Premier League - Tevez hits treble as City narrow gap

Sat, 14 Apr 14:42:00 2012

Manchester City turned in their most potent away display in the Premier League since Bonfire Night as a glorious Carlos Tevez treble helped them maul Norwich City 6-1 at Carrow Road.

Norwich 1 Man City 6

Tevez's Argentina team-mate Sergio Aguero weighed in with a couple of goals of his own while substitute Adam Johnson scored in injury time as Roberto Mancini's side closed the gap on leaders Manchester United to two points.

United have played one match less with City having four fixtures left to overtake their foes. It makes for brighter reading for a City team who were eight points adrift after a 1-0 defeat at Arsenal last Sunday and apparently destined to finish second.

City's previous 6-1 win this season came against United at Old Trafford in October.

The manner of this win over Paul Lambert's men at Carrow Road was every bit as impressive as the powers of recovery they displayed to sink QPR 3-2 on November 5 in London.

Sir Alex Ferguson's side remain in the driving seat to claim their 20th English title if they complete wins over Aston Villa, Everton and Manchester City in their next three matches, but their 1-0 loss at Wigan in midweek has given City fresh impetus.

At least this triumph keeps alive their hopes of a first title since 1968. With their goal difference now eight better than United's, things could yet get tighter at the top with Villa visiting Old Trafford on Sunday.

Tevez responded to taunts of "he wants to go home" by the Norwich fans by rattling in a venomous shot that swerved in the air from 25 yards out to leave home goalkeeper John Ruddy with no chance on 18 minutes.

Tevez - who supplied David Silva to see a shot blocked by Ruddy on five minutes - had been unfortunate to be booked for diving by referee Chris Foy on 10 minutes when television replays showed he had been clearly caught on the top of a boot by Ryan Bennett in the box. Bennett was subjected to a nightmarish sort of afternoon, but few men in the home team earned passmarks.

Tevez continued to revel in his surroundings as he played provider with a lovely backheel for Aguero to thump a volley beyond Ruddy from outside of the home box on 27 minutes.

Norwich's best moments of the first period came courtesy of Grant Holt, who saw a header nodded off the line by Joleon Lescott and a volley held by England goalkeeper Joe Hart.

In truth, they ended the first half a distant second to the visiting side and the pattern continued in the second period despite a brief rally when substitute Andrew Surman hooked a loose ball home on 51 minutes after Hart had failed to punch a cross out of his area.

Tevez restored his side's two-goal advantage as he netted his second goal of the game when he out-jumped Ryan Bennett to nod into the net on 73 minutes after Ruddy had halted Yaya Toure's shot.

Aguero then planted a wonderful swerving effort beyond Ruddy on 75 minutes for City's fourth before Tevez rounded the exposed goalkeeper for his hat-trick after Bennett was short with an attempted passback.

Tevez celebrated by swinging an imaginary golf club - poking fun at his absence from the team for several months after his well-publicised public fall-out with Mancini during a Champions League match at Bayern Munich - but City were not yet finished.

Johnson finished from close range from Gael Clichy's pass in injury time after a lovely ball across goal by Aguero, who like Johnson had seen a shot come back off a post with Norwich clearly desperate to get off the park.

Man City turned in their most potent Premier League away display since Bonfire Night as Carlos Tevez hit a treble in a 6-1 win at Norwich. - 2

Desmond Kane / Eurosport

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  1. errrmmmm the gap has not been narrowed! lol

    From me, on Mon 16 Apr 16:53
  2. Man City played fantastic football at norwich yet it­ was a great game to considering the score.Norwich­ contributed to that game by attacking football which­ was very entertaining and although they lost they had a­ go with no fear and on a different day the result might­ have gone for them.On the other hand villa lied down­ against united as most teams do.At this stage of season­ united do not want to play against high tempo teams as­ shown against wigan so why do teams same as blackburn­ did defend and always get beat.Come on all you coaches­ get brave and you never know what you might achieve.I­ believe city will win the league and we deserve it­ because the brand of football we play under mancini is­ unrivalled and may i add brave.

    From Graham, on Mon 16 Apr 15:29
  3. Isn't it strange how Tevez got booked for diving­ (when it was a genuine foul and should have been a­ penalty)...and yet Man utd's prima donna (young the­ cheat)..gets one for something that would earn maximum­ points in the diving pool at the olympics..Refs...OPEN­ YOUR EYES... linesmen do the same..and stop all these­ (maybe well paid) c##k ups you seem to be giving to the­ few top flight teams you seem to be employed by ( I­ know ...I'm a cynic...but probably right).

    From Jim, on Mon 16 Apr 15:00
  4. As a neutral football fan the though off tevez winning­ any medals is just so wrong,Also not the message to­ send out to all the young and up and coming footballers­ the world over ,Lets hope he does not prosper for the­ sake off this great game .

    From DAFT DUCK, on Mon 16 Apr 14:14
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    From Mixedmatching.C 0 M?Find interracial true love?, on Mon 16 Apr 9:30
  6. As usual, yahoo well behind the news MU played 34 82­ pts, MC played 34 77pts

    From grumpy ole git, on Mon 16 Apr 8:09
  7. Is this Teves the same Manchester United reject that­ Mancini said would never play for City again? The one­ that the two faced fans booed and jeered before he went­ back to Argentina. The one that wasn't fit to pull­ a City shirt on? Surely not!!! It's just nice to­ know that an ex-Red is the only hope City have of­ getting second place.

    From RICHARD, on Mon 16 Apr 6:28
  8. Is this the history channel ?

    From TRT David., on Mon 16 Apr 2:48
  9. Another dive, another penalty It stinks. The Prem is­ debased by cheats. Don`t try to deflect attention away­ to Tevez. The refs have cheated on Man Us behalf once­ again. Wouldn`t it be nice for cheating Man u to win­ on their own merits just once. The refs will only­ allow Man U to run away with the title. No real winner­ again this year. JohnB

    From , on Mon 16 Apr 0:31
  10. if man city beat united and end up losing the league by­ 2 points, will tevez man up and admit he might well­ have cost his team the league by disappearing to­ argentina? - will he perform his insensitive golf swing­ celebration in front of the man city fans then? what a­ tool

    From Eric, on Sun 15 Apr 22:57
  11. Looks like Tevez has cost City the title now

    From , on Sun 15 Apr 18:33
  12. nice try but the gap is back 5 points its coming home­ to manchester

    From skoal.bandit,,, on Sun 15 Apr 18:31

    From ALAN B, on Sun 15 Apr 17:55
  14. H_e_r_e____f_i_n_d___a__g_e_s______R_o_m_a_n_-­­ c_e___t_r_u_e___l_o_v_e______have _a___try.

    From, on Sun 15 Apr 16:40
  15. Comment number 319 from " Geordie "..... Your­ remarks are offensive to Norwich City and in very bad­ taste.

    From Terry Moore, on Sun 15 Apr 15:58
  16. TO LATE

    From peter, on Sun 15 Apr 15:30
  17. So he refuses to play for them, goes AWOL for 6 months­ but now all is forgiven. Welcomed back with open arms­ and joins Ballotelli as a Manc hero . What a load of­ saddoes.

    From J, on Sun 15 Apr 10:07
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Carlos, you are a star !! please behave youself and you­ will be a legend !

    From A N G E L O, on Sun 15 Apr 9:42
  19. Sammyg your an idiot

    From Strad, on Sun 15 Apr 8:50
  20. So the 'clasless' Manchester Citeh resort­ desperately to Carlos Tevez to drag them out out the­ mire? The man who has made the laughing stock of the­ club for month after month, is now used as a desperate­ attempt to hang on to Manchester United. The club show­ a complete lack of respect for themselves and their­ fans, and it just shows that due to their lack of class­ they are only interested winning at all costs - they­ should be ashamed of themselves, and like Liverpool FC­ they just don't know how to behave when faced with­ really important situations.

    From Ummm!, on Sun 15 Apr 8:08
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