McCoist vows to be ready for new season

Wed, 06 Jun 09:46:11 2012

Manager Ally McCoist insists Rangers will be ready for the new season - despite still not knowing what division they will be playing in or what players he will have at his disposal.

The Glasgow giants are hoping potential new owner Charles Green and his consortium are able to secure a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) which will allow the club to exit administration and avoid a newco scenario, which could place a question mark over their status in the Clydesdale Bank Premier League.

The Ibrox boss has so far been unable to offer new deals to those now out of contract while the club continues their battle with the Scottish Football Association over a 12-month transfer embargo. Looking ahead to the new campaign, McCoist told the Daily Record: "It is worrying. I won't lie. I have huge concerns about what is going to happen."

He added: "I don't know who will still be there by the time we go back. Some of the lads might have moved on.

"I don't know if I will be able to sign anyone because the situation with the transfer embargo is still up in the air.

"I don't know if we will still be in administration. We could have exited through the CVA that Charles Green has launched or we could be newco. If that's the case, I don't even know for sure which division we'll be playing in.

"I am in the dark about so many issues but I can't and won't let it affect my desire for Rangers to be successful. I do know there will be a Rangers and we will be ready for the start of the season."

Players, such as Sone Aluko, Andy Little and David Healy, saw their contracts expire at the end of the season.

McCoist added: "At the moment I can't make them offers. That makes me feel helpless to a certain extent.

"These boys deserve contracts and I want to give them something but right now I have not been given the go-ahead to do so. As soon as I am in the position to do that, I will. But I am well aware it could be too late."


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  1. 'We won't walk away from this' - the very­ words used by McCoist just a few days ago but guess­ what - he's ready to leave Rangers. Talk about­ the rat deserting the sinking ship.

    From W MCCORMICK, on Thu 14 Jun 9:10
  2. am proud tae be arangers fan and always will be come on­ the gerz

    From David, on Thu 14 Jun 0:25
  3. and if rangers are no in the spl dont think celtic wil­ win the cup all the time cos they arent that­ f''@king good

    From David, on Thu 14 Jun 0:16
  4. Sally is lookin 4ward 2 a new season @ greggs

    From Hoopy, on Wed 13 Jun 18:48
  5. i am right behind you ally no matter what happens

    From GEORGE, on Wed 13 Jun 17:09
  6. Aye without reddies.

    From Mr Pastry, on Wed 13 Jun 13:33
  7. itake this is the same mighty celtic that blew the­ easyes treble in scottish history and got the league­ handed to them when you talk about managers you should­ look nearer to home iwould like to seen how lennon­ brain dead handle what super allydid this season he­ would of done his normal and blame the ref instead of­ his useless ability to manage aclub.

    From GEORGE, on Tue 12 Jun 20:01
  8. Aye Sally,is that the pie munching season ?

    From OTRAS, on Tue 12 Jun 18:56
  9. mccoist is fattening himself up for the start of the­ turkey shoot season!!!

    From , on Tue 12 Jun 18:51
  10. Fekk is it pantomime season already.....on ye go­ buttons. ha ha hah. top billing ..Rangas versus the­ Krankies.

    From Joey, on Mon 11 Jun 11:43
  11. interesting the media have not picked up on lennons tax­ relief story, isnt it true or just not newsworthy cause­ he has no ties to ibrox ?

    From jock, on Thu 7 Jun 14:40
  12. just read SFA to take "NO" action re court­ case with FIFAs blessing oh dear another of you scums­ hopes gone a beggin W ARE TP

    From jock, on Thu 7 Jun 11:16
  13. Seeing as we are in the company of THOSE WHO WORSHIP­ MORALITY AND INTEGRITY come on yahoo lets hear of the­ tax avoidance case concerning THE LEMMON seemingly­ his name cropped up in court re his playing days @ the­ piggery can you enlighten us ?

    From jock, on Thu 7 Jun 11:11
  14. fat sally mccoist has had a number of EBT`s over the­ years... E.xtra B.ig T.rifles.

    From , on Thu 7 Jun 9:59
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    rangers to take back what is theres celtic got there­ tainted title for a season now time to hand it back to­ the bigboys who have won more domestic honers than any­ other scotish club watp

    From Andrew, on Thu 7 Jun 6:03
  16. Well at least they only need to train part time as life­ in the 3rd division is not that demanding (no­ disrespect to div 3). Couple of nights training at­ Bellahouston Park would suffice I think but they had­ best watch oot for the parky as we know they wid try an­ sneak in an oot without paying here also. Hail hail ! !­ !

    From Hoopymad, on Thu 7 Jun 2:54
  17. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    aaah scotlands shame eh? one word paedophilia

    From Malcolm, on Wed 6 Jun 23:52
  18. Thomas i do hope rangers stoop that low just to screw­ scum bags like you up .

    From Theresonlyoneticinglesga PARTICK, on Wed 6 Jun 22:24
  19. Celtic playing in Europe......that'll make a­ change.

    From WILLIAM, on Wed 6 Jun 21:16
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    ready for next season...lmao!!! you are a diddy sally­ mccoist, that horrible club you are at is nearly dead­ and will be dead in about 10 days time.

    From , on Wed 6 Jun 21:07
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