Martinez staying focused on Latics

Sun, 13 May 20:52:16 2012

Manager Roberto Martinez admits he is happy to be linked to jobs at bigger clubs but insists there is still work to do at Wigan.

The latest speculation suggests the Spaniard, who masterminded the Latics' Barclays Premier League survival from a seemingly-doomed position and signed off with a 3-2 home win over Wolves, is being considered by Liverpool's owners.

Despite winning the Carling Cup, Kenny Dalglish's side have had a disappointing season in the league and their last-day defeat at Swansea meant they finished eighth, above Fulham only on goal difference.

But far from viewing it as a distraction, Martinez, who turned down a move to Aston Villa last summer, takes it as recognition of his achievements at the DW Stadium.

"There is another manager in that club, no?" he said when asked about the Liverpool link, adding that he had also seen his name associated with Barcelona. "When you get stories linking clubs with your players or in this case with a manager, it must be because you have done something right. We cannot control speculation and I am not going to lie to you, I like the speculation.

"I see it as a real compliment. Speculation will follow a team - you get good speculation and bad speculation. The speculation I don't like is when it suggests you are going to lose your job after a couple of defeats. I am proud and happy that the club are attracting a lot of good headlines and stories."


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  1. Well done Wigan, as a Wolves fan I have to admire the­ spirit Wigan showed, keep hold of that manager, one of­ the best in the league.

    From martinpaulie, on Tue 15 May 10:38
  2. The timing was all wrong when Roy Hodgson was appointed­ and, if he was given time, who knows what kind of­ season we would have had - probably not much different.­ Multi-millions spent on mediocrity at best, an­ unconvincing win of the League Cup, a mid-table finish­ and poor displays. KK will always be a legend but we­ need a new manager.

    From Saleem, on Mon 14 May 19:20
  3. Look at Roy Hodgeson, good coach, but it didn't­ work at Liverpool. Sometimes the grass looks greener­ on the other side but believe you me it isn't. Yes­ the initial pay packet is good, but when you get the­ sack for not delivering the Premiership, the European­ Cup, the FA Cup. You then end up out of work, and­ sometimes it takes a long time to get back into work. ­ Better the devil you know than the devil you don't.­ Stay at Latics Roberto at least for the next season or­ two.

    From Bill, on Mon 14 May 5:11
  4. You must follow your ambitions. Liverpool is a BIG­ club, and if you get the chance you really MUST be­ realistic. Just think what you might achieve with a­ budget to achieve Premiership championships, FA cups­ and european success. Wigan has proved a brilliant­ stepping stone for your progress, but you have also­ served them well and loyally. Without regrets, move­ onwards and upwards. We truly wish you all the best­ and will watch your progress with some pride, believing­ that in some way, the Latics helped you to progress.

    From WILLIAM, on Sun 13 May 21:23
  5. Martinez has done a great job with a team on a limited­ budget & seems like a nice guy, Sounds a bit like­ Roy Hodgeson & look how Looserpool treated him -­ Don't go to Shamfield-

    From Michael, on Sun 13 May 21:05
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