Ferdinand issue hangs over England

Thu, 07 Jun 06:57:23 2012

England begin work at their Euro 2012 base in Krakow with the spectre of Rio Ferdinand threatening to hang over them right up to their Group D opener against France in Donetsk.

On a walkabout shortly after arrival on Wednesday night, FA chairman David Bernstein insisted he did not want to discuss Ferdinand, claiming it was one of "what are now frankly historical, extraneous issues".

Yet the row over Ferdinand's omission from England's 23-man squad continues, with former central defender Sol Campbell the latest to speak out. He told the Guardian: "If it is ever proven true that John Terry was chosen over Rio because of race then I would tell the FA that they can take back my 73 caps and scrub my name out of the record books."

"I would no longer want to be known as someone who played for England - that would be the end for me. At the very least Rio should have been given the opportunity to say 'no, I don't want to be in the same squad as John Terry'."

The unease at Ferdinand's omission puts even more focus on events at Loftus Road last October, which has led to Terry facing a charge of using racist language to Anton Ferdinand.

It is a charge Terry strenuously denies. Yet the mere fact it will not go before magistrates until next month has created a wholly unsatisfactory situation the FA are struggling to find a way out of.

Thus, when they hoped to express delight at being right in the heart of Krakow for the duration of the tournament, Bernstein had to fend off talk of Ferdinand, with manager Roy Hodgson apparently not due to speak to the media until the weekend.

"We're here to talk about the tournament, about the 23 players who are here and I'm not prepared to discuss - at all - any players who are not here," he said. "It might be an issue - but it's an issue I'm happy to talk about when the tournament is over maybe.

"We are here to talk about the tournament and about the future and that's it. We all want to maximise our chances of doing well and we believe that the focus must be on what's ahead of us - not what is behind us.

"We'd hope you would join us in that, looking forward to do the very best we can with positive thoughts and not dwelling on all these sort of what are now frankly historical, extraneous issues."


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  1. once again

    From chris, on Thu 7 Jun 19:33
  2. Why on earth is the England manager being accused of­ racism, anyone would realise that to have both Terry­ and Ferdinand in the same team would be inviting­ friction within the team therefore he had a simple­ decision to make, one or the other, but not both. No­ doubt he will be held to account if the decision proves­ to be wrong but he alone is the manager and he has to­ carry the can. He made his choice and I am sure colour­ had absolutely no bearing on his decision.

    From DENNIS, on Thu 7 Jun 17:08
  3. Hodgson doesnt want to talk about Ferdinand. Not­ because of the controvery but because everyone laughs­ when he says, "WEO".

    From Jono, on Thu 7 Jun 16:48
  4. Anything goes wrong, blame it on a racist issue. ­ I'ts becoming boring & pathetic now.

    From whocaresanyway, on Thu 7 Jun 15:23
  5. i would be a nasty son of a gun if someone upset my­ brother. but at least give the man a chance to defend ­ himself in court before you crucify him. ­ thats a message to rio.from NYE. p,s. yes i am a­ chelsea s

    From NYE, on Thu 7 Jun 14:56
  6. talk about anti-semitism after the second world war...­ and not during???

    From Arnold, on Thu 7 Jun 14:30
  7. No wonder England Team is out at group stage. Till the­ mentality does not change, they have to wait another­ decade to be able to have their hands on the trophy. ­ Is that what they say,`we introduced football and­ somebody else playing it.` What do you expect.

    From rasjug, on Thu 7 Jun 13:42
  8. Two enormous egos crying 'foul' Ferdinand and­ agent, how on earth can an agent make his views public.­ I just wonder what would have been said if Alf Ramsey­ or Brian Clough happened to be the England manager now.­ Also be very interested in their comments. ­ Furthermore, I cannot recall Beckham or any other­ player not included to be so churlish and claim­ 'lack of respect'..........quite laughable that­ the pair are so juvenile.

    From mike m, on Thu 7 Jun 13:25
  9. Janine@11: You are wrong to suggest fitness was not an­ issue. I see that Stevie G played fewer matches than­ Rio. Didn't realise Hodgson was an apertheid­ supporter.... wow

    From Arnold, on Thu 7 Jun 13:13
  10. I don't know what all the fuss is about regarding ­ Rio Ferdinand he has no devine right to a place in the­ National team , There are plenty of younger players­ who had the right to be selected on their form last­ season and they are not complaining . It's about­ time we got rid of the entire old team which never did­ ant good and start with young players and mould them­ into a team for the future . But these Morons who­ keep relating to Ferd's colour should shut their­ mouths , We'er trying to get rid of Racism not­ promote it like some idiots

    From H, on Thu 7 Jun 12:34
  11. roy hodgson is the new turnip

    From Cookie, on Thu 7 Jun 12:06
  12. His name is Rio and he watches from the stand Just­ like he's the biggest whinger in the land And when­ he sulks he really shows you all he can Oh Rio Rio­ watchung from the stand

    From Raven, on Thu 7 Jun 11:45
  13. Take the race issue away totally, and its even more­ amusing 'footballing reasons'?? Rio is a great­ centre back and should walk into that team. Maybe its a­ coincidence that Uinted had the second best defensive­ record in the league last year.

    From Paul, on Thu 7 Jun 11:38
  14. This whole thing stinks , do you think any of the BLACK­ players (there now I have said it) would still be there­ now if they thought it was done because of his colour.­ Roy Hodgson is a decent man who should have our­ support, great idea to have games stopped if there is­ any racial abuse from the fans. By the way my wife is­ from capetown and decidedly darker than most and she­ thinks it's as funny as you like.

    From Peter, on Thu 7 Jun 11:23
  15. I hope ferdinand is happy now the useless slow fool is­ not good enough, all the players are down because of­ it, If we lose badly It's him I shall blame ,WHO­ DOES HE THINK HE IS?. Everything is against us now­ defoe's on his way home, I expect ferdinand will­ think he can replace him as well bloody fool. Come on­ lads fight till your last breath remember one thing­ that no one from any other country will understand,­ your ENGLISHMEN!!!!! Never yield.

    From Peter, on Thu 7 Jun 11:06
  16. Rio - one of the first players on the team sheet at one­ of the worlds biggest clubs....class footballer and­ still got it but cant get into a sub par England 23.­ But lets select half the liverpool squad who performed­ so well last year.... England - laughing stock once­ again? or will they grind out a few scoreless draws and­ pinch a one nil, to get to the quarters, get the whole­ country expecting the big win and then get smashed and­ found out? oooohh all sounds so familiar. One day­ england might play football worth watching.....

    From Paul, on Thu 7 Jun 11:03
  17. Janine @ 11 - You said "Fergie believes Rio is fit­ and in-form yet­ he is overlooked" - WRONG -­ Fergie said Rio would not be up to playing that number­ of matches in a short period - Fergie's statement­ is why he has been left out pure and simple. To me that­ applies to Terry too - he has played like a carthorse­ of late!

    From Mike, on Thu 7 Jun 10:58
  18. Rio ferdinand :- shut up and stop moaning about not­ going to euro 2012. There is one manager who picks the­ side and that is final. You are damaging your countrys­ chances of winning the euros 2012.

    From Alan, on Thu 7 Jun 10:33
  19. rio will keep the dummy out till terry iz dead or in­ prison and 11 blacks on the field for england these­ people are abusing racsist claims he has jinx on this­ team from the start i would be worried if i was terry­ voo doo

    From John, on Thu 7 Jun 10:13
  20. I dont think Rio would have made any difference to the­ team, same way Terry with his current sluggish play­ cannot. Roy Hodgson should have done himself a lot more­ favour by leaving both of them out.As for racism, how­ can anybody explain the Suarez and Terry situations?­ While Terry's case was adjourned for months to­ enable him finish the season and be at the Euro­ tournament, Suarez's was immediate - Fined and­ banned for 8 matches. Is it 'One game, One People?­ Racism is animalistic. All racists, black or white, are­ animals and must be treated as such. They belong to­ yesterday.

    From James Odaudu, on Thu 7 Jun 10:11
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