Reaction to Woods apology

Eurosport - Fri, 19 Feb 17:16:00 2010

All the lastest reaction to Tiger Woods making his public apology for cheating on his wife.

Tiger Woods apologising - 0

Woods made a 14-minute statement apologising for his serial infidelity - and the world of golf was quick to react.

Tiger's mother Kultida: "As a human being everyone has faults, makes mistakes and sins. We all do. But, we move on when we make a mistake and learn from it. He will come out stronger, a better person."

Former world number one Nick Faldo: "He's made a complete apology. Cut to the bottom line - it's not about words, it is about actions. It's all down to actions. I personally think if Tiger wants to be a family man...get out and play some golf and bring the whole family out with him. It has left a big question mark - when is he going to return? We have had the apology but as golfers we are back at square one."

Tiger's former coach Butch Harmon: "It's the most humble I've seen him in all the years I've known him... Let's hope that he meant everything he said and that he can get on with it... If you look at any very wealthy and successful sportspeople, politicians and so on they feel bulletproof, they feel anything they do is okay. He addressed that and apologised for it."

Tiger's friend and twice Major champion Mark O'Meara: "Today was a step in the right direction. He's doing the right things. He's going to take his time and make the right decisions. Tiger's a very intelligent person. He's meant a lot to the game and he's meant a lot to me and my family. I know he's very regretful for what he's done; he's shown that today. His actions will speak more than the words for how he conducts himself over the rest of his life."

Open champion Stewart Cink: "It sounded heartfelt to me. It sounds like it was a really difficult thing for him to do. From a guy that's done a lot of tough things in golf over the years, it was probably one of the most difficult things he's ever had to do. You have to make amends to the people you've hurt and you have to start the bridge to the other side. And I think that's where Tiger is."

English Ryder Cup star Luke Donald: " I think it was a sincere apology. He made it very clear that he wants media to leave his family alone, which I kind of agree with."

US PGA Tour boss Tim Finchem: "We're supportive of whenever he comes back, whether it's three weeks from now, or three months from now, that's less important than when he comes back, he's prepared to play to resume his career in a positive way so that he's there for the long haul."

Notah Begay, US Tour golfer and college friend of Woods: "It's tough to get any man in America just to go to marriage counseling let alone go into a 45-day rehabilitation. Plus he's going back tomorrow, and that tells me that he's trying to learn about the issues ... to learn about the thought processes that caused the actions, so that he can cut them off next time."

More to follow.


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