Kean defiant over Rovers future

Sun, 13 May 19:02:37 2012

Steve Kean was adamant he would still be in charge at Blackburn next season, despite their relegation to the npower Championship.

Speaking following Rovers' 2-1 defeat against Chelsea, in which Yakubu's goal was overshadowed by strikes from John Terry and Raul Meireles, Kean was in defiant mood. The Scot, who will meet the club's owners in India this week, said the rebuilding job "starts straight away".

He added: "We also have to try and fight for the players we have because, no doubt, other clubs will be swarming around and try and take them. That's the first part of the rebuild - making sure you keep the squad together."

One of those players is goalkeeper Paul Robinson, who was wearing a protective boot today as he watched from the sidelines after suffering ankle ligament damaged. Kean said: "It doesn't need surgery but it does need five to six weeks in that boot before the tendon and the ligament can heal."

Kean all but conceded defeat in his bid to keep Junior Hoilett, whose contract expires this summer. Arsenal have been linked with the forward and Kean, who was once again subjected to chants of "Kean out" today, said: "I don't think it is going to be just clubs in this country.

"I'm told that there is interest from abroad. I can understand why because he has had some great performances, not only this season, but the past couple of seasons. We'll make a last-ditch effort to put something in front of him. You never know."


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  1. If this man, Steve Kean have an atom of descency in­ himself he would walk away and try to start his career­ somewhere else, I have never seen anyone so stupid as­ to think he is bigger than a club and its fans, Just­ because he knows that the club are not able to sack him­ as they can't afford to pay off the rest of his­ contract, He's been subjected to all sort of­ humiliation that have never been seen in the history of­ fooball but he refused to walk away just because of­ money, what about your future? who will want to hire­ this sort of manager in future?

    From SOLA, on Tue 15 May 14:38
  2. This man is a danger to himself and should be sectioned­ if he believes half of what he writes, completly insane­ !! problem for him is he will be the only person on the­ ground next season and he cant even see that!!! deluded­ or what????

    From steve f, on Tue 15 May 9:27
  3. Seriously there's a thin line between optimism and­ delusion and Kean is on the wrong side of that line.­ I'm a Liverpool fan and I'm sick of Kenny­ Dalglish's optimistic comments after humbling­ defeats but Kean is ten times worse. Let's look at­ this guy....hired by Allardyce, stabs Allardyce in the­ back, takes his job, turns a mid table team into­ relegated team within 18 months, loses dressing room­ with players such as Jones, Samba, Emerton, Nelsen,­ Hoillett and Andrews all leaving, states he's­ excited about bouncing straight back up next season (on­ average only 1 of the 3 relegated teams bouce straight­ back up the next season), talks about long term plans­ (like he did last season claiming a top 4 finish was­ realistic in 4 years time) yet doesn't deliver in­ the short term, hated by fans but shows contempt to­ them by refusing to quit (certain he's waiting to­ be sacked and get a payoff). I'd say after the Les­ Reed disaster as Charlton boss and Howard­ Wilkingson's disaster at Sunderland before that,­ Kean has got to be the worst manager ever in the­ Premier league....Blackburn fans my sympathy.

    From Christopher, on Tue 15 May 4:49
  4. Blackburn have announced a new sponsorship deal with­ Kentucky fried chicken, every player will get a 3 piece­ chicken meal on match day and a fizzy drink!

    From delazzuro, on Mon 14 May 20:03
  5. lol mark, grow up seriously. why bother to write on­ here if you insist on writing absolute rubbish

    From robert, on Mon 14 May 14:26
  6. glad use lot of tossers went down,hopefully go down­ again.

    From Mark, on Mon 14 May 13:30
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