England 'ready for onslaught'

Tue, 05 Jun 18:00:00 2012

England are braced for a physical onslaught when they take on South Africa in the first Test of a three-match series, according to England prop Dan Cole.

Dan Cole - England - 0

South Africa's new coach Heyneke Meyer has picked a big, physical squad for Saturday's Test in Durban and Cole, who played under Meyer when the latter was coach of English club side Leicester in 2008, said that matching the Springboks' physicality would be a key factor in deciding the contest.

"What we have seen of the South African Super Rugby franchises, and knowing Heyneke Meyer, their game is about the physical momentum that they can get if they get on the front foot. Once they are behind you they have deadly finishers like (wing) Bryan Habana," Cole said.

Cole, a veteran of 28 Tests, played down suggestions that the Springboks, who would only have had five days to prepare for Meyer's first Test in charge of South Africa, would be under-prepared.

"The Springboks will play to their strengths which is a physical game. There is not a lot of deception in their game, like Australia or New Zealand, and South Africa will take it to you physically.

"Physicality is strength of Springbok rugby. I'm sure Heyneke will have a few things up his sleeve but at Leicester we played a fairly direct game," he explained.

The 25-year-old Cole has played against the Springboks once before, a 27-11 loss at Twickenham in 2010.

He said the expected Springbok front row of props Tendai "Beast" Mtawarira and Jannie du Plessis and hooker Bismarck du Plessis was a formidable unit that he was looking forward to getting to grips with.

"They are a great front row," Cole said. "They have played together a lot and, as a front row, it is good that you know each other inside out and they do.

"I played against them at Twickenham in 2010 and it was a tough battle but that's what we expect and what we go into this weekend prepared for."

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  1. Ouch !!

    From Benedick, on Thu 7 Jun 17:22
  2. Come on England, Wales, Ireland & Scotland.... Its­ a confidence thing. These southern hemisphere teams­ are used to winning. Lets start to get them unused to­ it.... The more we can rattle their cages the better. ­ There's not much in it - in the quality of all­ these international players - its just that final bit­ of confidence. Would be nice to have the seesaw poised­ in the middle and not so heavily weighted in the S­ Hemispheres favour all the time. I also echo the­ sentiment that someone came up with about the referees­ during all this - I'm fed up with­ 'character' refs, the games not about them -­ I'd like them to be less obtrusive - ITS NOT ABOUT­ THEM!!!!

    From ROB, on Wed 6 Jun 20:50
  3. i htink england have formed a good team over last few­ months. and even though they didnt beat wales's as­ a fresh team could of easily killed the game off.­ experiance sometimes isnt the key and lancaster has­ proved that. fresh faces willing to fight for­ everything sometimes is what a team need. i think its­ gona be a kicking game against s.a but a tight one.­ come on england. dont kick too much though dont want­ them running to much at us lol

    From Lisa, on Wed 6 Jun 19:01
  4. The first test against South africa will not be a­ pretty sight. South africa will stick to there­ principals of brutalising Englands front five for the­ first 50 minutes,play in England half ,kick there­ penalties until they are at least 2 scores up before­ they play any ruby.Nothing changes with them they have­ to dominate up front its there bible. England to have­ any chance have got to tackle agressively,and claim any­ loose ball and use it effectively.I hope danny care­ plays because he will give englands back row a target­ going forward and we need to ruck the hell out of­ them.So heres good luck to all the home nations playing­ in there back yards make us proud. One thing I do hope­ for is that we see the referees in all the games stop­ trying to prove a point and ref the games in a positive­ way to encourage good rugby. I feel they spoilt the­ world cup by being to involved in the games to­ much.Come on England,Wales ,and Ireland. Scotland have­ done us proud LET THEM HAVE IT.

    From Ronald, on Wed 6 Jun 18:42
  5. The last time S.Africa turned up at Murrayfield we beat­ them because we took them on in a physical game, stand­ up to them,they dont like it...good luck.

    From john sloop b, on Wed 6 Jun 18:24
  6. The front row of Corbisiero, Hartley and Cole held­ their own and more during the 6N and destroyed the­ Irish scrum. The SA scrum will be a good test of our­ front five but they, in turn, will be tested by England­ as well. Win or lose I am looking forward to the match.

    From Dateless, on Wed 6 Jun 17:12
  7. Re Fred: You have a point about Wales but please­ believe me it is not a feeling shared in the valleys.­ Whilst very proud of the achievements of this side over­ the last 12 months or so we know they aren't the­ finished article yet. Just very happy they are winning­ games for a change. Good luck to all the UK (home)­ sides this weekend and congratulations to Scotland,­ that was some win.

    From -Ddraig-, on Wed 6 Jun 16:55
  8. Howard Coaching,yeah of course you did As for­ England losing their way,what does that make the teams­ that they beat then ? I am yet to see anything nice­ come off you about England,I suppose we got lucky with­ every single game that we win it's got nothing to­ do wit the skill at all,nothing whatsoever.when the­ lions tour comes around you must be spitting feather­ especially when an England player gets in the squad.­ Would love to see ya face.......still best you­ don't watch any of the games eh just incase

    From neil p, on Wed 6 Jun 16:39
  9. well this will be a ture test for England and to see­ how far they have come!!! dont exspect them to win but­ lets see

    From Michael, on Wed 6 Jun 16:21
  10. s africa will be too strong in depth and will trounce­ england

    From sean d, on Wed 6 Jun 15:10
  11. Gary 22. I think Vickery was replaced by Adam Jones of­ Wales during the 1st Lions Test making the Lions an all­ Welsh front row until Adam was injured in the final­ Test, may be wrong. Am a big Welsh fan but still wish­ all home nation teams well at the weekend and yes I do­ include England. Great win Scotland, come on Wales,­ England and Ireland. From a true rugby UNION fan.

    From Barry, on Wed 6 Jun 14:13
  12. come on England!!!!!!

    From , on Wed 6 Jun 12:26
  13. Pink Pig - That was mainly due to a poor ref, Vickery­ took the beast apart in the next match.

    From Gary, on Wed 6 Jun 11:08
  14. Looking forward to Cole and the beast going head to­ head, after what the beast did to Vickery on the lions­ tour and Cole destroying Cian Healy in the aviva­ earlier this year, something will have to give!

    From Pink Pig, on Wed 6 Jun 10:44
  15. I would think that England will edge South Africa in­ the first test, but the balance will swing in the­ second and third tests as the SA team start to settle.

    From Richard R, on Wed 6 Jun 10:43
  16. A lot of red fluid will certainly be spilt , hope­ no-one suffers a broken limb . But brutal and bloody it­ probably will be , no place for shirking .

    From guy, on Wed 6 Jun 10:26
  17. I'm a Saffa based in China. I think the first test­ will be a humdinger. Will it be pretty to watch? No,­ but it will be gruelling and unrelenting. England has­ really grown as a team since the RWC debacle and will­ will go into the Durban test with much confidence.­ I'm really looking forward to this contest. Yes,­ I'm also glad that the level of hatred - levelled­ at other clubs on the soccer pages - is is absent on­ the rugby pages.

    From sannahan, on Wed 6 Jun 9:54
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    england take it up the bum get behind southafrica­ scotland . england are going to get beat senseless in­ suid afrika

    From Daniel, on Wed 6 Jun 8:53
  19. Hoping England do well. Don't support Scotland­ because of all the anti-English bile but well done for­ beating Australia. Really good to see the poor bu----s­ win for a change, specially against Australia. Would­ love to see England beat the Boks but fear they might­ only get it together by the third test. Have a bad­ feeling about Wales because they believe their own hype­ but good luck anyway too. Looking forward to this­ weekend's rugby. (A former South African in France)

    From Fredbear1980, on Wed 6 Jun 8:46
  20. Good luck England , we love to see the N.Hemisphere­ stuff S.Africa , New Zealand, Australia . Scotland just­ showed what you can do if you never give up .. good­ luck .

    From john sloop b, on Wed 6 Jun 8:43
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