Premier League - Lambert: We'll play the right way

Wed, 06 Jun 14:21:00 2012

New Aston Villa boss Paul Lambert is confident he will deal with the level of expectation that comes with the job.

2011-12 Premier League Norwich Paul Lambert - 0

Lambert has now been unveiled as Alex McLeish's replacement, and he is hoping to put smiles on the supporters' faces as soon as possible.

"There is a lot of expectancy at the club and it is not something I'm going to shy away from," he said. "It something I will thrive on, hopefully."

He added: "We will try to get results as quickly and as best as we can. We have to play football the right way.

"We have to give them (the fans) something. We will need them - I think they will come in their thousands to watch us and it is up to us to give them something back."

Lambert expressed his pride at being handed the Villa reins and cannot wait to get started in the role.

He said: "I have to get into it and see what is going to happen. I'm honoured to be manager of the football club. I will give it everything I've got to be successful.

"I can't wait to get going, truth be told, so I'm excited by it. It is a huge, huge club and it is something I will need to embrace more than anybody."

The 42-year-old takes over at Villa Park following a successful three-year spell at Norwich, having guided the Canaries from the bottom of League One to a 12th-placed finish in the Premier League, and he acknowledged he left Carrow Road with a heavy heart.

"I had three unbelievable years and as I've said before I loved my time there - I had a great rapport there and had a special rapport with the football club, the fans and the players," he said. I will always be proud of what we have done as a group - it is a part of my life that will stay with me and I will never forget it."


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  1. It could of been Spurs, It could of been Spurs, Oh Paul­ Lambert it could of been Spurs

    From Martin, on Wed 13 Jun 23:17
  2. Thank you Paul for the past three seasons ... you are a­ more than a legend at Carrow Rd. You will get a­ fantastic reception when you bring Villa here .... just­ make sure we get the three points though !

    From Peter, on Sun 10 Jun 12:05
  3. As a football and Villa fan I welcome Randys joice of­ Paul Lambert as the new Villa manager, I sincerely hope­ he can enjoy his new job at Villa and go on to raise­ our expectations to a higher level than they were under­ M'O, All thats left to say to the Villa fans is­ "LETS BE AVIN YA" with your help 2012/13­ could just be the season that welcomes the good times­ back to Villa Park, "Nice one Randy Lerner"

    From Maddes, on Sat 9 Jun 10:39
  4. Don`t get too excited Villa fans as the best member of­ the Lambert team, Ian Culverhouse, is staying at­ Norwich!! Without him you will find that Lambert is­ just an ordinary manager, most of the tactics and­ signings for Norwich were the work of Culverhouse!!

    From John, on Sat 9 Jun 6:39
  5. I hope you Villa fans don`t get to excited because the­ brains of the Lambert outfit, Ian Culverhouse is­ staying at Norwich!!!

    From John, on Fri 8 Jun 20:14
  6. Lambert is obviously a good manager, done an amazing­ job at Norwich with limited resource, hope the poison­ chalice of Villa managers job does not undo his values­ as a footballing manager, good luck

    From Stephen, on Fri 8 Jun 0:29
  7. Wow some haters out there. villa are not in debt. So­ let me get this straight. Lambert had a clause in his­ contract that he could listen to other offers from­ clubs. A contract that BOTH he AND norwich signed. They­ go back on it and he's the baddie. You can't­ begrudge the man for grasping a bigger opportunity with­ probably more money. Just like I don't begrudge­ Ashley Young going to Man U or Yorkie when he did it.­ Barry did the same no problem etc etc. The only one i­ begrudge is Downing because we paid him for 6 months on­ crutches. Norwichs fans are understandably gutted that­ they've lost their manager who has worked wonders­ for them but it's football. Most clubs go through­ it. By the sounds of things your going to get another­ good manager in Hughton so you'll be fine.

    From Chris, on Thu 7 Jun 13:08
  8. Just reading some comments from Villa fans, looks like­ some of you are already putting him on gtrial ,some­ suggestion that he could be gone by Christmas.. Villa a­ big club? you need to remember that you are just a­ pimple on the a"""se that is birmingham

    From Rodney, on Thu 7 Jun 12:08
  9. Why is this and other articles about Paul Lambert­ being published on the Norwich City page of yahoo­ sports. Wake up yahoo, he no longer works for us.Move­ on This page is for N.C.F.C. Reading his comments­ about not having thought about Holt or Culverhouse,­ that is exactly what he said about leaving for Aston­ Villa. The man is disengenous at best and at worst a­ liar. However thank you for your efforts in getting us­ back to the prem. Now move on. No one is bigger than­ our club. O.T.B.C.

    From Rodney, on Thu 7 Jun 12:03
  10. great manger need transfer buget and buys some­ brilliant players josh age 12

    From josh, on Thu 7 Jun 10:05
  11. I am hoping that at long last New Aston Villa boss Paul­ Lambert will have some vision and foresight, and return­ Aston Villa to being the premier club of the Midlands,­ that it was in the past. Aston Villa mean a great­ deal to the people of Birmingham, and as such Aston­ Villa shouldn't be struggling, after all Aston­ Villa produced some wonderful footballers. I hope­ Aston Villa can emerge again as the most important team­ in the Midlands. Paul Lambert you are on trial.

    From hannelelaws, on Thu 7 Jun 10:02
  12. He came across very well today, reminding me of a­ certain MON, again having read comments on this page,­ why is there so much bitterness towards Villa from fans­ of other clubs, please get your facts right before­ writing so many pathetic comments, why should he of­ stayed at Norwich for another season, he had took them­ as far as he could, he wanted a challenge at a big­ club, and it was Norwich who forced him to resign after­ going back on there word to tell him if another club­ wanted to talk to him, and again i see comments on our­ financial situation, more lies he will have money, not­ as much as MON, but more then McLeish, i am sure he­ will spend it much better then McLeish did, and get us­ back into the top 10 were we belong.

    From craig, on Wed 6 Jun 23:34
  13. good luck lambert perhaps villa will let you sign­ snodgrass ?

    From ER, on Wed 6 Jun 23:18
  14. news flash lambert resigns he asked lerner for money­ told we dont spend we only receive

    From Bobs, on Wed 6 Jun 22:56
  15. sacked by christmas...prove me wrong­ lambert..........only thing that will save you is the­ fact we wont be able to afford to sack you.......come­ on put a smile on our faces and sign someone that shows­ the ambition you promised....

    From BARBLE, on Wed 6 Jun 22:36
  16. Ah, or maybe they're not - and you're a bit­ worried about the "quality time" you spent­ with your brother the other week?

    From VillanD, on Wed 6 Jun 22:31
  17. Painters in, zoe j?

    From VillanD, on Wed 6 Jun 22:26
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    derek you midlands scum go shag your sister lambert is­ a tosser you can have tosser holt as well. lambert was­ born in glasgow very simalr to the dirty filthy­ midlands home of inter breads

    From Bobs, on Wed 6 Jun 22:23
  19. Oh shut up you carrot crunchers the man has made the­ right decision n yes he may move on when a better offer­ comes in then again he may have grat success with villa­ a club steeped in history, so quit moaning get a new­ man n a new start

    From DEREK O, on Wed 6 Jun 21:48
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Are Norwich fans ignorant of the fact that he resigned­ because the Norwich board refused to uphold its part of­ his contract in allowing him the potential to 'hear­ offers' with other EPL clubs. I tell you, 3 weeks­ ago he was a messiah, 2 weeks ago he was 'never­ going to leave', 1 week ago he'd be an idiot to­ leave and now all you can do is criticise the man who­ dragged you up from nowhere. The way you canaries whine­ would make any fan think you wish he'd never come­ and left you in the 3rd tier. Whatever lambert­ 'owed' Norwich vanished when the board betrayed­ him, can't Norwich fans just be grateful to a man­ who has done them an excellent service?... sour grapes­ indeed John.

    From Jeff Bridges, on Wed 6 Jun 20:16
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