Skrtel admits Reds underachieved

Wed, 16 May 11:36:08 2012

Defender Martin Skrtel insists Liverpool's Barclays Premier League performance has to take priority over everything else after coming up short this season.

The Reds' eighth-placed finish has partly contributed to the uncertainty concerning the future of manager Kenny Dalglish, who has returned from the United States after a meeting with the club's owners.

Neither principal owner John Henry nor chairman Tom Werner have, as yet, given any indication what their thoughts are after a hugely disappointing campaign and speculation continues about Dalglish's long-term prospects at Anfield.

Skrtel, whose own future has been the subject of some debate in recent days, accepts their poor league form has to be addressed despite encouraging cup runs which saw Liverpool end a six-year wait for a trophy.

"We won the Carling Cup and got to the final of the FA Cup, so from that point of view it was a good season in the cups," said the Slovakia international, who is recovering from surgery on a nose problem which forced him to miss the final match of the season last weekend.

"But I think the most important thing is the league and we didn't get enough in it."


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  1. and moyes, what has he ever won?

    From parasite person watcher, on Fri 18 May 13:02
  2. liverpool outplayed a lot of the teams and lost ,­ mising the target ,hitting posts, just unlucky. as will­ show next season. kenny should have had more time ,­ after all he won more than fergie ,

    From parasite person watcher, on Fri 18 May 13:01
  3. Underachieving players - Carroll, Henderson, Downing­ and the likes of them -- OUT!

    From SJ, on Fri 18 May 3:40
  4. This process should have happened last year. Kenny­ should have been give to summer 2011 and then a new­ manager appointed. FSG fell to emotion. Hopefully,­ they have learned their lesson.

    From martinp, on Thu 17 May 22:44
  5. I will probably get shouted down by Liverpool fans for­ being a Man Utd supporter who is commenting about this­ article. But in truth, do Liverpool fans really think­ that Kenny Dalgleish was given a fair shake of the­ whip? It took Alex Ferguson over three years before­ results starting coming our way. Dalgliesh got just­ over a year! If they keep changing managers every­ season what hope is there for Liverpool?

    From Billy the Kid, on Thu 17 May 20:51
  6. Massive understatement there.

    From Chris, on Thu 17 May 0:37
  7. Dig deep yanks we dont wont no more cheap shyte­ steering the ship Anfield.......We need proven­ QUALITY!!! A PROVEN WINNER NOT a small fry from a­ lesser club for f00ks sake .........swansea manager­ wigan manager you had better be kidding !!!!!!! RICARD­ might be worth a punt or PEPE guardiola..........whats­ this hear about RAFA coming back LOL not another­ spanish armarda

    From Bombardier smitherz, on Wed 16 May 19:13
  8. DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­ !!!1

    From Evans E, on Wed 16 May 17:25
  9. Underachieved? Did I hear that? This was a gross­ understatement. Liverpool did not achieve at all under­ Kenny Dalglish. If anything, Liverpool have gone down­ so much so that if the trend continues I can see them­ eventually playing in the Championship and that by any­ means is not an exergeration. The players may not see­ it and certainly Dalglish has not seen this. But when­ Wigan can come to Anfield and win without breaking any­ sweat and Anfiled holds no fear for the likes of­ Norwich, Swansea, Sunderland etc; you know Liverpool­ have got a massive problem. Anyway I am glad Dalglish­ has been shown the door. And now I am waiting for all­ those below average players he brought to the club to­ be shown the door as well.

    From samson, on Wed 16 May 17:15
  10. @Gareth, well put. I said this all along - it's the­ manager's job to get his players all fired up.­ Kenny is now paying the price for failing to motivate­ his boys. He was a great player and his first stint as­ manager for Liverpool was better, but this time around­ hasn't worked.

    From Eddie L, on Wed 16 May 17:04
  11. It's easier said than done, Martin. Cups are easy­ to get excited about, but the season-long slog is­ always more tricky to get motivated for. Perhaps­ that's Kenny's major underachievement - getting­ the team excited about pushing for a top 4 finish. Not­ quite as glamorous as a shiny silver trophy in the­ cabinet!

    From Gareth, on Wed 16 May 12:11
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