Pompey administrator defends Pearce sale

Tue, 08 May 16:35:05 2012

Portsmouth's administrator Trevor Birch has defended the sale of skipper Jason Pearce to Leeds last week.

Defender Pearce became the first player to leave cash-strapped Pompey this summer for what has been reported as a bargain £500,000, a move Birch insists was a necessity as he attempts to keep the club afloat.

"I am aware there is going to be criticism over the fee. You are always going to get that," he told The News.

"But we do the best deals we can. Let's not forget, we have not got a very strong hand. We are on a deadline and other clubs know we need to sell our assets.

"We do not want to sell any of these players, but it is a necessity. We are losing money hand over fist.

"There are ongoing costs so anything raised goes straight into the company.

"We will need to raise whatever we can get and if we need more time to get a new owner then the sale of players gives us that.

"This is a crisis situation and always has been. At one stage we were not sure if we were going to make it until the end of the season.

"It is about taking things day-by-day."


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  1. to all you deluded pompey fans stop whingeing about­ players being sold cheap be gratefull that birch is­ keeping you alive

    From chris l, on Wed 16 May 15:24
  2. I remember the Leeds days when we were going through­ this. Sounds like we have signed a great player. Good­ luck PFC

    From Jonathan s, on Sat 12 May 22:24
  3. trust bates to leave a good signing with a bad taste in­ your mouth

    From , on Fri 11 May 19:46
  4. Re #9 the reason they sold him was the weekly wage plus­ the £500K - this can be an additional £40k per month -­ so this is a sizable reduction - having said that there­ are other players that may get the same sort of monthly­ wage, in effect as much as they want to keep playing at­ the club they need to down size BIG TIME -

    From Tom Cat, on Wed 9 May 16:34
  5. Have to say where Pompey are at the moment is not a­ nice place, as a life long Leeds fan I know only to­ well what the are feeling right now, selling your best­ player's on the cheap as we had to do is sadly all­ part of administration and it is just ironic that Leeds­ are the first club to benefit from this, having said­ that with Masterbates involved something has to be a­ bit shady, you always get the feeling there is­ something a bit sly going on.

    From Paul, on Wed 9 May 16:12
  6. If we are desperate for 500k why not put the season­ tickets on sale,or am i missing something???

    From tony, on Wed 9 May 11:57
  7. Mr. Birch do you think you have achieved value for PFC­ by selling Pearce at this level. If so then the assests­ of the club are no where near what will be required for­ the club to stay in business. Out of the frying pan­ into the fire. Please no more crazy prices its not­ Poundland your dealing with or is it?

    From ANNE, on Wed 9 May 11:50
  8. This Birch guy is dodgy! I don't understand how an­ administrator legally sell assets for so much below the­ market value? This helps nobody but Leeds. He should be­ investigated, this stinks!,

    From Zippy, on Wed 9 May 11:29
  9. Brings back memories of when we had to sell all our­ players, Elland Road,Thorpe arch, and years later the­ likes of Lennon etc sorry pompey hope you return sooner­ than we did. M.O.T

    From Lottolee, on Tue 8 May 19:28
  10. good signing on and on

    From PAMELA, on Tue 8 May 19:22
  11. So would the last one out .. please turn the light off­ .. as we can`t afford the leccy

    From Saintly 1, on Tue 8 May 19:07
  12. To all you Leeds supporters.. you have got a really­ good player here. 100% commitment and a born leader. It­ definately is our loss

    From Jeff, on Tue 8 May 18:41
  13. Pompey's loss is our gain (hopefully)

    From B4ts, on Tue 8 May 17:51
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