Euro 2012 - Paper Round: Fears grow over Terry

Thu, 07 Jun 09:01:00 2012

John Terry’s chances of playing against France are in the balance, according to the back pages.

England's John Terry controls the ball during their international friendly soccer match against Belgium at Wembley Stadium in London June 2, 2012 - 0

The Daily Mirror warns that the central defender is a serious doubt after only managing one light training session in the past two days after a hamstring problem surface during the friendly against Belgium.

With England meeting France on Monday in their Group D opener, time is running out for the defender to prove his fitness.

Terry has become a key component of the England squad, especially in the light of a spate of injuries that have robbed Roy Hodgson of central defenders and experienced players.

Terry’s defensive partner at Chelsea Gary Cahill has already been ruled out of the tournament this week with a broken jaw, while the squad has also been shorn of veterans Frank Lampard and Gareth Barry in recent weeks.

There will be pressure on Hodgson to play Terry regardless, but in another twist, the Daily Star claim that if Terry does line up against France, he could well rule himself out of the rest of the tournament.

The paper cites top physio Stuart Mills who says that despite Terry getting the all-clear, any recurrence of the issue against France could end his summer.

And the Terry Euro 2012 experience has reportedly begun with a 'robust chat' about his conduct with Roy Hodgson, according to The Times.

Hodgson is desperate that the campaign is not undermined by a split in the camp as Fabio Capello endured with England in South Africa at the last World Cup.

Terry upset certain members of the camp during that tournament with an outspoken press conference, but is said to have understood Hodgson's request that he toe the line.

Terry’s fitness and behaviour doesn’t stop the Rio Ferdinand saga rumbling on, however, with Sol Campbell’s Guardian column creating a major talking point.

Former England player Campbell adds his name to the list of people who question whether Ferdinand’s exclusion from the Euro 2012 squad was purely down to ‘football reasons’.

“If,” Campbell writes, “it is ever proven true that John Terry was chosen over Rio because of race then I would tell the FA that they can take back my 73 caps and scrub my name out of the record books.”

If you want some cheerier news about England ahead of the tournament, look no further than Wayne Rooney’s quotes, splashed liberally across the back pages.

“I don’t see why can’t win it,” Rooney says.” We’ve certainly got the players and the quality.”

Sounds familiar to what you’ve heard at every other major championships?

Away from England, there looks to be good news for Roberto Di Matteo, with the Daily Mail claiming that the Chelsea job is almost his.

In an exclusive, the paper reports that overtures to Pep Guardiola have failed, and with Di Matteo already boasting two major trophies, including the coveted Champions League, he’s finally the favourite to keep the job.

And despite having no manager, Chelsea’s transfer business shows no sign of stopping.

The Mirror claims that the latest addition to the team will be Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini, who has emerged as a 20m target for the Blues to reinforce the midfield.

Whether he will boast bigger hair than potential team-mate David Luiz remains to be seen, but he would add to the growing contingent of Belgium internationals after the arrival of Eden Hazard.

The Daily Mail say that QPR have entered the race for Montpellier striker Olivier Giroud, although with Arsenal also keen on the France international they may find it tough getting their man.

Arsenal are also keeping tabs on Seydou Doumbia of CSKA Moscow and Malaga’s Salomon Rondon as they look to add a striker to their squad.


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  1. hope he cant play, I cant stand the racist. He should­ not be in the England team untill he has been to court.

    From J, on Fri 8 Jun 15:00
  2. Jeeze we're just falling apart..... This is exactly­ why Rio wasn't picked. Our reliable players like­ Terry, Lampard, Barry, and Cahill are all injured.­ We're lucky to have a squad....

    From Nicholas, on Fri 8 Jun 13:18
  3. Football has become political and rules of the old­ guard .to bring this modern game up to speed all unite­ and improve quaity of aspects I.E youth accads,grass­ roots ,capped pro wages ,fan fees ect .This world wide­ game has one of the bigges revenues which never seems­ to me to be shared by those who complain the most.Good­ luck England ,AND IM Welsh no insulte please .Omar­ Cardiff

    From ELIZABETH, on Fri 8 Jun 12:14
  4. I wonder why Rio Ferdinand is so worked up with the­ exclusion. To remind him just one reason, he was out of­ form cos of his back injury. How did he expect Roy to­ include him when he didn't play for Man U the team­ he's supposed to play regular. Do your job Roy. You­ have our support. Viva Three Lions. Nancy

    From Nancy Lungu, on Fri 8 Jun 3:55
  5. The reason Ferdinand wasn't chosen is purely­ because of his brothers court case. I'd never have­ taken Terry because of it and his shameful display in­ the champions league semi final. Does he really­ deserve to wear the England shirt? When he became­ captain he cared more about the money he could earn­ than the job in hand. Plus I'm sick of people­ picking on Kelly. So many players turned down being a­ stand in for the England team because hey thought they­ deserved better (Micah Richards etc). I'd rather­ have a guy like Kelly who was eager to wait and hope he­ had a chance than one who thought he was too good for­ standby. You know Kelly will be coming on being proud­ to represent his country and will play with heart. ­ Something that most of the players seem to lack. Must­ admit I'm not a big fan of Rooney but I loved his­ press release about how they're all gonna play with­ pride and end the years of pain. I think with the team­ and the manager we have we'll surprise most people.

    From anthony, on Fri 8 Jun 0:22
  6. Dear Elizabeth; lie detectors only work on the Jeremy­ Kyle Show and USA cop shows. It's not a legally­ recognised form of conclusive evidence in Europe nor­ the USA; it just measures heart rate and blood pressure­ and that doesn't prove anything to do with speaking­ the truth.

    From Richard Bold, on Fri 8 Jun 0:08
  7. Sheesh that Sol Campbell turning into one gobby­ shiyite. Having a bad case of believing his own legend­ that one. Let the English FA grant him his wish of­ wiping him out of the record books and see how gobby he­ is then? How can this be a race issue when Cole,­ Johnson, Smalling, Lescott, Oxlade-Chamberlain,­ Walcott, Young, Defoe, and Welbeck are in the squad?­ You only need 2 more players of African descent and it­ might be other rival football nations who are lodging­ an official complaint that no allegedly white European­ team should have so many Africans in it!

    From Richard Bold, on Fri 8 Jun 0:04
  8. if wwhat sol campbell says is true that ferdinand was­ dropped for non football reasons,then the england­ manager is a disgrace too,i think for clarity and the­ respect of the game the people concerned should be­ given a lie detector test and if they fail,kicked out­ of football all together,

    From Elizabeth, on Thu 7 Jun 23:38
  9. My question is, did the FA have any input with the­ court system to postpone the trial until after the­ euros?

    From alan, on Thu 7 Jun 21:48
  10. Pulled a hamstring tripping over hodgsons(pinochio)­ nose.

    From PAUL, on Thu 7 Jun 21:30
  11. Will Roy ever reveal the real reason for not calling­ Rio??

    From NEPHAT, on Thu 7 Jun 20:42
  12. Can they call that Rio guy up in his place?

    From Peter, on Thu 7 Jun 20:39
  13. I notice that Rooney has learned to speak intelligible­ English, has either bought a pre-knotted tie/learned to­ tie/knot it himself, doesn't grunt as much, has at­ last got a non-polyester suit and isn't chewing gum­ when he opens his mouth - the burning question is - HAS­ HE YET PUT LEATHER SHOES ON HIS FEET instead of­ training shoes...would Her Majesty recognise the­ uncouth youth who was introduced to her some time ago.­ Still has that whinging, nasal whine though.

    From The Old Warhorse, on Thu 7 Jun 20:33
  14. god campbell talk rubbish thinking its racist not­ playing ferniand hes past it done nothing for england­ last few times have to bring new playlers in as for­ terry he looks old now drop him be sound of it he not­ much longer there either

    From lol, on Thu 7 Jun 20:25
  15. god terry looks past it looks old

    From lol, on Thu 7 Jun 20:19
  16. Proper gutted :/

    From Kath, on Thu 7 Jun 20:15
  17. Why isn't the video available in China?????

    From Nigel, on Thu 7 Jun 20:15
  18. Terry's "tactical" assault on Alexi­ Sanchez of Barcelona was so out of line with the whole­ spirit of the game, he should have been banned from the­ game for 5 years. It says a lot for the macho English­ disregard for the beautiful game that they have picked­ him. Astonishing.

    From LAUGHING HYENA, on Thu 7 Jun 19:52
  19. he shouldn't have been in the squad in the first­ place.

    From SMITH, on Thu 7 Jun 19:42
  20. this is a simple true fact...john terry and most of his­ family are pond life,you woulnt want them lot as­ neighbours,drug dealers,shoplifters,rascist bigots,an­ wife snatchers.he shouldnt even be in the team.

    From Stuart Ricky, on Thu 7 Jun 19:35
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