Champions League - Cahill 'fit', Luiz also trains for Chelsea

Tue, 15 May 18:56:00 2012

Defenders David Luiz and Gary Cahill trained on Tuesday afternoon ahead of Chelsea's Champions League final against Bayern Munich on Saturday, with Cahill saying he is "fit" after a hamstring injury.

2011-12 Premier League Chelsea Gary Cahill - 0

Di Matteo said on Sunday that Luiz and Cahill's fight to be fit would "probably" go right up to the day of the game as they have both been out for around a month with hamstring injuries.

Cahill insisted he would be fit for the final, saying after training: "I'm just happy that it's healed quickly. We've worked really hard, all day, afternoons, and I'm fortunate enough to be back. Hopefully, I'll be fit, I will be fit, and hopefully I'll be out there if selected.

"There's some work to be done in two or three days now leading up to the game for me to get back into it. If I need to do a little bit of other training, I'll do that. But, touch wood, there's no reaction and I felt fine out there."

But Florent Malouda was missing and Di Matteo told a packed marquee at Chelsea's training ground in Cobham: "Flo (Malouda), we'll still assess and it's going to be touch and go for him to be available for Saturday."

Malouda failed to complete the first-half of Chelsea's final Premier League game of the season against Blackburn on Sunday having strained a hamstring.

Di Matteo would be forced to complete his bench with reserves and youngsters if Luiz and Cahill were also out. "That's the worse-case scenario," he said.

"We will take some reserve-team players onto the bench, into the squad, and just figure out what to do. I've been trying different options in training and different solutions just in case."

Di Matteo has a major selection headache with four places in his starting line-up unclear.

Jose Bosingwa is likely to play centre-back if either Luiz or Cahill are not fit, otherwise he will play right-back with Branislav Ivanovic suspended.

If neither are fit and with John Terry banned then Michael Essien is likely to partner the Portuguese at centre-back with Paolo Ferreira at right-back.

Malouda would be the most likely to join John Obi Mikel and Frank Lampard in midfield as a replacement for the suspended Raul Meireles.

If he fails to recover then the Ghana international - if not required in defence - could partner Mikel in a more defensive minded midfield to counter Bayern's attacking threat with Lampard in a more advanced role in a triangle.

The only other viable alternatives for the boss if he wishes to replicate the 4-1-2-3 system he has used for most of his tenure are Oriol Romeu, although he has rarely picked the young Spaniard, or a deeper role for Juan Mata with Daniel Sturridge coming into the starting XI.

Having been left out against Blackburn, Salomon Kalou looks likely to take one of the positions on the flank in preference to Sturridge with Mata also supporting lone front man Didier Drogba.

But Di Matteo did try a 4-4-2 for the last 20 minutes against Steve Kean's side with Fernando Torres and Drogba in attack.

That system would likely see Sturridge and Mata on the flanks with Lampard and Mikel in the engine room.

Preview : Bayern - Chelsea

Di Matteo did not think Chelsea had gained any advantage after Bayern lost the German Cup final 5-2 to Borussia Dortmund in Berlin on Saturday.

"I don't think that will have any effect on the Bayern team," he said. "They are extremely professional and they will move on from it very quickly as they know they have a big game on Saturday. I don't think it gives us any advantage."

He also played down the idea that Bayern would benefit from playing the game in their own stadium.

“"It might give them a bit of an advantage because they know the environment and the pitch, but because they are playing at home there might be more pressure on them so I am not sure it gives them a real advantage at all."

Preview : Preview : Bayern

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  1. it is our chance to lift the final and bring it at­ stamford bridge. Drogba and Lampard all the best and­ good luky. Di Mateo you should ensure that we have a­ good formation.

    From Vincent Lukonde, on Fri 18 May 16:22
  2. no strruidge

    From Amaqdu j, on Thu 17 May 16:07
  3. well i hope sturridge is not even in reserves he is is­ usles and selfish he should go out on summer and drop­ that bosingua better ferrera

    From Toni, on Thu 17 May 13:06
  4. I am a serious chelsea fan in nigeria, i hope to travel­ to england one day to watch chelsea game. Please i­ supported the second man advice that roberto di matteo­ should not start daniel sturridge in saturdays game,­ please we dont want a selfish player that wouldn't­ pass a ball ontime.

    From friday, on Thu 17 May 5:30
  5. Who give's a monkey about Chelsea, c'Mon you­ Millwall.

    From THOMAS NEAL, on Wed 16 May 15:27
  6. I'm a Chelsea fan but please Di mateo don't­ start Sturridge because he is a selfish player so he­ doesn't play for the team. he is playing for­ himself nooooooooooooooooooooo sturridge in the field ­ i am Eddy from london

    From dikenga, on Wed 16 May 15:05
  7. Chelsea, you will do it! This team has managed to be­ to the finals. Very few believed that Chelsea could­ succeed where the 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th of EPL have­ failed! Proud to be a Chelsea supporter!

    From Ashok Kumar, on Wed 16 May 14:43
  8. If the chavs pull this off, it means Spuds are out of­ the Cl. This means that Bale and Modric will be sold­ with Modric probably going to the Chavs and Bale to­ either Barca or Citeh. If the Chavs fail, noone will­ want to go to them. This obviously has implications -­ Man U can challenge next season if the Chavs and Citeh­ aren't able to pick off the best players. I think­ Man U need Chavs to lose on this basis. They then may­ be able to push Citeh again next season. But if Citeh­ sign RVP (likely), Hazard (probable) AND Bale, and the­ Chavs bag Modric and others ... United could be left­ behind and will be pushing for 3rd or 4th instead.

    From You can't handle the truth, on Wed 16 May 13:24
  9. Hi Mr RDM we are behind you in prayer and spirit,but­ please 4 4 2 would do the trick and when the two goals­ come ,please PARK THE BUS as you did to Barca. No­ Sturridge we dont want any selfish play on Saturday its­ ALL DO AND DIE AFFAIR.

    From Sly, on Wed 16 May 12:45
  10. Please mr.di mateo, i really like you to sale daniel­ sturidge out from chelsea as i have watch him all his­ game, he is not the type we need in chelsea. stop­ think about him again.thank you for leasting my advise

    From Richard, on Wed 16 May 10:59
  11. Ym team: cech cole, cahill, luiz, bosingwa,­ mikel,drogba,mata,lampard,kalou, torres. With this guys­ chelsea will win. Bayern 1 vs 3­ bluesssssssssssssssssssssss! I am­ celebratingoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo­ ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    From Reuben, on Wed 16 May 9:04
  12. Either any of you other club fan support Chelsea come­ Saturday or not,we'll surely win if we're meant­ to win,but I believe we've been the best side so­ far,Bayern didn't face any thought side apart from­ Madrid and Chelsea have face lots of thought sides,so I­ see Chelsea coming out triumphant with this,1-3 in­ favour of Chelsea. From a true blue fan.

    From Sydney Smith, on Wed 16 May 8:36
  13. @58 No one at Spurs is bricking anything, why should­ we? we can do nothing about this result be it a good­ one or not all we can do you included is wait and see..­ I initially came on to make a comment about how theres­ no Chelsea fans anymore as they all support ManCity now­ but its not fair on the true blues who have been there­ for the 8 years of Chelseas great history and it seems­ that every Woolich fan on here is now one for the­ week.. there should be a sarcasm font but alas Windows­ is yet to come up with one. Bayern to have it wrapped­ up by half-time, no sarcasm.. Can you tell?

    From Martin S, on Wed 16 May 8:27
  14. massive test for Chelsea.. 2-1 to the Blues..

    From Nastytackle, on Wed 16 May 7:45
  15. Come on Chelsea! Win it! From an Arsenal fan.

    From Afghanistan, on Wed 16 May 7:18
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Come on Bayern from all Liverpool fans!

    From armond, on Wed 16 May 6:24
  17. Whatever happens on saturday,Chelsea have gone much­ further than any other British team and done our­ country proud in europe.All the other teams desperately­ wish they were in Chelsea's position by whatever­ means,so carping and harping is only abject­ jealousy.Get on with it and stop being so­ bitter,it's not our fault that your teams are not­ good enough to compete in europe.I mean,the two­ manchester clubs even had a second chance in the losers­ comp. and still failed,getting nowhere near the final­ of that.At least the french second string(the goners)at­ the emirates got past their easy qualifying stage­ before collapsing.If we bring home the cup(to go with­ the one we have already,goners&manure have­ nothing)you will all be beside yourselves with­ jealousy.If,however,we come away with nothing,we still­ know we were the best British team in europe.Where were­ your teams?.

    From Oosthat, on Wed 16 May 5:00
  18. Are you bricking it 5pud2?

    From bill, on Wed 16 May 4:30
  19. After a lot of watching Chelsea's highlights, i can­ say that Di Matteo hasnt done anything spectacular with­ the team. The players refused to play for the arrogant­ AVB just like they did against the older arrogant­ Scholari. Even if we won, i dont think Di Matteo would­ be given a full job as the coach but he might be with­ the team longer.

    From Dynamic, on Wed 16 May 4:05
  20. as a man u fan i wish chelsea all the luck in the world­ and beat the bayern buggers .bring it back to england­ lads

    From Steve, on Wed 16 May 3:59
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