World Cup - World Cup 2022: View from Middle East

Sun, 05 Dec 06:49:00 2010

FIFA's decision to award 2022 World Cup to Qatar took the football world by surprise, so we caught up with Eurosport Arabia journalist Mohammad Sanajleh to get the lowdown on the Middle Eastern emirate.

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What does hosting the World Cup mean to the Arab world?

It means a lot to us, as we have been trying to host this event for years. We lost it many times before, but victory this time means a lot to us - particularly as we were chosen over states like Korea, Japan, USA and Australia.

Do you think Qatar will do a good job?

Of course - they have the means to do a great job! They have all the financial, logistical, and governmental support to make us proud.

What worries you about Qatar hosting the tournament – travelling fans, terrorism?

Nothing at all! We are not worried, as we have seen Qatar host very successful regional, continental and international competitions before.

What’s the temperature like in the summer?

It's high, higher than you would imagine... But this shouldn't worry anybody as everywhere will be well prepared with the best cooling technologies. You will feel like you are in London in summer time.

Will female fans be treated okay?

Of course they will, this is not an issue in Qatar. Women can practise their right to cheer for their favourite teams in Qatar. It’s an open and metropolitan society.

And most importantly can we drink beer?

You will drink the best beer of your life in Qatar!


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