Williamson targets top four

Tue, 08 May 16:58:22 2012

Mike Williamson has paid tribute to Newcastle's performances throughout the season - and insists a Champions League spot is still not beyond their grasp.

The Magpies have exceeded all expectations this season and go into the final Barclays Premier League game of the season at Everton just one point behind fourth-placed Tottenham.

And defender Williamson believes it is a sign of how far Newcastle have come that they trudged off the pitch feeling frustrated after a 2-0 defeat at home to Manchester City, despite pushing the title-favourites all the way at St James' Park.

"The lads have been a revelation all season," he told the club's official website. "The consistency we've shown, the strength-in-depth, the way the team has changed throughout the season - every player who has come in has been fantastic.

"Full credit to the staff and the players. It's testament to the lads that you walk off the pitch and are so disappointed about losing to the league leaders.

"But we go to Everton at the weekend now for our final game and, who knows, if we get the right result we could slip in there (Champions League places)."


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  1. Anne ,sorry but it needs saying . As an avid follower­ of your rivetting /cutting edge/ finger -on -the-pulse­ comments , is your trademark kiss aimed at anyone in­ particular or can everyone lay claim to it?

    From Party Boy, on Thu 10 May 20:21
  2. Come on the Toon, I will always believe in you! I think­ we could do it, if we play to the best of our ability. ­ Thank you again Mr Pardew. Anne x

    From ANNE, on Wed 9 May 16:18
  3. Good man Williamson way to be positive.

    From Phil, on Wed 9 May 14:29
  4. Europe would be nice. But this season has been­ fantastic.

    From no-one-is-no-one, on Wed 9 May 12:40
  5. we need to find a better centerhalf than williamson,­ definitely, if we want to even dare of dreaming top 6­ next season

    From Ahmad F, on Wed 9 May 11:08
  6. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Sorry Beefy , youre wrong again, we just werent good­ enough, although our bad start under the fat Geordie­ didnt help !

    From Joseph, on Wed 9 May 10:53
  7. David H - I cant see Fulham getting anything at Spurs­ even though its a derby game and the pressure is all on­ Spurs. Fulhams league position is mostly down to their­ performaces at home. I could see West Brom getting a­ result over Arsenal especially as its at the Hawthorns­ and its Roy H's last game in charge. The challenge­ is for the Toon to do the business over Everton, which­ has not been such a happy hunting ground for us and­ they are playing well. I hope we can and will be­ praying for WBA and Fulham but in any event if someone­ had told me last August that we'd finish fifth this­ season I'd have suggested a trip to the head­ shrink. My hopes for this season were (1) finish 17th­ or higher (2) finish above the MacWorms and (3) ideally­ see the MacWorms finish lower than 17th. Since Xmas its­ been a case of (dare I say it) "walking in a­ Pardew wonderland" HWTL, TTB&WA

    From David, on Wed 9 May 10:47
  8. Yes Joseph it's all down to good fortune, nothing­ to do with playing well at all and Sunderland were­ robbed of winning the league only by bad fortune. I­ suggest next season you walk under less ladders, carry­ more rabbits feet with you while avoiding the cracks­ on the pavement and don't play on the 13th of any­ month - then a league and cup double is sure to come­ your way. Good luck!

    From Beefy, on Wed 9 May 10:35
  9. Spurs only have to draw in a derby game that Martin Jol­ will want to win for his Fulham side, the way­ they've played it's a possibility. Arsenal, ­ who knows at Swansea who can play them at their own­ passing game. We've got to try as we could just­ nick in there but we have to win. Whatever though, a­ confirmed 5th place is pretty damn good in the here and­ now Joseph so don't count any chickens with your­ crystal ball and get over it

    From David H, on Wed 9 May 10:31
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Mike, youve had a good,but fortunate season just be­ thankful for small mercies you will be lucky to finish­ in the top half next season !!!

    From Joseph, on Wed 9 May 9:55
  11. why is a lot of the toon army putting the team down­ we've had an exceptional season and champions­ league is what the team deserves yeah if spurs lose we­ clinch it and the season ends on an almighty high but­ if spurs win the season ends on a big high anyway they­ ve shown determination and spirit and thats what tied­ me up with the toon 30 years ago and will enjoy­ following them through thick and thin for another 30+­ years haway the lads and well done pardew i­ underestimated you when you look over from chris

    From footy mad, on Wed 9 May 9:18
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Get real Mike, I know you have to say this but its­ highly unlikely we will win at Everton & Spurs or­ Arsenal lose, look, we have had a fantastic season­ & a 5th place finish is way beyond our expectations

    From Graham, on Wed 9 May 8:15
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