Norwich `will do everything' to keep Lambert

Mon, 14 May 15:13:25 2012

Norwich chief executive David McNally insists the club will fight to keep manager Paul Lambert and are focused on building for next season.

The Canaries signed off from what has been an impressive return to the Barclays Premier League with a 2-0 victory over Aston Villa at Carrow Road, which secured 12th place.

Lambert agreed a new deal in May 2011, along with his backroom staff, and chief executive McNally insists the highly-rated Scot is going nowhere.

"We would not welcome any enquiry for our football manager or any of the club's football players," McNally told BBC Radio Norfolk. "We will do everything we can and fight this as hard as we have ever fought."

McNally added: "If I was at another football club and I was looking for another manager he'd be top of my list.

"In any business you need to look at what might happen - the what ifs. But we are focused on keeping our manager and the footballers he wants to retain at the club and to bring in better footballers to complement the club."


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  1. I think he`ll be at Norwich for two more years then go­ and manage in Europe-probably Germany. Then come back a­ few years later to take on one of the big English­ Clubs? Or he might just stay in Germany. Apparently he­ is fluent in German, so English is not even his second­ language!

    From JOHN, on Fri 18 May 12:03
  2. Thank you Ian, my little club is managed by a certain­ Mr. Wenger and yes they do have their own problems.

    From DAVID, on Tue 15 May 13:21
  3. Let`s face facts, Lambert will not get the job of­ manager at Man City, Man Utd, Arsenal, Tottenham,­ Chelsea, Liverpool or Newcastle, which means that­ whoever else he is with probably won`t win anything or­ qualify for Europe.If he goes to Villa this will be­ classed as failure and he will be down the road with­ McLeish, whereas if he stays at Norwich success will be­ to keep us in the premiership and have the occasional­ cup run, so why would he want to put extra pressure on­ himself and the rest of his staff?

    From John, on Tue 15 May 13:08
  4. why didn`t Lambert do the lap of honour, was he already­ in talks with the villa board!!!

    From John, on Tue 15 May 12:02
  5. Concentrate on your own little club David they have­ enough problems

    From Ian, on Tue 15 May 12:00
  6. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    So Norwich would not welcome an approach for their­ manager. If memory serves me right, Colchester said the­ same to Norwich a couple of years ago. So happy if he­ leaves and not really bothered to which club, be great­ though if it was Ipswich. Perhaps though Villa and­ Norwich will swap managers. Norwich back in­ Championship next year whoever is in charge.

    From DAVID, on Tue 15 May 11:16
  7. 1 deluded 2 no 3 only for Norwich 4 WTF? if you are­ alluding to the tired stereotype that NCFC fans are­ inbred retards, think you should look in the mirror.

    From EPO_78, on Mon 14 May 20:25
  8. imagine Rickie Lambert playing under Paul Lambert next­ season.

    From Hong the Real Madrid fan, on Mon 14 May 16:02
  9. Norwich should try to get Matt Jarvis. Or d'you­ reckon a bigger club will take him? Can't imagine­ one of the top 6 going for him... Stoke maybe?­ Sunderland?...

    From Simon, on Mon 14 May 15:42
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    I'd still like to see Paul Lambert return to Celtic­ as manager one day.

    From Graham, on Mon 14 May 15:30
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