Khan-Peterson in doubt after failed drug test

Tue, 08 May 22:12:00 2012

The heavily anticipated rematch between Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson, scheduled for May 19 in Las Vegas, has been cast in doubt after the American’s B-sample tested positive for a banned substance, organisers said on Tuesday.

WBA/IBF super lightweight champion Amir Khan (L) squares off with Lamont Peterson (R) at the weigh-in for their upcoming boxing match in Washington - 0

Peterson, who beat Khan in controversial circumstances to win the WBA super-lightweight and IBF light-welterweight belts in December, failed a drug test administered by the Las Vegas-based Voluntary Anti-Doping Association in March.

Khan's promoter, Richard Schaefer of Golden Boy Promotions in Los Angeles, said he was told by Nevada Athletic Commission executive Keith Kizer on Monday about the failed test.

"He (Kizer) was informed that Lamont Peterson has tested positive for substances consistent with the administration of a steroid," Schaefer said on a conference call on Tuesday.

"Both the 'A' and 'B' samples showed that the athlete's specimens were consistent with the administration of an anabolic steroid such as testosterone.

"I discussed with Keith Kizer what is next and he informed me that Peterson's attorneys will be submitting paperwork this afternoon to the Nevada Athletic Commission explaining themselves and explaining why there was a substance there."

After Team Peterson has presented its defence, the chairman of the commission will rule on whether or not there will be a fight in Las Vegas on May 19.

Peterson needs to win an appeal to the five-member commission, which is not scheduled to meet again until May 21, though Kizer said that date could be brought forward.

"If they (the commission) felt there was a need to, if there was some legitimate question of fact, they could meet (before) then," Kizer told Reuters.

"My understanding from my brief conversation with his (Peterson's) attorney was that when he was first told in April that he had tested positive for testosterone, he had no clue what it could be but that it had to be a mistake.

"Then the 'B' sample came back on May 3 positive as well and then at that time, I guess a light bulb went off that he had had some testosterone problems before the first Khan fight."

Kizer said the Nevada Athletic Commission expected to receive the paperwork from Team Peterson before close of business on Tuesday.

"I am eagerly awaiting it," Kizer said. "Unless he has got some really enlightening defence here, he will not be licensed for May 19th."

Meanwhile, Khan continues to prepare for the May 19 fight with his trainer Freddie Roach at the Wild Card Boxing Club in Los Angeles.

"He is very disappointed but he is going to follow whatever the Nevada Athletic Commission is going to rule," Schaefer said.

Khan has been eagerly preparing for the rematch after losing his WBA and IBF belts in Lamont's home city of Washington on a split decision having been docked two points by the referee for pushing.

Khan's camp criticised the referee's actions and were shocked by television replays showing a mystery man in a hat talking with a judge ringside, prompting the WBA to order a rematch.

The 'mystery man' was identified as Mustafa Ameen, who is an IBF volunteer helping cash-strapped boxers. He denied interfering with the judges' scorecards.


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  1. he could of used human growth hormone an undectable­ steroid. why would he be so stupid to use testerone of­ all ages old steroids. I think its a stich up­ personally. just my point of view

    From Justin, on Tue 23 Jul 4:50
  2. If Pieterson is guily to cheating he should be stripped­ and award both belts he won to Khan immediately. ­ Failing that, I like to see Khan and Pieterson settle­ the score in the ring so that Khan can avenge revenge­ for the farcical result in their previous bout.

    From In Just Over 60 Years TimeP, on Wed 9 May 22:49
  3. This is a disgrace Amir should be given the­ verdict...which he should have got on the night....but­ would like to see rematch at another venue. so Amir can­ do him proper...

    From john, on Wed 9 May 16:06
  4. Boxing in general needs a complete overhaul. Its pretty­ sickening to see its decline in my lifetime.. top­ fighters at similar weights not stepping in a ring­ together, without any intervention from the governing­ bodies! Fans being charged pay per view to watch some­ pleb who's won 20fights all because of a bit of­ hype and some dumbfuk trash talk! There's plenty­ like peterson (if found guilty without good reason)­ who've been at it for years and still get lorded as­ some hall of famer! I dunno, I'm about to be a dad­ and some of my best memories from childhood were­ sitting with my old man watching hearns hagler leonard­ duran going at it.. guess I'll have to introduce my­ son table tennis or something, at least the best play­ the best.

    From ANDREW, on Wed 9 May 8:25
  5. why would he fail a drug test for steroids, testerone,­ when he could of used h.g.h which is undetectable, and­ a well better steroid, than testerone, its like at this­ years olypics, dont tell me countrys are using­ human,growth,hormone knowing its a steroid and also­ knowing its undetectable. even the poorer countrys are­ juicing em up big time, cos this is where the main­ source for steroids come from in the first place. and­ they know all about steroids, like america, they train­ at a height where oxygen creates more red blood cells,­ which the body sees as helper, to hormones,steroids.­ theres all sorts of ways to get an edge on a openant,­ in fighting,olympics,even golf. in yrs to come we will­ see god given tallent isnt really god given, or trained­ hard for years, there cheating,gettin an edge wot ever­ ya wanna call it. why do ya think steroids are legal in­ britian to take, so the people in sports can take them

    From Justin, on Wed 9 May 3:59
  6. he should be banned four life if he is­ proved guilty

    From , on Tue 8 May 23:58
  7. Khan is one of the best boxers in UK history. Those who­ are exhibition racist, xenophobic or hate behavior are­ doing so due to lack of confidence, self-esteem and­ education. We should not be angry at them. We should be­ sorry for them. Cause probably their sons will have­ black or Indian girlfriends and their daughters would­ probably marry Muslims or Jews, and they will become­ granddads of those they were taunting at the first­ place. The world does not wait for the slow brains..

    From Half A Brain, on Tue 8 May 22:21
  8. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    that terrorist who was going to be deported is still­ here then

    From colin, on Tue 8 May 22:15
  9. @SUFFERIN SUCCOTASH - inbred your mama ;-)

    From AMMAR, on Tue 8 May 21:29
  10. No surprise really typical yank has to cheat

    From C, on Tue 8 May 21:08
  11. DRUGS Kick Him Out for Life

    From S, on Tue 8 May 20:12
  12. proud of? well he has been world champ and defended it­ so yes, we are pathetic at everything else just watch­ the euros lol

    From john, on Tue 8 May 20:11
  13. Khan has dogged more fights than this country has­ dogged referendums is this a boxer to be proud of i­ dont think so ?

    From Walter b masson, on Tue 8 May 19:55
  14. Give Khan his title back and start again !!

    From Hamish, on Tue 8 May 19:35
  15. @ 'the king' because someone doesnt think khan­ won the last fight doesnt make them a racist you idiot.

    From Luke, on Tue 8 May 19:19
  16. its a farce, it all went wrong when ya man got caught­ at the cards, since then the organisation have been­ shamed into forcing peterson into a rematch where he­ knows he got a boxing lesson, he looked strong agreed­ but maybe now we know why, now this is just more of the­ game of trying to mess with khans head, there squirming­ big time.. an too rite they should be...

    From Adam, on Tue 8 May 19:10
  17. Is anyone really suptissed at this? I've never got­ why boxers need to go to the US to prove themselves­ the place is known for drug cheats and doggy refing.

    From Mr Popo, on Tue 8 May 18:53
  18. All these idiots bad mouthing Khan, saying he is small­ and weak lol Not one of them would have the minerals­ to say it to his face! lol

    From Spartacus, on Tue 8 May 18:02
  19. People can we please show support for Amir Khan.­ Aren't we suppose to back our players up?? He is­ not 100% perfect but he is good enough. Show support­ not hate.

    From JustMe, on Tue 8 May 17:30
  20. Why are people surprised ?, not exactly a sport known­ for being clean and honest

    From alan, on Tue 8 May 16:55
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