Giro d'Italia - Cavendish furious after crash

Tue, 08 May 04:43:00 2012

World champion Mark Cavendish was left fuming after a Giro d'Italia smash that left him injured.

2012 CYCLING Giro d'Italia Mark Cavendish - 0

Race leader Taylor Phinney was also involved in the mass pile-up near the end of the stage in the Danish town of Horsens, which was won by Australian Matt Goss.

The crash occurred when Italian rider Roberto Ferrari cut abruptly across Cavendish's line within 100 metres of the finish. Cavendish could not avoid the Italian and tumbled violently to the ground, lying prostrate on the tarmac as another rider rode over him.

Cavendish sustained a bad cut on his left shoulder, but Team Sky spokesman confirmed that he will continue in the race. American Phinney hurt his ankle, but will also continue.

The 26-year-old Cavendish took to Twitter to vent his rage at Ferrari.

"Crashing at 75kph isn't nice! Nor is seeing Roberto Ferrari's manoeuvre," said the Team Sky rider, before calling on Ferrari to be thrown out of the race.

"Is the team of Roberto Ferrari or the UCI going to do the right thing? Other riders, including myself, have been sent home for much less."

Giro stage 3

Ferrari himself remained unmoved, saying, "I was doing my sprint, I have nothing to say," though his team manager apologised on his behalf.

Phinney received medical assistance from an ambulance before hobbling towards the race podium with a huge bandage around his ankle to receive his leader's jersey.

"First of all I want to reassure my family I'm fine, but it was a bad cut," Phinney said. "I was in a state of shock when I got in the ambulance, I'm glad it's a rest day tomorrow. It's a shame when things like this happen."

BMC Racing team doctor Dario Spinelli added: "It's definitely good that this happened before a rest day, since the transport and treatment process took so long. Taylor will enjoy a good night of sleep without the stress of having to get ready to race."

Cavendish then walked towards the line, his shoulder visibly cut and his red jersey of points leader in tatters.

"He lost a lot of skin but he is okay," Team Sky sports director Steve De Jongh said.

"It looks like there's nothing broken. It was a really nasty crash, I think the guy who caused that should be punished. You cannot make a manoeuvre like that."

Ferrari blamed another rider for his abrupt manoeuvre and said he had not seen Cavendish.

Told that he had been relegated to the last place in the pack by the race officials, Ferrari replied: "I've nothing to say about that, I was doing my sprint."

The stage began with a memorial ceremony for Belgian rider Wouter Weylandt, who died in an accident on stage three of the Giro last year, and for Horsens mayor Jan Trojberg, who died suddenly on Sunday.

Tuesday is the first rest day as the race moves to Italy. Racing resumes with a team time trial on Wednesday in Verona.

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  1. james k 93...what planet are you on sunny boy?,you­ obviously not down here on earth.

    From Freddybee, on Wed 9 May 22:38
  2. 91 looks like a guy who didn't have the quality to­ make a team so he's busy blaming politics and team­ structure for his problems. The bonuses that get shared­ when guys like Cavendish win races add up to a decent­ living for the team riders. Maybe this kid just­ didn't have the heart to put in the work to be part­ of a good team. Now he probably sits at work playing­ solitare on his smartphone while telling everyone he­ should be in management. Want to know why you­ didn't make it? Look in a mirror.

    From Maxx92, on Wed 9 May 13:54
  3. Quality from both Cav and Phinney to 1) Get up off the­ deck and walk over the line with your leg a piece of­ hamburger and 2) get carted off in an ambulance, turn­ around and come back to the race and finish. Cyclists­ are a rare breed of athletes that suck it up and deal­ with a lot of pain to 'take one for the team'.

    From Maxx92, on Wed 9 May 13:48
  4. @92 whats not to like??He's down to earth calls a­ spade a spade,according to his team mates theres no one­ more generous,considering his treatment in the peloton­ at the moment he never complains,Mark Renshaw has said­ the same things about the respect in the pelotons so­ there must be something going on!!

    From M, on Wed 9 May 11:40
  5. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    I agree with most people , Cavendish should be sent­ back home to do some soul searching .

    From james k, on Wed 9 May 8:48
  6. Sad to say that it does look deliberate and the­ italians don't want a non-italian to dominate the­ Giro sprints. I don't like Cav myself but fair­ play to the guy - if his team had done the same the­ person in question woukd be kicked out of the race. ­ People have done far less deliberate acts and been­ ousted. There is a rule in sprints about holding your­ line???? Retarded.

    From Claire, on Wed 9 May 4:41
  7. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Why is there any surprise about this, I love cycling­ and cycled with the Lea Valley Cycle club many years­ ago and I aspired to one day taking part in the tour­ De-France. But its common knowledge that you have a­ team leader and the positions of the rest of the team­ is to ensure your team leader wins. It's the teamís­ job to slow the pack pace the pack and run interference­ so the team will have done a fantastic job by bringing­ down any competition. Hence I gave up my major event­ participation. Sad but we should not be surprised. Itís­ just another sad way for a quality sport to go :-(

    From MARK, on Wed 9 May 3:52
  8. I'm an idiot, when I saw the headline I thought it­ meant a Ferrari had driven onto the track and knocked­ over Cavendish

    From Ash, on Wed 9 May 1:01
  9. anche io voglio ferirmi alla gamba e prendere due­ bacetti dalle ragazze .-P

    From Roberto, on Wed 9 May 0:12
  10. Glad someone brought up the Theo Bos incident from the­ Tour of Turkey 2009. What he did was 100% deliberate­ and he should of been banned for good. The injuries­ Darryl Impey suffered were horrendous and I do get­ rather vexed when commentators wax lyrical about Theo­ Bos's sprinting ability. Does that mean he will be­ able to do it again? Yes. Does it mean he'll do it­ again, probably. Cavendish has been punished for far­ less in the Tour De France, when apparently getting in­ the way of other riders. It looked like Ferrari had­ been blown across the road by a typhoon with his wild­ change of direction. I hope a heavy sanction follows.­ Dust yourself down Mark, plenty of anitseptic cream and­ good luck in the next sprint but keep out of­ Ferrari's way!

    From john, on Tue 8 May 22:30
  11. He's lucky, it could have been a Lamborghini!

    From Frederik Faidhi, on Tue 8 May 22:29
  12. If I was Cavendish I would have immediately found­ Ferrari and punched his lights out after which I would­ have rode my bike over him and billed him for my time.­ Then I would plant some EP in his caravan and report­ him after welding all his bikes together. Do I feel­ strongly about this? Yes I do.

    From richard p, on Tue 8 May 21:51
  13. Never raced cycles but did ride to work every day up to­ 30 miles but Sunday was our big day out (rain or shine)­ over 200 bikes going into North Wales either over the­ mountains or for an easy day along the coast road this­ was in the late 50s early 60s and loved every minuit of­ it

    From Brian, on Tue 8 May 21:42
  14. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    it was a wild move at that speed but when u race bikes­ at any level when the speed picks up to max for a­ sprint its a lottery u can just sense it when ur in­ that situation u cant depend on any one else but­ urself! sometimes i think cav is a plonker and has been­ the cause of a crash r 2 but in all fairness he is the­ fastest man and a brave one too!

    From Alan, on Tue 8 May 21:00
  15. He rode for htc before sky, and just like true brit­ grit, got up of the floor and carried his bike over the­ line. no messin. good on ya cav you one tough cookie­ mate.

    From Ken W, on Tue 8 May 19:59
  16. OUCH!!!!!!!

    From Anthony, on Tue 8 May 19:38
  17. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Well what on earth did he expect? You ride a bike at­ 75kph in a close bunch of other riders with barely a mm­ in between the wheels - I would expect to see a­ crash!!!

    From Mary, on Tue 8 May 18:48
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    76 , yes i have to agree with that.

    From , on Tue 8 May 18:27
  19. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Guitar6, cycling is one of the most corrupt sports out­ their! Drug abuse, poisonings, sabotage..... It still­ not that far behind boxing. As with most pro sport, big­ money brings corruption.

    From HEFIN HUGHES, on Tue 8 May 18:20
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Do like Freddie Mercury said "Get on your bike­ and ride!"

    From RICKY, on Tue 8 May 18:04
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