Premier League - Blackburn sack Hunt after leak

Wed, 09 May 14:33:00 2012

Blackburn Rovers have sacked deputy CEO Paul Hunt after the leak of a letter he wrote calling for Steve Kean's dismissal.

2011 Blackburn Venky's - 0

On Tuesday, hours after Blackburn's relegation from the Premier League, Sporting Intelligence published a letter, written by Hunt to the club's owners Venky's in December.

Hunt called for Kean's dismissal and for changes in the club's management structure.

Venky's ignored his requests, and have reacted to the letter's publication by dismissing Hunt, although Sporting Intelligence's Nick Harris claims the leak did not come from him.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday lunchtime, Kean said: "I am aware of the speculation but I can't, at this moment, confirm it.

"That is all I want to say on that matter. I just want to talk about the Chelsea game."

Hunt wrote in his letter: "Publicly I have been asked to support the manager and I always have as I personally like Steve. I have supported him from the start and have been desperate for him to do well. However, I am now of the opinion that it isn't working and he is ready to go."

The letter continued: "He has lost the crowd and as a result of this evening's game, (against Bolton in December) has lost the dressing room as well - the players no longer want to play for him. It is a shame and disappointing but we must act now to save the club."

In his 2,500-word letter, Hunt also appealed to the seemingly distant Indian owners to allow officials based at Ewood Park greater authority to make executive decisions.

He also warned about growing financial difficulties and the high probability of relegation from the Barclays Premier League - a fear that came true this week after Rovers were beaten by Wigan. That defeat saw fans demonstrate their feelings towards Kean with a protest on the pitch.

Hunt detailed a 10-point plan to turn around the direction of the struggling club, which has fallen into decline since the Venky's takeover of November 2010.

Fowl play at Blackburn


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  1. @52 i think you will find he is a glaswegian and­ therefore scottish

    From hairy_monster, on Thu 10 May 11:01
  2. If a club is to be assett stripped...and let's face­ it in recent seasons bigger clubs like Liverpool have­ under Hicks and Gillette and Man Utd have to a lesser­ extent under the Glazers then the only way the fans can­ win is to stay away. Venky's bought Blackburn for­ 23mill...of course the players on their books were­ worth more than this but the club was losing money­ every year, so essentially Venkys bought the failing­ business....they could do one of 2 things, cut costs­ while expanding income (not easy if you don't know­ the business-and football isn't chickens), or sell­ off/release the club's assetts covering the loses­ you're making (Jones, Samba,Kalinic, Andrews and­ soon to be Hoilett)....obviously they've decided­ the second option which is effective in the short term­ but eventually you run out of assetts and because you­ have no good players the sponcers stay away­ aswell......sadly for Blackburn fans I can see you­ selling Robinson, Olssen, Givet,Dann, Hanley, Formica,­ N'Zonzi and Yakubu in the Summer...if that happens­ god help you.

    From Christopher, on Thu 10 May 10:15
  3. Paul Hunt's letter seems quite accurate to me.­ Don't know who 'leaked' it but the Venkys­ have had it since December. Why did they not do­ something then? What is there in the letter that is­ disloyal? Seems to me that Hunt was merely providing a­ report into the state of the club and it's probable­ relegation if things weren't changed. My suspicion­ is that Venkys were worried about paying Steve Kean­ compensation as his contract runs until June 2013.­ Remember also that Venky's only paid £23m to­ acquire Blackburn Rovers but managed to lose £18.6m­ last year. Steve Kean's win ratio is 26.6%. Sam­ Allardyce's was 35.56

    From Richard, on Thu 10 May 9:55
  4. easy sack kean

    From L, on Thu 10 May 9:52
  5. FA should sack those indians

    From Tarek, on Thu 10 May 7:25
  6. Chickens coming home to roost...let the fire sale­ begin, watch the brain dead Venkys folk strip the­ assets

    From BillS, on Thu 10 May 6:41
  7. Kean is an English manager give him a chance ffs... the­ chicken plunkers won't be there forever

    From Abbakaer, on Wed 9 May 23:45
  8. If everybody now boycottes Ewood the owners will have­ nothing to trade with but the players and the land­ etc.This would result in them having to sell at rock­ bottom price and maybe some other people with some idea­ could start again.Even if this meant few relegations­ it would get rid of completely unsuitable owners and­ with a bit of luck the club could be owned by citizens­ of Blackburn.To face facts small town clubs generaly­ only flirt with the Premier League and relegation may­ have come in the next few years but not in such an­ abject manner.Blackpool may be back next year but the­ Rovers with Kean in charge are heading for Div 1.

    From PETER, on Wed 9 May 22:52
  9. Blackburn fans will get what they want and Steve Kean­ will be sacked. However he will be replaced by one of­ Venky,s top formen from their chicken factory in­ Bengal.

    From The Gunners Of Navarone, on Wed 9 May 20:59
  10. Two right tossers here then!!

    From steve f, on Wed 9 May 20:33
  11. In India it might be ok to skimp and cut the hell out­ of spending but as they have seen this season - do it­ in the Prem and there is only one way you will­ go...Down!

    From DicewDeath, on Wed 9 May 19:51
  12. Any half decent players or prospective managers need to­ give Rovers a wide berth until these Useless Fu-----­ have sold out and gone back to full time chicken­ purveying

    From The original Martin, on Wed 9 May 19:08
  13. Those chicken plunkers look like Barry and Maurice Gibb­ on a bad day I might add!!!, what a mess they have made­ of a once great club, I feel very sorry for the­ supporters of the club who have been let down by both­ owners and manager, I am not a Rovers supporter but I­ do support lancashire clubs and I feel for you all,­ after been let down by idiots.

    From Bill, on Wed 9 May 18:39
  14. @Homer, Theres a big club in up in Scotland (that­ would thrive in the Premiership but playing in a poorer­ league), that "underestimated what it takes to­­ run a football club". You may have also heard­ about the trials and tribulations of the previous­ owners of Liverpool fc- who have previous experience of­ running a sports franchise" in the "rich­ west"... Owners from places where its­ "cheaper to run a sporting franchise" such as­ the former Governor of Chukotka, Roman Abramovich and­ 'The Abu Dhabi United Group for Development and­ Investment owned by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan­ Al Nahyan- have brought (bought) League title success­ to the clubs they run... What you said is a little­ simple-minded, and if you were to criticise anyone, it­ should be the those who regulate the standards of­ proficiency...

    From The Football Genius, on Wed 9 May 17:39
  15. Wolves picked up 14 points from 22 games when­ McCarthy's was there, thats relegation form- ­ looks like they would've have been relegated if­ Mick had left or not... Terry Conner's team against­ Swansea did well, and in a turbulent time hes done well­ to get back to back draws for Wolves.

    From The Football Genius, on Wed 9 May 16:53
  16. Another fit and proper case..lets deduct 10pts or is it­ nine, who cares a stuff about the fans ,they are only­ the mugs who support the club.......

    From Warren, on Wed 9 May 16:26
  17. kean won't go he is a private partner in the club

    From DAVID H, on Wed 9 May 16:21
  18. could the brothers grim have had a bet on blackburn­ going down.!!! or am i being cynical.

    From M STEPHENSON, on Wed 9 May 16:13
  19. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    its racist slagging the manager because hes scottish­ [jock land ] you cant call someone from pakistan a­ packie or someone from china a chinki so why should he­ slag off keen because hes scottish

    From , on Wed 9 May 16:10
  20. I think the Venky's underestimated what it takes to­ run an average EPL club. It might be cheaper to run a­ sports franchise in India but it is a whole new ball­ game here in the West. Know they are struggling­ financially. The 'fit and proper' test is not­ fit for purpose and should be scrapped

    From Mr Burns, on Wed 9 May 15:40
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