Euro 2012 - Cole pulls out of England training

Wed, 13 Jun 11:09:00 2012

Ashley Cole pulled out of England training early on Wednesday ahead of England's Euro 2012 game against Sweden.

2012 England training Defoe Cole - 0

The Chelsea defender stalked off, accompanied by physio Gary Lewin, during the session at Hutnik Krakow.

Cole is managing an ankle injury, and his withdrawal is thought to be precautionary. Though Cole was clearly unhappy, his movement did not seem to be seriously inhibited.

If Cole has aggravated the injury, Leighton Baines would replace him at left-back for the Sweden game.

Ashley Young, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, James Milner and Joleon Lescott also left training early. Martin Kelly was the only absentee from England's training session due to a lingering virus.

Meanwhile England expect a more open game against Sweden in their Euro 2012 Group D test on Friday after the defensive draw against France.

Roy Hodgson's men took the lead in their first game but have been criticised in some quarters for their lack of adventure after France equalised as they sought refuge in the old English trait of being solid but unspectacular.

Danny Welbeck, who started up front alone in the heat of Donetsk and is likely to again in Kiev on Friday, said the Sweden encounter might be more enjoyable for fans given Erik Hamren's men need a result after losing to Ukraine.

"It was quite isolated at times (against the French) but at that level of football you are not going to get so much of the ball," he told a news conference.

"I think looking at it from a neutral perspective, it will be a fun game to watch. It is going to be better for us and once the game gets opened up there will be a few goalscoring opportunities carved out."

Another reason to expect a more attacking display from England is the 19:45 UK time kick off in Kiev compared to the afternoon heat of Donetsk.

"The second and third games in the group are at a later time and it will be a bit better for us," Welbeck added.

Wayne Rooney, suspended until the third group match with co-hosts Ukraine, sported another new haircut in training on Wednesday along with several other members of the squad and backroom staff.

"The barber came in and set up his own barber's shop in Ashley Young's room," Welbeck explained.

Jordan Henderson, a late addition to the squad after injuries to Gareth Barry and Frank Lampard, is England's only recognised spare central midfielder if anything were to happen to captain Steven Gerrard and the terrier-like Scott Parker.

Hodgson hinted after the France game that he may leave one of the duo out against Sweden given they are over 30 and are feeling niggles from a long hard season but Henderson does not expect to start.

He said Gerrard and Parker had done well to combat the French threat while starting numerous attacks of their own and looked fit enough to plough on.

"I think he is getting a lot better. He'll probably be training soon," said Henderson, who like Kelly had an average campaign for a struggling Liverpool side and was a surprise inclusion in the England squad.

Reuters / Eurosport

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  1. Sick of hearing about footballers income, and all this­ I work longer/harder blah blah blah. Shut it. No one­ cares that you weren't good enough at sports or­ smart enough to get a degree or a PhD. Go invest your­ money in another child you can't afford or­ cigarettes that take away your leisure. Simple.

    From Aaron, on Thu 14 Jun 19:14
  2. England have got to learn that as soon as they score a­ goal that is not game over, they have to play the rest­ of the 90 mins & try to score more goals without­ conceeding any. Unlike the previous 3 games they have­ played under Roy, they need to score more if they want­ to progress any further. I think on previous showings­ & the team he picks we will not get past this group­ stage.

    From Tim, on Wed 13 Jun 21:46
  3. #49 yeah, i am amazed they get to play golf at all­ really.

    From paul g, on Wed 13 Jun 20:02
  4. @ Michael who wrote since when is working (playing) an­­ average of three games a week each game 90 mins x 3 =­­ 270 mins a week or put enother way, 4.5 hrs a week wow­­ all right for some, I can see how tiring it must be­ and­ they don't even play 52 weeks a year. ­ It's not quite as simple as that, they train as­ well, they don't just come to work and play in­ matches, they train quite a lot each week as well. Yes­ they might not work as much as you but they work a­ whole lot more than 270 minutes each week.

    From Marcus, on Wed 13 Jun 19:18
  5. Well put Diane, since when is working (playing) an­ average of three games a week each game 90 mins x 3 =­ 270 mins a week or put enother way, 4.5 hrs a week wow­ all right for some, I can see how tiring it must be and­ they don't even play 52 weeks a year. Puts into­ the shade my 45 hrs per week when I started work @ 15­ yrs of age.

    From Michael, on Wed 13 Jun 18:28
  6. one less defender from an 11- man defending team lol ..

    From soccerguyfl, on Wed 13 Jun 16:46
  7. We'll beat Sweden and draw with Ukraine,­ that'll be enough to reach the quarter finals.

    From Martin, on Wed 13 Jun 16:05
  8. Oh lordy, someone from the FA allow a winter break, a­ fortnight at least, starting the second week of­ January. All we hear about are the injuries from the­ England team, and that's from the players­ who've been fit enough to get out there. Other­ nations have them, and their football isn't as­ intense as ours.

    From Clive, on Wed 13 Jun 16:01
  9. Leighton Baines is good but id like to see cole back, 1­ England player that plays great for his country about­ 95% of the time

    From Portgas D. Gunner?, on Wed 13 Jun 16:01
  10. Facing some cold harsh facts, Ukraine and Sweden are­ weak. England are playing mind games with injury­ issues. proceeding out this tournament phase isn't­ certain, nothing is absolute. the players in england­ team know the level they're playing against.

    From James, on Wed 13 Jun 15:53
  11. i'd prefer Baines anyway. Cole just hasnt got it­ anymore.

    From Matthew, on Wed 13 Jun 15:35
  12. Making a story out of nothing. First they said he left­ training early but so did 4 other players.

    From Aaron, on Wed 13 Jun 15:31
  13. apologies to mr cole..i meant to slag off­ young..nothing against mr cole..

    From Charlie, on Wed 13 Jun 15:22
  14. dave the loser good job the rest of the country doesnt­ think like BORING DAVE......

    From Martin, on Wed 13 Jun 15:18
  15. don,t worry john , i love it when everybody hates us­ ,it means we are winning loads , signed true blue al

    From Alan Knights, on Wed 13 Jun 15:15
  16. Wont make any differance who plays and who dont,we dont­ stand a chance in hell of winning anything.After­ waching the other teams in the group,we might have well­ stayed at home.

    From David, on Wed 13 Jun 15:10
  17. ash is the best player from england no one could­ replace him any way. i hope well ash. if it is not­ there england going be lose 80%. trust to me england­ fun.

    From , on Wed 13 Jun 14:53
  18. Before long the whole squad will pull out and only John­ Terry will be left.

    From Samaritan, on Wed 13 Jun 14:52
  19. The Best Left Back in the world- have a good recovery­ your country needs you!

    From Ben, on Wed 13 Jun 14:49
  20. It'll be a blow if we are to lose him, but it looks­ like it's not too serious and may just be for one­ game. The confidence of England fans has fallen­ following the injuries to Lampard and Cahill and we­ could do without losing him, however I think Baines is­ more than capable of filling the role for a game

    From Sharp FanLabs England, on Wed 13 Jun 14:38
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