Euro 2012 - Paper Round: Anti-racism group wants Rio answers

Wed, 06 Jun 08:58:00 2012

It is the story that won't go away: with just five days to go to England's Euro 2012 opener against France, many of the papers continue to lead with Rio Ferdinand's absence from the squad.

Rio Ferdinand - 0

Football's leading anti-racism group, Kick It Out, are now set to get involved and demand that England boss Roy Hodgson reveal the "football reasons" which led him to omit Ferdinand.

Many feel Hodgson's decision to select John Terry and not Ferdinand has something to do with the fact that Terry will go on trial in July for allegedly racially abusing Rio's brother Anton - but the manager has vehemently denied that has anything to do with it.

Both The Guardian and The Sun claim that his explanations have cut no ice with Kick It Out, who are now - to use the Guardian's words - "holding talks behind the scenes to decide whether to go public with its grievances" and "putting together a robust response condemning his handling of the affair".

The paper goes on: "The most likely conclusion is that it will express its feelings at the end of the tournament, when it will make it clear it believes Ferdinand has lost out through internal politics and that it was morally wrong for him to be excluded if, as strongly suspected by some, it is because Terry is charged with allegedly racially abusing Anton…

"In particular, it is aggrieved that Hodgson did not try to co-ordinate a meeting with the two players to determine whether it was possible for them to establish a working relationship during the month-long tournament."

The Sun's 'sources within Kick It Out' seem to be saying exactly the same thing - which suggests there is credence to both reports.

Most of the other papers simply round up the various talking heads which have given their opinion on the matter. Robbie Fowler is among those opining that there is "not a chance" Ferdinand has been left out for football reasons, but former England boss Sven-Goran Eriksson has defended Hodgson, saying that Ferdinand has struggled with injuries and form this season and that is the real reason why he is staying home.

The papers are in full Euros mode at the moment so there is not that much transfer news - but here is a round-up of the few bits and pieces that are flying around.

Manchester United have a surprising rival in the race to sign Everton left-back Leighton Baines, in the form of Italian club Napoli. However, Everton value Baines at around £20 million and do not want him to leave; that price-tag is likely to deter Napoli, who want Baines as a replacement for Andrea Dossena. The former Liverpool player is in talks with AC Milan. (Daily Mail)

Ian Holloway is holding talks with Swansea over their manager's job despite European football legends Dennis Bergkamp and Michael Laudrup also being linked with the position. (Daily Mail)

Norwich are set to launch a bid for Birmingham boss Chris Hughton. Despite the Canaries talking up a Euro-wide hunt for a boss with top-flight experience, Hughton has emerged as their No.1 choice to replace new Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert. (The Sun)

Bolton boss Owen Coyle has targeted Leicester's Matt Mills as Zat Knight stalls on a new contract. (Daily Mirror)

West Ham boss Sam Allardyce wants to bring Essex boy Michael Kightly back to his old manor. Winger Kightly was relegated to the Championship with struggling Wolves, where he made a handful of appearances after returning from knee problems. (Daily Mirror)

Finally, Danny Murphy is set to sign a new deal at Fulham. The 35-year-old was on the Premier League’s ‘free transfer’ list last week, but sources at the club insist a new ­contract is close to being agreed. (Daly Star)


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  1. Why are some people always looking to cause trouble. ­ Hodgson is the manager, and he has picked a squad that­ he believes is capable of doing well in the­ competition. His job is to get a result, and it is­ POSSIBLE that potential conflict between Terry and­ Ferdinand meant he thought he could take one or the­ other, but not both. And why not? He would not be­ doing his job if he ignored such things. He has to­ take a squad of players that can work together. It is­ not a simple matter of choosing the currently in-form­ superstars, and it is not about reqarding good­ beahviour. Friendships, rivalries, fall-outs, clashes­ of personality, all have to be taken into account. ­ Anyone that thinks otherwise is being silly. Sometimes­ that will to a player being passed over in favour of­ someone that, objectively, is not so good a footballer.­ But is is a team game. In the past England has often­ fielded a collection of 11 superstars that couldn't­ play well together. I'd rather see a TEAM, even if­ it contains fewer superstars. As it happens there­ are enough pure footballing reasons for omitting­ Ferdinand. He is a great footballer, but he has had­ alot of injuries, and his form has been patchy this­ season. I don't understand why Hodgson has been­ so polite to groups that are indirectly accusing him of­ lying. If I were him I'd just point out that­ I'd been given the job of getting the best possible­ result for the England team, and that is exactly what­ he is doing.

    From Tom, on Sun 10 Jun 15:28
  2. rio stop bleating get a pair or naff off

    From Ian, on Fri 8 Jun 20:33
  3. No offense guys, but your British papers are just­ completely disgusting.! I swear to you i've been­ reading reports for YEARS on the national team and­ after reading this one I just stopped myself and said­ "Wow, there's not a single tournament that­ hasn't passed or the team is participating in where­ the newspapers don't start some BS drama.!!"­ Whatever happened to getting behind your team.? Your­ country.!? You lot should be ashamed of yourselves.­ You're never gonna win anything acting like this.!­ Mark my words. As an American that likes the England­ National team, that is very sad.!

    From Arie R, on Thu 7 Jun 14:07
  4. Come on lets hear you, you all know the tune..... ­ His name is Rio and he watches from the stand Looks­ like he's not playing for the land And when he­ whines he really shows you all he can Oh Rio Rio­ watching from the stand

    From Raven, on Thu 7 Jun 13:35
  5. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Hogson is just a son of a hog as his name indicates, a­ typical British with the red blood of thick racism­ running down his veins. We all know about his side of­ the story in the Liverpool racism trouble between his­ player and the Man-U player. He was a failure in­ Liverpool and will be a total failure as England coach.­ Terry is not better than Rio in any form, he is also a­ racist as his boss son of a hog, so we could see why­ Rio was dropped, but it is a disaster for England if at­ this century we still allow old fools in d camp of new­ generation to poison the societal blending.

    From Dadi, on Thu 7 Jun 12:39
  6. Rio PLEASE for the love of England SHUT THE HELL UP and­ that includes letting your agent speak for you(coward)

    From Brian Mc namara, on Thu 7 Jun 12:36
  7. Ferdinand should accept that the manager has made a­ call & not rated him high enough to bring, its the­ managers choice & thats final....Bringing up this­ race argument just shows you what the lad is made­ of...bad for England morale & bad for supporters.­ Wouldnt surprise me to see his days at Utd numbered as­ well....!

    From David, on Thu 7 Jun 12:27
  8. So now its all about race, finally all the toys have­ been thrown from rio's pram. I really hope England­ go on to win the tournament without him.

    From Brian Mc namara, on Thu 7 Jun 11:57
  9. Apart from the fact that Rio is NBG and past it - I­ hope he is paying the price for playing the race card -­ am getting really fed up with these whinging ethnics -­ aren't they all so good for the country - look at­ Warsi, Uddin, Taylor & Dezai - all given legs up­ and have been or will be charged with corruption.

    From Bugsie, on Thu 7 Jun 10:27
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    its preety simple if you use your brain reason rio is­ not there because would cause trouble . after terry was­ accused of being racist to his little brother anton rio­ is not gonna be on talking terms with him and fact is­ rio has not really been at his best nor terry i know­ but ithink its best we only take one of them rather­ than have a full blown fight in the england camp but in­ my view terry should not be there either

    From Chris, on Thu 7 Jun 10:19
  11. If you ain't good enough then face it you ain't­ good enough and that's all there is to it.

    From Ray, on Thu 7 Jun 10:02
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    very sad sad sad racist on here with an I.Q of 1 your­ all reported expect the old bill round ur place u­ cretins and morons!!!!

    From MARCUS, on Thu 7 Jun 9:33
  13. Any excuse to jump on a high profile player and make­ something out of nothing, These leeches should find­ something more constructive to do with there lives. He­ is only a football player and not important in the­ scheme of things who gives a flying s**t if he is not­ going to be there?. I for one believe Hodgson and think­ the English should concentrate on the games to come and­ get behind the manager for once and stop tearing the­ team apart before they even play a game. But that's­ just me!!!!

    From Joe, on Thu 7 Jun 9:19
  14. what i would like to know is where are these so called­ anti racist groups when muslims are chanting for white­ ppl to be killed oh forgot thats not racism.

    From Chris, on Thu 7 Jun 8:23
  15. I don't understand the big issue that is being made­ here. England have enough darkies in the squad to carry­ the bags from the team bus. What is the point of taking­ another one with a dodgy back ? Ferdinand should stick­ to selling (and sampling) drugs like the rest of his­ lot.

    From Michael, on Thu 7 Jun 7:31
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Get off of Rio's back he is making a valid point.­­ Hodgson and the FA know that the explanation given for­­ his reason to omit Rio was not at all credible but­ they­ now just want to brush it under the carpet. I­ very much­ doubt its a racial issue but he (Rio) has­ been treated­ unfairly; considering the John T / Anton­ F problem; in­ Rio's mind it begs the question....­ It seems­ Hodgson is being found out so early in his­ tenure...­ His man managements skills are lacking. He­ seems an­ obstinate man that takes a stand point and­ will not be­ budged regardless of reasoning, argument­ or persuasion­ and no matter how it looks. I feel he­ may lose respect­ from the players if he is so. No one­ likes an­ inflexible persistence or an unyielding­ attitude­ especially when it has negative results. And­ what we­ are seeing and hearing in the press and the­ media and­ not just from Rio but other former England­ players is a­ negative result of Roy Hodgson's man­ mismanagement­ - plain and simple. In the words of ole­ Nat King­ Cole... Let's face the music and dance. I­ bet­ that's on his Ipod - Seems a fitting tune for­ Roy!

    From JayWalker, on Thu 7 Jun 5:02
  17. Ferdinand was and always will be an overrated donkey.

    From keith, on Thu 7 Jun 1:14
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    hey shoe shine boy have another bannana

    From James, on Thu 7 Jun 0:30
  19. suarez v Evra, Ferdinand v Terry.....common denominator­ = Rio

    From sniffa, on Wed 6 Jun 22:37
  20. We Get this every time a player comes into ­ question , Just Cancel the Euro's & there­ Wouldn't be any Problems !

    From Robert, on Wed 6 Jun 22:30
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