FA Cup - 'Chelsea have answered critics'

Sat, 05 May 22:10:00 2012

Roberto di Matteo claimed his Chelsea old guard delivered the perfect response to their critics with the 2-1 FA Cup final triumph over Liverpool.

Chelsea's coach Roberto Di Matteo (2nd L) is carried by players after their FA Cup final triumph - 0

The victory represents an incredible turnaround from their mid-season slumbers, which resulted in the sacking of Andre Villas-Boas. But interim manger Di Matteo never did feel his club's stalwarts were past it.

"We've had a difficult season and a lot of criticism," he said. "But the players responded to all the adversity we've faced.

"The answer was on the pitch. The football is always the best way to deliver the answer.

Di Matteo shrugged off suggestions that the permanent manager's job will be his reward for winning the FA Cup and taking the Blues to the Champions League final, saying that Roman Abramovich will make the decision in his own time.

"It's irrelevant," the Italian said. "The boss will make the decision and we'll respect it. The players will be fine.

"I am very fortunate person, so it's not an issue for me. I'll speak to him, don't worry. I speak to him in general."

Kenny Dalglish lamented his team's failure to turn up until late in the match.

"We were excellent for the last half hour, but the game lasts for 90 minutes," said the Scot.

"You can't give a team like Chelsea a two-goal head start.

"It's credit to our lads that they went close to an equaliser after Andy scored, but they had left themselves too much to do.

"I don't think the first hour was a reflection of the quality of the players we had out there but I don't know if that's was down to inexperience."

Chelsea's star man Drogba was thrilled.

"That's the reason why I came here, to win trophies and to make history with the club," he said.

"I'm very proud. I'm very proud of it, but I have to give credit to all my team-mates. During the last six years, I've been playing here all the finals, I'm really happy and I really want to thank them because they always put me in the best conditions to score goals.

"We made history, not only me. "The result is great for us, for the fans, for the club."

Liverpool defender Daniel Agger admitted that his side took little heart from their late fightback.

"It simply was not good enough for the first hour and we can only blame ourselves," said the Dane.

"We definitely were not good enough. Andy did really well when he came on and got a lot of balls to work with but sadly it was not enough."

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  1. Comment to no12 there are reports that Arab investors­ from Qatar are interested in pumping millions into the­ club with a new ground and naming rights,so think­ before you and the rest of the cretin bandwagon write­ drivel comments if roman ever wants to sell up there­ will be no shortage of takers ready to carry on......

    From blueblood64, on Mon 7 May 18:34
  2. Terry an co can say wat they like if the ball crossed­ the line wat do u expect terry an his cheating scumbag­ team mates to say it did not cross the line end of the­ day the whole world nows how should have one that cup­ they still havent said sorry to spurs about the semi­ final goal thats wat scum they r .

    From Charlie, on Sun 6 May 16:00
  3. lets c wat happens to chelsea next season when they r­ in the europer then we wil c if drogba ac co can stay­ on there feet longer than 2 yards with out going to­ ground ,the way it gose chelsea looses the champions­ le an no champions le next season cos theres no way­ yous are finishing 4th an come summers transfer window­ its bye bye drogba an co thats abramervich plan u­ think he cares about fa cup i dont think the guy even­ botherd to go to yesterdays final at least with kk he­ wll always have a job at liverpool even if hes not our­ manerger

    From Charlie, on Sun 6 May 15:51
  4. Thank you mourinho for your support we will do our best­ winning the champions league, but please please­ mourinho don't come back to england...chelsea will­ always remember you but the british press will ( for­ sure) ruin you!!!

    From Carlos, on Sun 6 May 9:56
  5. Oh yes Benny, just like Tottenham smashed Norwich­ recently ??

    From whocaresanyway, on Sun 6 May 9:36
  6. I am afraid time is almost up for Kenny I dont think he­ will be their next season.

    From Robert, on Sun 6 May 9:16
  7. Bye bye Kenny !!!!!

    From John, on Sun 6 May 9:01
  8. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    it was only liverpool who are sitting 8th in the table,­ so no, afraid they have not answered any of the­ critics...or any of the charges levelled against any of­ them....yet...munich will thrash them.

    From stuart X., on Sun 6 May 8:53

    From Sola Oladejo, on Sun 6 May 8:44
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Chelsea only do well because of money. The Russian goes­ and Chelsea are NOTHING

    From SHAUN, on Sun 6 May 8:36
  11. One Roberto is safe, the remaining two to follow suit !

    From CARLA, on Sun 6 May 8:30
  12. Loserpooo's 'trophy' cabinet raided last­ night....Police are searching for 2 men carrying a red­ carpet only....

    From Yeah_Right, on Sun 6 May 7:53
  13. Did anyone else see the flag in the crowd with Queen­ Kenny's mug next to the real Queen??? W4nka deluded­ chav supporters..

    From Yeah_Right, on Sun 6 May 7:48
  14. Dalglish will be sitting mid-table at tomorrow's­ board meeting....

    From Yeah_Right, on Sun 6 May 7:46
  15. 30000 Blanks T-Shirts for sale at Liverpool supporters­ club.

    From joe, on Sun 6 May 7:45
  16. Loserpooo can console themselves with the carling­ hub-cap and the ones thay nicked off the Fulham coach­ recently....lolsers.

    From Yeah_Right, on Sun 6 May 7:45
  17. where is Parker,were has is gone to dear boy parker i­ really want to see your comments,Bluessssssssssssn 4­ life,the sky is our limit­ bluesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 4 life

    From enest, on Sun 6 May 7:44
  18. Where is the Alien headed Parker now.....

    From pradeep, on Sun 6 May 7:42
  19. Shut up Alan you moron it wasn't a goal. Oh and­ Tottenham are also a London club and they had a­ decision go against them. I mean are you retarded? Or­ just a Liverpool fan. To be honest Tottenham­ would've smashed Liverpool aswell.

    From Benny, on Sun 6 May 7:34
  20. Well done Chelsea! Di Matteo was a good player and now­ he is a good coach. He is a kind and wise man, opposed­ to Villas Boas who was hectic and anxious. What have­ Parhker to say now?

    From Daniele, on Sun 6 May 7:33
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