Azarenka pulls out after Rome win

Thu, 17 May 00:15:00 2012

World number one Victoria Azarenka suffered a blow to her French Open preparations when she was forced to pull out of the Italian Open with a right shoulder injury.

2012 TENNIS Victoria Azarenka in Rome - 0

Azarenka had walloped Israel's Shahar Peer 6-1 6-2 in the second round but shortly afterwards the WTA said she had pulled out of the tournament.

Her withdrawal was a surprise to everyone in the Foro Italico as she had shown no sign of a problem in brushing aside Peer.

But with just 10 days until the start of the French Open, the Belarusian will be hoping to be fully prepared for her attempt to win her second straight Grand Slam title.

Former world number one Caroline Wozniacki also pulled out of the tournament on Wednesday, the Dane citing respiratory problems that forced her to retire from her match against Spain's Anabel Medina Garrigues at 6-4 4-0 down.

Azarenka pulls out after win

Eurosport / Reuters

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  1. well done Janice. you never lowered yourself at her­ level no matter the amount of abuses you've been­ subjected to only because of posting your opinions.

    From guy, on Fri 18 May 9:27
  2. Apology accepted Sarah-Jane, no harm done :), its not­ that I even dislike Vika, I really like her game and­ her making good use of being unchallenged, she should­ collect a lot more slams and titles.

    From janice m, on Thu 17 May 20:49
  3. My opinion is not about a band wagon, my opinion are­ mine alone, i'm far too grown to jump on any band­ wagon my dear, you must be a child, because i don't­ go to or belong to fan pages, i watched the match­ yesterday and read the story here, simple and for me­ what i saw yesterday and was not someone who was­ injured could be injured, slightly injured and less­ that 24hrs after playing like a perfectly fit young­ lady she suddenly is injured... if you believe her here­ that's fine doesn't mean i have to, you need to­ understand that people have different opinions and you­ do not need to be belligerent, rude, nasty, rude to get­ your point across. Its simple to have the conversation­ nicely. This is the very last i address you learn­ something.

    From janice m, on Thu 17 May 18:57
  4. Then i feel sorry for you Sarah Jane, because you lack­ manners and respect for people to debate like a person­ with the ability to communicate with people in a­ mannered way.

    From janice m, on Thu 17 May 18:50
  5. Sarah-Jane, you should be ashamed of yourself, calling­ me names, I am free to state what i think and i have no­ problems with you disagreeing but have some decorum,­ what is wrong with you. Actually it just shows what­ kind of a person you are, which is disrespectful, nasty­ and lack manners whatever so ever. You act like its­ your job you beat of any negative talk, shame really. ­ A lady with a foul mouth is disgusting. I don't­ actually see you refuting she tactics, its not the­ first time and I believe Radwanska made mention of this­ type of behaviour. Think what you like but a pattern­ is developing and its not a good look. Not surprised­ you would support such behaviour.

    From janice m, on Thu 17 May 17:44
  6. That last Part is LIVE AND LET LIVE

    From chinyere, on Thu 17 May 17:10
  7. There is no way on earth everybody must like you. One­ man's meat as they say is another man's poison.­ These are tennis players so why not focus on their­ tennis? Sharapova's/Vika's/Wozi's fans­ always come up with insults about serena- she is a man,­ she is on steroids, classless, she is an ape, pova­ earns the highest, serena won because some players were­ not there or because she is a man playing with a woman­ and bla bla bla. Why get personal with insults? Serena­ is built in a certain while pova is built in another.­ All the different races are built differently, agreed­ people tend to think a particular structure is the way­ to go but should serena go and cut off parts of her­ body to suit these stupid notion? Why not show­ tolerance? Intolerance is a vile thing because it­ clouds your sense of judgment even when facts are in­ your face because you have made up your mind about what­ is, how it should be and what should be. Sarah Jane-­ the only thing I can say to you (and con, sam parkin­ etc) is this- you are entitled to your opinions just­ like every other person. Sarah, i am surprised you are­ still posting because after telling us what you think­ of serena you went on to predict that she will lose to­ pova and vika after she won charleston. You have told­ us about your tennis accomplishments in your school but­ does that make you a tennis guru and is that why we­ must see it your way? You also insult people because­ you think you are the only intelligent person and can­ hold your own? Why not take it easy? Live and let live.­ Even if serena loses to all the female tennis players­ she is still one of the greatest ever, she does not­ have anything to prove to anybody. I donít think am­ wrong to say that your predictions are not based on­ facts but on what you want it to be and you want it so­ bad and yes pova,vika,wozi and others can beat serena­ nobody is unbeatable. I am not intelligent am on meds­ and all the names you may want to call me I agree you­ are right but le

    From chinyere, on Thu 17 May 17:06
  8. I do believe for one second that this chick is injured.­ She pulling one and that is not fair, yesterday she­ played lights out, not a twitch not a wince, what when­ she was asleep she hurt herself. Whatever man, i hate­ her tactics, often in matches calls the trainer then­ plays lights out. Nope i don't sanction such­ sportsmanship, poor really.

    From janice m, on Thu 17 May 16:02
  9. Arazenka is no1 FACT! not a so called no1 - she is, now­ take it.... Woz I agree with, No GS paper no1 -­ Arazanka deserves it....

    From John, on Thu 17 May 13:41
  10. KApe: your comments fall flat on your ugly mug mate.­ You said you dont predict, well you predicted Arazenka­ wouldnt win with Serena around.... get back to class­ you idiot. I can post what I like here just not as dumb­ as you....Serena is a legend for sure and definitly a­ contender however my opinion is MY OPINION so may be­ she will continue with teh drugs - take another year­ out and get away with standing on a few more bottles­ she see's laying around... numpty. You dont know­ jack mate....

    From John, on Thu 17 May 13:40
  11. @john just read your comment #18 you talk rubbish you­ dont deserve a response, you dont watch tennis you are­ abit dumb as well, your comments are empty, sorry

    From kape, on Thu 17 May 13:25
  12. #19 @john I never predict the future like you­ do....... she might or she might not win a grand slam,­ but from what i have seen, heard and read about Serena­ Williams, there is nobody to compare to in the­ women's game right now, SHE IS AN ALL TIME LEGEND, ­ I dont have to remind you how many tournaments and­ grand slams she has won. I THINK YOU DONT WATCH TENNIS­ YOU READ ABOUT IT ON INTERNET AND PAPERS. I know people­ are a bit mad at how she squashed Azarenka and­ Wozniack, so called world number ones, i feel for you,­ but you can not hate on Serena man, otherwise she will­ torment your soul every time she wins and she is HERE­ TO STAY AND WIN, and i know she might even win a couple­ grand slams

    From kape, on Thu 17 May 13:21
  13. Serena will not win another GS Kape crusader lol - you­ are in your on world!

    From John, on Thu 17 May 12:48
  14. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    The world No1 can beat anyone so it is a definite­ makesafe to get to the final of the French Open and win­ anotehr GS

    From John, on Thu 17 May 12:47
  15. She knows she is not going to win with Serena around so­ whats the point of trying to worst resources instead of­ investing in a grand slam, its a clever move. Wozniack­ is doing the same, their eyes are fixed on a grand slam­ now. The main reason for the two quitting Rome is­ SERENA WILLIAMS, the way she dismissed them in Maldrid,­ WHO WOULD NOT RETHINK ABOUT WHOLE CAREER STRATEGY. ­ When you take a beating from Serena like the way she is­ playing now you can never be the same, either your­ confidence goes, or you become clever, or­ psychologically she just crashes you. From now­ onwards these two are going to be dodging SERENA­ WILLIAMS. They are actually going to be advised to do­ so, courtesy of the way SERENA WILLIAMS game right now,­ and i dont blame them.

    From kape, on Thu 17 May 11:57
  16. Is that right Katy? Hmm, that's not good, they have­ Federer to start in theory at 9pm tonight, could even­ be 10pm... And he's aching already! Bloody­ italians

    From YiannisP, on Thu 17 May 10:56
  17. #9 katy but all the players knew about the conditions­ in advance to be honest. in recent years i think it was­ only 2007 that had prevailing benign weather. no i­ think there are tactical withdrawals going on here as­ it is the last warm-up tournament for roland garros.­ when i saw the draw, i immediately pin-pointed big­ sister Na as the likely winner as she would be the most­ desperate for a title before the defence of her roland­ garros title. its therefore not a surprise that others­ don't want to suffer any injury to their confidence­ facing a determined opponent in these inclement weather­ conditions. i don't even think serena will put up­ much resistance against Li in the semis as serena's­ own preparations for RG will be complete by then. it­ will make no sense to defy the elements and risk a­ muscular injury before RG.

    From SANCHEZ, on Thu 17 May 10:44
  18. Perhaps you could say anyone fluked their way past­ anyone, but NOT Serena. I am no fan of her, but hey,­ she is still the greatest and when her game is on,­ she's an atp player :))

    From LilBee, on Thu 17 May 10:27
  19. Ohhh are vikita-chikita is out... what a surprise huh.

    From Tomic, on Thu 17 May 9:44
  20. i am not surprised if she has a problem she has been­ playing flat out all season increasing her number 1­ status and winning most of her matches, eventually the­ body shows signs of wear and tear, doesnt surprise me­ and with the french coming up she obviously doesnt want­ to aggravate the problem any more, get ready for the­ french vika thats the more important tourni.

    From ralph, on Thu 17 May 8:24
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