History weighs down on England

Mon, 11 Jun 06:08:12 2012

England launch their Euro 2012 quest in Donetsk on Monday night with manager Roy Hodgson admitting his players can feel the weight of history on their shoulders.

Not since 1966 have the Three Lions roared, a fact repeated so often it has almost become a parody of itself. Even the opposition were joining in at the Donbass Arena as a French journalist used England's miserable record since that glorious Wembley day to question whether they were a major football power.

"Of course we feel the weight of history," said Hodgson. "It was a facetious question but there was a little element of truth in what he was saying. As a top nation we haven't won as many tournaments as we should or done as well as we should."

He continued: "We all feel that weight and there's nothing we can do to take it off our shoulders except make certain we embrace the tournament, that we are not afraid of it and that we believe in ourselves.

"It's a fact of life. But I think before the very good French period we could have levelled a similar accusation against them."

It seemed England's feathers were ruffled by that major power jibe.

"You didn't actually need to remind me," Hodgson said of England's World Cup win. "That has crossed my mind on one or two occasions."

Skipper Steven Gerrard was even more forthright.

"Questions like that are more of a motivation," he said. "I don't see them as something to react to or an accusation.

"I have belief in my team-mates. I see it in training, I see it week in, week out in the Premier League."


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  1. england players play in probably the toughest league in­ the world and are among the best players they are­ highly capable of beating any team but historically­ have been constantly barracked and villified by most­ sections of the media.... fortunately like him or not­ they have a very experienced manager who can clearly­ communicate and encourage them to believe in­ themselves. for me england. can win this tournament i­ wish them all the best.

    From Frank, on Mon 11 Jun 17:00
  2. Everybody and his dog thinks that England are in for an­ arse-kicking from the French with all the latter's­ flair deciding the affair against England's drab­ skills ... but that's what the whole world thought­ would happen to Chelsea F.C. in both the F.A. Cup and­ the European Champions league matches against Napoli,­ Liverpool, Barcelona and Bayern Munich... however,­ England doesn't have a Didier Drogba... unless one­ of the lads takes uo the challenge and becomes a super­ star in this tournament...

    From Aye,, on Mon 11 Jun 12:58
  3. no need to comment the plaine is on the tarmac ready to­ take them home tonight lol

    From David, on Mon 11 Jun 12:53
  4. Cut their stupid salaries and make it a performance­ related bonus like the rest of us.......

    From Shaun BS, on Mon 11 Jun 12:37
  5. England are by any measure ordinary. However, as­ Hodgson says and rightly this is a tournament not a­ league. This game will be decided by tactics, game­ plans and pure pragmatism. The French are all flair but­ they may not have our grit. England may well win but it­ will be very ugly. But that proves my point that­ winning is only ever done ugly these days in football.­ CFC did it and that is and must be the blueprint for­ Hodgson. The Danes copied us and see how they beat the­ fancy Dutch.

    From Stig, on Mon 11 Jun 12:22
  6. No doubt will be another day of embarrassment for us­ English fans.

    From Nick, on Mon 11 Jun 11:44
  7. england has good players, but they seem to all play­ better in the premier league. i support england but­ they better give it their all this time

    From , on Mon 11 Jun 10:40
  8. Over paid prima donnas Croatia would of beat them last­ night we simply aint good enough and why they bought­ Rooney along i will never know because they progress­ past the group stage...i mean come on everyone knows­ it.

    From lance r, on Mon 11 Jun 9:55
  9. I think if we had younger players in the team , rather­ than all these middle age show men, we might stand some­ chance, we have seen the same English squad for years,­ come on lets have some new enthusiastic blood,

    From BERTIE BARRATT, on Mon 11 Jun 9:53
  10. I will alsways support my country, but we are not good­ enough to win ANY tournament. Why do we have to­ remember '66, that was something that will NEVER be­ repeated, why? Basically bcause we are NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

    From carl, on Mon 11 Jun 9:25
  11. Dont talk like a Baby Dna !

    From Lee, on Mon 11 Jun 8:53
  12. Come on England ! just play it as you do everyweek in­ the Premier League, thats all one can ask give it your­ best performance . I will always support English­ Football players "Who give All "­ ....."England"

    From Lee, on Mon 11 Jun 8:49
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    NO there NOT a 'major football power' he's­ dead right, England!! a third world team,, supporters!!­ get use to it your backing losers, save your hard earn­ money and give a cancer research, rewards are far­ better. morons

    From dna, on Mon 11 Jun 8:24
  14. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    England will loose! all the hype all the over­ ego'd & dirty players, what will the­ 'excuse' be? to hot and tired terrible game­ with terrible players

    From dna, on Mon 11 Jun 8:10
  15. just go out and play look forward not back

    From paul k, on Mon 11 Jun 7:22
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