Premier League - Ayre: Whelan a 'comedian'

Tue, 05 Jun 13:22:00 2012

Liverpool managing director Ian Ayre has called Wigan chairman Dave Whelan a "comedian" and claims he conducted a "sideshow" during their recent search for a new manager.

Wigan Athletic chairman Dave Whelan in the stands - 0

The Latics owner gave his boss Roberto Martinez permission to speak to the Reds and then appeared to be speaking to the media every day to give updates. Swansea's Brendan Rodgers was eventually appointed on Friday, after the manager, Liverpool and the Swans concluded negotiations in less than four days in a much more private affair.

"Our aim from the outset was to conduct a proper, thorough, search and do it in the proper manner," Ayre told the Liverpool Echo. "It is disappointing, then, that Dave Whelan felt the need to run the kind of sideshow he conducted via Sky Sports News and various other media outlets."

He went on: "From our point of view, we did all the right things. We approached the clubs we needed to approach, and conducted ourselves properly at all times... To be honest, I always thought John Bishop was the biggest comedian in the north west but Dave Whelan seems to have taken that mantle over the last couple of weeks."

At one stage last week Whelan claimed Martinez had been made an offer by Liverpool, something Ayre denies.

"That is patently not true," he said. "We make no secret of the fact we spoke with Roberto Martinez, but that is all we did.

"He is a great guy, and I can't speak highly enough of his professionalism and conduct.

"But for his chairman to make suggestions like he has, and suggestions that just aren't true, well it is disappointing to say the least.

"We can say with absolute certainty that the only person who was made any offer by Liverpool Football Club is Brendan Rodgers."

Whelan was unavailable for comment when Press Association Sport attempted to contact him.

PA Sport

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  1. Strange then that Martinez was inter4vied in Liverpool­ and the owners flew him from his holiday in the­ Caribbean to Miami for two days of talks. Story was­ that Martinez told them he wasn't happy working­ with a Director of Football. Around the same time­ Stephen Gerrard appeared on TV saying what a nice guy­ Martinez was and that he was looking forward to working­ with him. This at a time when Brendan Rodgers said he­ wasn't interested. A week later the same Stephen­ Gerrard was on TV saying that Rodgers was the­ club's only choice and that he was looking forward­ to working with him. Seems like it was he who was­ conducting the job appointment.

    From Richard, on Sun 10 Jun 23:16
  2. 268 Alan, so you are learning to spell I must be a good­ teacher. LOL.

    From Bill, on Thu 7 Jun 4:54
  3. cant say I'm over impressed with Ayre.. what does­ he do at LFC apart from drawing a huge wage from the­ club?? What does he expect when fennway where openly­ trying to poach his manager?

    From wild woodpecker®, on Wed 6 Jun 22:33
  4. Is he related to Pam Ayre,anyway isn't he doing­ well ,he is the only one not yet been sacked!

    From WILLIAM, on Wed 6 Jun 22:07
  5. What a plonker David Ayre is, if he had listened first­ time round Dave Whelan said he would allow Roberto to­ speak with Liverpool, at no time did he say that he­ would allow him to go to Liverpool as Manager and why­ would he want to when there are tossers like this­ running the club.

    From pie-eater, on Wed 6 Jun 21:24
  6. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Whelan's official title: "Tabloid propaganda­ minister" The guy he is a real demented joker

    From Mr Burns, on Wed 6 Jun 20:35
  7. It shows just what a real idiot Ian Ayre is when he­ believes that John Bishop is the biggest comedian in­ the North West ... We all know that the biggest­ comedians in the North West come from inside Liverpool­ Football club ... Leave Dave Whelan alone as he is one­ of the few gentleman left in footbal and I am not a­ Wigan supporter ... but I know a gentleman when I see­ one and an idiot when I hear one!!!

    From Frankie, on Wed 6 Jun 20:30
  8. it's a pleasure to be a Wigan supporter.Cheap­ season tickets, great pies and now Dave Whelan's­ opened a giant chippy right outside the ground. And as­ a bonus he gets up Liverpool's nose. What a star.

    From I-spy, on Wed 6 Jun 18:13
  9. If it was any other team than Liverpool, over half of­ you people wouldn't bother to write your silly­ comments. Lets all judge at the end of the season &­ see where Liverpool finish, some of you seem to think­ that you know it all, but lets face it half of you­ don't know what your talking about, when it comes­ to football matters.

    From Dylan, on Wed 6 Jun 16:28
  10. Yeah right. Liverpool owners went through a circus in­ order to insult Whelan. Really glad Martinez stayed­ put.

    From buddhafaction, on Wed 6 Jun 15:10
  11. Liverpool didnt help themselves in this case! Why not­ involve the media from Whelans point of view, and why­ is Ayre having to defend himself if he didnt say­ anything, no harm was done and no point was proven from­ any of this, they are just publicising themselves

    From David, on Wed 6 Jun 14:50
  12. What a prat Ayre is! He should accept that his club is­ second rate at the moment. Serves them right too after­ the way they treated Hodgson and to cap it all they­ bring in that loser Dalgleish. Seems like a good move­ that.

    From Bob, on Wed 6 Jun 14:48
  13. The asset strippers trying to justify not paying for an­ experienced manager, not building a new stadium,­ selling kuyt because they didnt want to pay him what he­ deserves and generally running the club into the­ ground..or the championship..whichever comes first.....

    From stuart X., on Wed 6 Jun 14:30
  14. Just gets better,we stuff you at Anfield, take 4 pts­ off you and now Dave Whelan winds up Chad Valley Ayre­ and he takes the bait. Why Chad Valley because he must­ have a key up his back.

    From pie-eater, on Wed 6 Jun 14:21
  15. I fancy Wigan to finish above Liverpool in the coming­ season. It is sad but it's time the reds took a­ reality check. Not a top side but just living off past­ glories. Still confused as to how Brendan Rodgers is a­ better appointment than Hodgson or Dalgleish.­ Definately smacks of a club with no direction but­ downwards for the next few years.

    From Sports Update, on Wed 6 Jun 14:05
  16. Is it cos hes WHITE?????

    From R,V,P, on Wed 6 Jun 13:52
  17. why liverpool can not find a manager without tyring to­ pinch sombody allready employed is beyond belive surly­ thier is enough out of work managers who could do the­ job just as good

    From mad mick, on Wed 6 Jun 13:31
  18. Liverpool were a great club with their antics this­ season and the way they continue are making themselves­ nothing short of a joke

    From DENNIS, on Wed 6 Jun 13:17
  19. whelan only in it for the monet, ask orell

    From parasite person watcher, on Wed 6 Jun 13:11
  20. stephan ,a bolton fan, ha ha

    From parasite person watcher, on Wed 6 Jun 13:10
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