Premier League - Tottenham confirm Redknapp departure

Thu, 14 Jun 09:24:00 2012

Harry Redknapp's successful but eventful four-year spell as Tottenham Hotspur manager came to an end on Thursday, with the club dismissing the man who took them from the bottom of the Premier League to victories over European giants.

Harry Redknapp - 0

Redknapp, who was heavily linked to the England manager's job before the Football Association appointed Roy Hodgson last month, had one-year remaining on his contract and had said in recent weeks he hoped to renew it.

But after a rollercoaster season where Spurs narrowly missed out on a place in the lucrative Champions League after pushing for the title, and Redknapp was cleared of tax evasion by a court, chairman Daniel Levy decided a managerial change was necessary.

"This is not a decision the board and I have taken lightly," Levy said in a short statement on the club's website in the early hours of Thursday morning.

"Harry arrived at the club at a time when his experience and approach was exactly what was needed.

"This decision in no way detracts from the excellent work Harry has done during his time with the club and I should like to thank him for his achievements and contribution."

Redknapp was appointed Spurs manager in October 2008 after Juande Ramos was sacked with the club bottom of the Premier League after taking just two points from eight matches.

He resurrected their fortunes and took them to the League Cup final that season where they were beaten by Manchester United on penalties. Further success came the following year when he led them to the Champions League for the first time after a fourth-place league finish and collected the manager-of-the-year award as a result.

An unlikely run in Europe's top tier competition saw Spurs eventually knocked out in the quarter-finals by nine-times champions Real Madrid, but only after they had turned heads by beating multiple winners AC and Inter Milan.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Spurs and am proud of my achievements," Redknapp said in the statement.

"I have had a fantastic four years with the club, at times the football has been breathtaking. I am sad to be leaving but wish to thank the players, staff and fans for their terrific support during my time there."

Harry Redknapp's successful but eventful four-year spell as Tottenham Hotspur manager has come to an end. - 2

Redknapp was hugely popular with Spurs fans but he tested that by signing Emmanuel Adebayor and William Gallas, who both played for arch rivals Arsenal, but he was proved right as Tottenham fans were won over by their strong displays.

However, his admission during his tax evasion case in January and February that he was "the most disorganised person in the world" and that he writes "like a two-year-old and can't spell" was hardly the confession an owner of a high-flying, big-spending club wanted to hear from their manager.

During the trial, Tottenham's good form continued but once Redknapp was cleared, and Fabio Capello stepped down as England manager and a massive media-led campaign for the Spurs man to replace the Italian, problems started.

A 5-2 loss to Arsenal in February was the start of three consecutive league defeats and although Spurs rallied to finish fourth, they were denied a Champions League place by sixth-placed Chelsea, who beat Bayern Munich to win the trophy.

With no Champions League football next season and admitting last week that he would have taken the England job if it had been offered to him, speculation grew that Redknapp was set to depart making Thursday's split less surprising.

The bookies make Everton boss David Moyes and Wigan Athletic manager Roberto Martinez early favourites for a role which is likely to be highly coveted with Levy providing Redknapp with significant financial backing over his time.

But with speculation over the futures of key Spurs midfielders Luka Modric and Gareth Bale, Spurs fans first concerns will be that nobody else follows Redknapp out of north London.

Redknapp calm after exit


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  1. not sure you can put the goings on at the likes of­ Chelsea or Man City in the same conversation as­ Tottenham and Arsenal since both these clubs actually­ run there business based on income/outcome and not some­ foreign billionaires desire to get a bit of that­ premier league action!

    From Nathan, on Fri 15 Jun 14:30
  2. Tim,keeping the same old manager does not give you more­ success,look at Arsenal with no trophies for 8­ yrs,whilst Chelsea have had 8 managers recently &­ TEN trophies.In fact Di Matteo has won more cups in 3­ months than Harry & Wenger put together including­ the one with big ears

    From Denny, on Fri 15 Jun 10:11
  3. I thought Man United have showed thro! Sir Alex that­ the longer a manager is in charge the better for the­ team. Spurs have done well under Harry and should have­ kept him. Back to experiment spurs, my best wishes!

    From George, on Fri 15 Jun 8:56
  4. Why do these chairman not realise that with stability­ you have a settled club; more success with 'Arry­ than changing managers. I suspect Benetiz will get the­ job although AVB should be the man

    From Tim, on Fri 15 Jun 8:36
  5. whatever you think about Harry he certainly manages to­ evoke passion from people.

    From JOHNC, on Fri 15 Jun 8:15
  6. Oh no poor man!! whats he going to do!! have to go on­ the dole no job no money!! his family going to go­ without !! i feel so bad for him!!!! do i heck!! hay­ hoo!!!

    From Toni, on Fri 15 Jun 8:12
  7. lets face facts,spurs have gone from relegation­ position,to the top of the tree, with harry,did man­ u,sack fergi,for chucking it to man city,i wonder­ why,perhaps he is the best for them ,as indeed harry is­ for spurs.

    From barrie, on Fri 15 Jun 7:44
  8. Levy reminded me of Frank Bruno when he said to­ 'Arry Now you know that I'm mean Arry

    From 'avinalarf, on Fri 15 Jun 7:40
  9. Is the author joking? Does anyone seriously think the­ top men in a football club worry about whether Harry­ writes like a 2 year old and can't spell!! Maybe­ they think he's in for the 11 plus! He's a­ bloody football manager with a great track record -­ never mind spell - can they spell success - and­ failure? Which BTW is exactly where Spurs are heading­ without Harry. There'll be much crying in beers for­ the fans. 12 months from now they all know the team­ will be further from European football than they are­ now. Anyone to wager a small sum? What a bunch of­ idiots to let Harry go after he's shown just the­ right stuff to make things work at WHL. Let's just­ remember too that without Harry Spurs wouldn't have­ been within sight of European football - let alone­ challenging for a spot! I guess I'd be grinning­ every time they failed next season if it weren't­ that I've a soft spot for the team. But I'm an­ even bigger fan of Harry - com'on you Harry!­ Another bet that Harry is more successful without­ dickwit Levy than Spurs are without him. Shame the fans­ never get to vote on the deals - just taken for granted­ as ever by the money men.

    From , on Fri 15 Jun 6:45
  10. All the staements by Levy and Redknapp hide the real­ truth behind the sacking of Harry and maybe you may­ never find out.I think Harry was great for the Spurs­ and they played great football.However life moves on­ for the Spurs and they must make sure they get the­ right manager otherwise they will have a poor season.

    From Jeffrey, on Fri 15 Jun 6:31
  11. what goes around comes around. You country is well­ re-known for putting people down "though he tried­ but he is not good enough attitude" Spurs will­ soon be heading for relegation.

    From superinjunction, on Fri 15 Jun 5:40
  12. Martinez deserves the chance, but I think Martin­ O'Neal might be a better fit, if he were­ available...

    From Spike, on Fri 15 Jun 4:13
  13. Sacking our Arry is a big mistake.

    From Ivan, on Fri 15 Jun 2:15
  14. I'd rather have Martinez over Moyes at the Lane.­ Martinez is far better. Just keep Cappello, McLaren,­ Benitez and Rodgers away and i'll be happy..!!!

    From T.H.F.C., on Fri 15 Jun 0:40
  15. See you in the Championship soon Spurs...pmsl

    From JASON, on Fri 15 Jun 0:38
  16. There is no loyalty in the game any more. It's all­ about the money. Disgraceful.

    From Cheryl, on Fri 15 Jun 0:28
  17. Well done Harry and thank you. Now lets get Alan­ Curbishley in and leave him alone to get on with the­ job, he can do it as Harry has left them with a decent­ squad that can be motivated. Main problem that who ever­ comes in is the ever increasing interference from the­ owners everywhere.

    From geoffrey, on Fri 15 Jun 0:28
  18. Spurs were in the bottom on the primer league when he­ took over, he's taken them top the top four of the­ league!!! OMG, are they mad?? Harry get the hell out­ of there pal and let them fall back to the bottom...­ Your loss will be somebody gain, Harry's a first­ class manager.... Best of luck Harry, but don't­ take the Ireland Job when it comes up!!!

    From Andy, on Thu 14 Jun 23:56
  19. Spurs loss is another teams gain, good luck Harry, West­ Ham should take you back with open arms and wallet so­ you can do what can do with the right backing. From a­ fan and admirer of some time. W.H.U. supporter.

    From christopher, on Thu 14 Jun 23:20
  20. spurs fans were worried sick about him getting the­ england job,now they,ve sacked him. this is shocking­ .money buys success today not team spirit,thats why­ norwich and swansea lost there managers most do well­ when they first go up they ride on acrest of a wave,­ but the second season is when they falter if spurs want­ success they need to spend like man city,united and­ chelsea.

    From Carl, on Thu 14 Jun 22:52
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