my subscription to­ your service to watch some poxy tennis match. I pay it­ to watch the scheduled programme, or in this case­ highlights programme, because someone thinks we're­ all interested in watching that most mundane game. Put­ the cycling on that I pay you to!

    From RiChArD, on Tue 5 Jun 17:39
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