Champions League - Berthold: Chelsea will park the bus

Thu, 17 May 09:49:00 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Former Bayern Munich and Germany defender Thomas Berthold told Eurosport he expects Chelsea to adopt a negative approach in the Champions League final.

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The cup final in Berlin was a disaster for Bayern with a 5-2 defeat to Borussia Dortmund. How long will this bitter defeat be buzzing around the minds of the Bayern players?

It takes more than two or three days, but then it disappears. At this point the preparation begins for the important final. It was a dark day and we should not fool ourselves: Dortmund were ice cool to take advantage of the individual errors of the Bayern players.

Three players are suspended for Bayern: David Alaba, Holger Badstuber and Luiz Gustavo. Who would be in your team?

There is much that Diego Contento brings to the team and Anatoly Tymoschuk should play in defence. Furthermore, I assume Bastian Schweinsteiger and Toni Kroos will play deep in midfield and that Thomas Mueller will play from the start.

In the Champions League they have been brilliant, but in the Bundesliga inconsistent. How do you explain the fluctuating performance of the Munich club this season?

There are only a few teams who can maintain their level in all competitions. Who would have imagined that Chelsea would eliminate Barcelona? Or that Real Madrid would bid farewell to a 2-0 lead against Bayern? As we saw then, the Clasico took a lot out of the two teams. Or take Dortmund: they have been on song domestically but left the Champions League with a whimper, which has been forgotten after winning the double.

Where will the game be won and lost?

A big issue will be how to play against a defensive team like Chelsea. I believe that Bayern will have a lot of ball possession. Chelsea played effective football against Barcelona, but Chelsea won’t win a beauty award. The footballing skills of Chelsea are not good enough. From a technical point of few Bayern are much better. Chelsea will benefit if they keep a clean sheet a long time.

Bastian Schweinsteiger, Philipp Lahm, Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben are hungry for the first European club titles of their career. What do you expect from Bayern's top performers?

I expect them all to come out with a highly focused approach to the game. They did not have that in the DFB-Pokal final, where there were lapses of concentration and small careless mistakes became constant, like a red thread running through the whole game. The Bavarians will not allow this to happen on Saturday, and they must produce a reaction. But despite all the focus on such a huge game, there must always be a certain looseness.

What do you expect to see from Bayern in a tactical sense?

The key will be to impose their game on their opponents and get in the final third. However, Chelsea are very strong defensively because they are athletic and the type of players they have are set up very compact.

The teams met in the 2004-05 Champions League quarter-finals. Chelsea scored six goals: three goals from Frank Lampard and two from Didier Drogba. Is this a good omen for the Blues?

The game was a few years ago and the tooth of time gnaws at Chelsea. But some players know that they'll play their last final, so that can give them an extra push. This is the great danger of Chelsea.

Will all of Munich be behind Bayern on Saturday?

All of Germany will stand behind FC Bayern. In such a game, where a German team has reached the finals, you have to support them.

Do you think Bayern will write history on Saturday?

I think they'll win 2-1. But Lahm & Co. have to give everything and make no mistakes. Chelsea can make a goal out of nothing and score goals suddenly. You should not underestimate Chelsea. The Blues are a dangerous team.

Predicted line-ups:

EXCLUSIVE: Former Bayern Munich and Germany ace Thomas Berthold expects Chelsea to adopt a negative approach in the Champions League final. - 2


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  1. Where in this interview did he says that Chelsea will­ park the bus. Or did I miss something.

    From Cokrowinoto, on Fri 18 May 2:15
  2. @19 James Want to talk about the ref bottling it,­ why not look at marcelo being giving only a yellow at­ the semi final in munich, or the incredibly soft­ pentaly against Alaba's "handball" in­ Madrid, while Pepe's almost identical handball was­ ignored. Munich went through, because they were the­ better more attacking and creative team on both legs. ­ And as for the person who says if Dortmund can do it­ then so can Chelsea, Dortmund are a far superior side­ to chelsea in every aspect of the game(though I am­ scared that Chelsea's incredible luck since­ AVB's sacking will see them through)

    From Sean, on Fri 18 May 1:48
  3. If Dortmond can do it so can Chelsea come on you Blues­ bring that cup home to where it belongs when you do­ you'll have earnt your money up the blues

    From Malcolm, on Fri 18 May 1:11
  4. chelsea to lose because all they are is money and a­ cheque book / i call them the cheque book team when­ the russian billionaire bought the club before that­ they were dead and buried inDebt / plus the chelsea­ village/ he saved chelsea if all clubs were like­ chelsea equal with money and good players / and the­ teams would be on the same terms and equal in playing­ football as chelsea / then games would not be one­ sided and chelsea would not have there own way!! in the­ 70s was good no foreign footballers only a few black­ players which were born in the uk,and things were equal­ and the teams fought for there points instead of being­ one sided like chelsea when they started off with­ bramovich the( russian billionaire) come on bayern beat­ the cheque book team (chelski)

    From B, on Fri 18 May 0:12
  5. This is the same Bayern Munich team that tore Man City,­ Napoli and Madrid to shreds. They had one bad game. all­ of the soccer analysts are sucking off La Liga and the­ EPL. The Bundesliga is highly underrated. WIth that­ said The Bavarians are a very quick team, they proved­ that by shutting out Man City, controlling Napoli's­ quick counter and subduing Madrid's counter which­ was the "best" attack in Europe, That's­ the only way to flat out beat Bayern. With pure speed­ and creativity. This is something Chelsea seriously­ lacks every game, especially with Ramires out.

    From armond, on Thu 17 May 23:02
  6. referee bottled it in second leg, robben had been­ booked and he carried out a bookable offence, ref­ reached into pocket and then thought twice as he would­ have had to send robben off, no fecking balls.

    From JAMES, on Thu 17 May 21:44
  7. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Lets hope the bus crashes in pieces in Munich because­ we dont want to celebrate champions by default.

    From ezeh, on Thu 17 May 20:11
  8. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    It so funny how all the illiterate and the god idiots­ are chelsea fans. Signs of a desperate club and a­ desperate fan base. I am sick of reading god this god­ that chelsea this chelsea that. Chelsea is a mediocre­ team and that's it. Look at the EPL ranking. But I­ am sure you can convince yourself otherwise: it's­ called the power of enchantments. Can't wait for­ Bayern to put the final nails in the coffin and I will­ be happy not to read comments from idiots for a while.­ Luckily no african players in the EURO or man god would­ spoil that competition as well .

    From Eno, on Thu 17 May 19:38
  9. I hope the thieves around the Allianz Arena don’t steal­ Chelsea FC team playing kits (boots, etc) as they did­ with Real Madrid FC in the first leg semi final at the­ Allianz Stadium dressing room. CHELSEA FC & UEFA­ SHOULD BE WARY OF THIS!!!

    From k, on Thu 17 May 18:50
  10. A lot of Chelsea fans died in the last champions­ league final with Man UTD we lost to penalty. we­ don't want such to happen again, Is time for Joy­ and happiest to all Chelsea fans all over the world.­ The cup is coming down to Stanford bridge in JESUS NAME­ AMEN.

    From ogbonna, on Thu 17 May 18:47
  11. The Germans are talking a lot!.... Chelsea hopefully­ will shut them up!! :-)

    From Moose, on Thu 17 May 18:13
  12. Blues all the way..!! Tymo in defence will have­ nightmares trying to mark Drogba! Didier will not leave­ his Golden Final Chance :D It will be a Chelsea­ masterclass........

    From First L, on Thu 17 May 16:25
  13. i though the match will be balance.. Bayern is not­ Barca, so Chelsea can more open also in attacking.

    From Yudho, on Thu 17 May 16:10
  14. @ tony [Comment # 5] "Anyone else think that­ Cahill and luis will struggle­ against Bayern. I think­ their ability at the top level­ has yet to be­ confirmed.." Gary Cahill picked up the man of­ the match award for his stellar defensive display­ against arguably the best attack in the­ world..aka...Barca. As for Luiz, he's got more­ stick than he deserves. He's hardly put a foot­ wrong since Di Matteo took over. That being said,­ coming back from injury means it'll be some task to­ handle Gomez, Ribery, Mueller and Robben. But,­ it's doable. After that semifinal triumph over­ Barca....nothing's impossible. We continue to­ believe! KTBFFH

    From Sid, on Thu 17 May 16:06
  15. I think we'll win, but Drogba will be a tough test­ for Tymoschuk and Boateng. I have faith in Contento­ though and I think if he'd had as much game time as­ Alaba, he'd be a better player! We have a very­ attacking side out though, and Kroos and Schweinsteiger­ are very attacking DMs, so expect a few goals and lots­ of chances! Bayern vor, mia san mia!

    From Lufti, on Thu 17 May 15:19
  16. @ALEX Arjen Robben will play because to get banned for­ the final you need 3 yellow cards.. learn the rules!

    From Eddy, on Thu 17 May 15:17
  17. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    That's who chelsea will play? hehe...oo this is­ going to be fun. I expect a bit of England vs Germany­ WC result. WHo would have ever thought Mikel and Essien­ would be the heart of Chelsea. Not in a f* million­ years. Two players I don't know how they still are­ at Chelsea. Once the game starts, Bayern will be­ running circles around Chelsea. If they are to have any­ hope, they should pull play Lampard in defensive­ midfield to pull the strings and hold it together. As­ is, this will be a massacre.

    From FB, on Thu 17 May 14:33
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    arjen robben cant play in the final..because he got 2­ yellows in the semifinal..

    From Alex, on Thu 17 May 12:46
  19. Without Ramires and Meireles, that looks like the least­ dynamic midfield trio I've ever seen. It's­ going to need to be a MASSIVE effort... but we can do­ it!! C'mon Chels!

    From Jimbo, on Thu 17 May 12:35
  20. Anyone else think that Cahill and luis will struggle­ against Bayern. I think their ability at the top level­ has yet to be confirmed but coming into a final being a­ little rusty and perhaps not 100% fit is a big risk I­ think. If the game goes to extra time expect to see­ both of them crippled with cramp.

    From tony, on Thu 17 May 12:15
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