Rome Masters - Djokovic outclasses Tsonga

Fri, 18 May 16:59:00 2012

World number one Novak Djokovic made light work of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in their 7-5 6-1 quarter-final clash at the Rome Masters.

TENNIS Novak Djokovic of Serbia returns the ball to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France during their match at the Rome Masters tennis tournament May 18, 2012. - 0

An entertaining first set was won in disappointing style as Tsonga double-faulted at the death, prompting a collapse from the Frenchman that saw the defending champion run away with the second set.

"The second set was the best I have played this week," Djokovic said.

"I don't like to compare how I am playing to last year, but I am very happy with my game."

Djokovic will face world number two Roger Federer in his quarter-final after the third seed beat home favourite Andreas Seppi 6-1 6-2.

A topsy-turvy opening set saw both men break for fun, with the Serb exercising more control but Tsonga putting in some marvellous serves and volleys.

It all came down to the last game when, having levelled out the breaks and Tsonga serving to stay in the set, the Frenchman somehow saved three break points with agile net-play and inventive backhands - before double-faulting the good work away to hand the Serb the opening set 7-5.

Tsonga continued to be the architect of his own downfall, double-faulting to another break early in the second set as he seemed depressed by that earlier howler.

Djokovic was understandably unsympathetic as he followed with a love hold, and the Serb did not look back as he broke once more, Tsonga’s error-strewn collapse complemented by Nole’s faultless display - as he went 4-0 up, the top seed had not made a single error in the second set.

The world number five’s head had dropped and he failed to make a dent on the Djokovic serve in the next game, another love hold as the neutrals whistled Tsonga’s collapse.

The Frenchman made a fist of the finish by holding serve, avoiding the bagel and setting up a close final game during which he managed to bring up break point: but Djokovic upped the ante power-wise and won three points on the trot to complete the victory and move into his fourth Rome Masters semi-final.

Reda Maher @Reda_Eurosport / Eurosport

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  1. lol devics comment is now getting thumbed up after many­ thumbs down. Thanks for proving my point you dumb­ serbotards.

    From MarshallTbon III, on Sat 19 May 18:08
  2. Vojislav you are correct about this I apologise. If­ only people were as civilised and as reasonible as you­ then I wouldn't have to be so rude.

    From MarshallTbon III, on Sat 19 May 17:53
  3. marshall, too bad you are ill-mannered. your vast­ tennis knowledge in combination with some manners would­ be a sight for sore eyes.

    From Vojislav, on Sat 19 May 17:31
  4. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    lol Devic007 your fellow Djokotards are so dumb they­ have even thumbed down your comment at no.83. Dear oh­ dear what can we do about the diminished intelligence­ level of the nation of Serbia?

    From MarshallTbon III, on Sat 19 May 17:23
  5. No you idiot it is you who never got it. Not once have­ I ever written that Federer or anyone is the greatest­ because as I have stated many time you cannot compare­ eras, Different rackets, different surfaces etc. What a­ shame Devic007 I thought we had turned then you let­ yourself down with this insane nonsense. Assuming and­ attributing stuff which I have never written. You­ wonder why I have so little respect for new fans of­ Tennis like you. Maybe you need more Vitamins and­ minerals in your diet it sounds like your brain really­ needs them. I can see now why mental illness is so­ common in serbia.

    From MarshallTbon III, on Sat 19 May 16:59
  6. Bravo moron-Tbon, you finally got it;although you are­ even not aware of it!! Declaring anyone the best ever­ makes no sense at all. This is what I was trying to­ explain to chicken-brain like morons as you are all the­ time. Sorry for having to use your language; I thought­ you would better understand the message.

    From devic007, on Sat 19 May 16:00
  7. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Dumb noob serbotard below dosen't realise that Borg­ retired at 25 so of course his stats would look good­ but if he continued to to his 30's like Mcenroe,­ Connor, Sampras agassi etc they would look alot­ different. lol wait until Rafa is in his 30's and­ then what his stats look like. However devic007 I will­ give you credit you although you failed quite badly you­ did at least try to do something slightly intelligent­ so kudos to you. However you have a long long way to go­ I'm afraid but keep up the good work.

    From MarshallTbon III, on Sat 19 May 15:47
  8. According to FedEx Reliabillity Zone statistics, an­ overall best tennis player ever is Borg. Rafa comes­ second, Roger is 6, and Nole is 8 (at the moment).­ There are many other lists and, more or less biased,­ opinions. Statistics is a method, not exact science (as­ math), so the results could always be shaped to prove­ the point one is willing to make. However, I think­ (which does not mean this is absolute truth) that ATP­ should be a valid reference, after all.

    From devic007, on Sat 19 May 15:39
  9. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Also if you are going to try and come back at me at­ least answer some of my previous points because it­ makes you look even more foolish and desperate.

    From MarshallTbon III, on Sat 19 May 15:27
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    lol WV do you like being embarssed I take it? When did­ I say Rafa was rubbish on clay? If you could read­ properly and understand what adults say I said he­ isn't in Borg's league because Bjorn won 6­ French opens and 5 wimbledons when the surfaces played­ extremly differently. Today they play roughly the same.­ Are you seriously that dumb you didn' understand­ first time I wrote that? Also Borg never won a slam on­ hard court as you probably didn't know as­ Federer's versatilty before all courts were made­ the same distinguished him from Borg or Sampras.­ Seriously child give it up and stop embarassing­ yourself here. You know nothing about Tennis and cannot­ even read english comments properly. I don't hero­ worship anyone I love the sport then any player. You­ never even followed Tennis before Rafa you hypocrite.­ Go and watch some WWE or something. .

    From MarshallTbon III, on Sat 19 May 15:26
  11. So borg knows nothing either marshall when he said Rafa­ will be known as the greatest on clay and if that is­ the case then Roger isn't better then Borg either,­ looking at the Wimbledon past results.If Borg­ hadn't retired early I wonder how many slams Roger­ would be chasing now to come close. Get a life you­ idiot, you embarass yourself - hero worshipping a human­ being. Go on to a site where people know what they are­ talking about. What are you going to do or who are you­ going to worship when the prima donna retires.

    From WV, on Sat 19 May 15:02
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Also good news for the Djokotards and Rafatards. If­ Nole wins today I'm going to post a million times­ to help educate people about the sport. If Federer wins­ then I will post maybe once or twice. Same goes if­ Federer gets to the final. Now isn't that something­ for us all to look foward to Ladies and gentleman?

    From MarshallTbon III, on Sat 19 May 14:50
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Rafa isn't in borg's league as in his day there­ was a huge difference between grass and clay. Today­ there is virtually none hence why Wimbledon has been­ called green clay for years. Also if you have any basic­ observation skills I have said a number of times I­ don't expect Federer to be no.1 or win an other­ slam as he is almost 31 now. Anything he does now is­ just a bonus he has already won everything that­ matters, Try to show some form of intelligence please­ WV you really are an embarassment.

    From MarshallTbon III, on Sat 19 May 14:45
  14. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    lol WV just stop embarassing yourself! You haven't­ got a clue about this sport and it says alot that you­ have to bring Federer's family into this you­ classless idiot. Borg had a double handed backhand and­ was successfull on fast grass so what? What is your­ point? You obviously don't play the sport do you­ because you have no idea what I was even talking about?­ Let me dumb this down for you again so you can­ understand. Now imagine you are playing tennis, think­ logically is it easier to play with a single handed­ backhand if the ball returns at knee to waist height or­ at shoulder height? Now when the ball plays really­ quick is it qucker to react with a one handed or two­ handed backhand? Even though I just dumbed this down I­ doubt you are going to understand this so why not­ research all the great players who had a one hander for­ fast courts and you will come up with surprising names­ and Roger himself said he modeled his game on Sampras­ and used to be a serve volleyer in the juniors. Why do­ I waste my time these noob fans can understand­ anything.

    From MarshallTbon III, on Sat 19 May 14:41
  15. So how come Borg was one of the first to work with a 2­ handed backhanded? Marshall you are the idiot, Rafa is­ likened to Borg who was one of the best on all surfaces­ including the fast surface of Wimbledon. I say again­ take the halo off the prima donna Roger who I think­ would have already retired where it not for his­ ambitious wife - easy to see who wears the trousers in­ that household. She pulls the strings and he dances lol

    From WV, on Sat 19 May 14:29
  16. Djokovic played some of the best tennis i have seen,­ yesterday was a treat Nadal and Berdych was amazing as­ they were both playing well at the same time and too­ see Nadal respond after going a break down and see him­ raise his level and then Djokovic and Tsonga the fruit­ the second set Djokovic 1st set was so so but the­ second set Tsonga was out classed, he had no response­ and lastly Federer and Seppi all i have to say is that­ was Federer of old, pure class shot selection was top­ class, movement on point, served well and it was pure­ joy to watch Mr Federer, Djokovic and Nadal in one day.­ I can't wait to see Federer Djokovic... I think­ Federer may just win this one

    From janice m, on Sat 19 May 14:28
  17. Wow marshall or whoever you are - by all means worship­ your roger, but take the blinkers off, try and be­ objective please. Of course Roger is or was the best­ but accept the fact that he will never be No1 again and­ maybe you will relax and enjoy some tennis from the­ great Rafa and Novak! Good luck to all the 4 guys in­ the semis'. Don't you know it is unhealthy to­ hero worship any one person, eventually Roger will­ disappear from the tennis scene, and then you will have­ to find someone else - I would suggest you get outside­ a little from wherever you hide and get a life outside­ tennis also.

    From WV, on Sat 19 May 14:24
  18. Hi can anyone tell me why rafa is not on the tv this­ afternoon but federer and djokovic are on this evening­ please

    From tracey, on Sat 19 May 14:12
  19. I think it's stupid to talk about who is who this­ year, since the season just started. So far I know who­ won the only slam, that's most important now, and­ the next step is RG. Personaly (don't expect any­ one to support) Madrid was a big shame for ATP, but OK­ if they want to continue with out Rafa and Nole next­ year it's fine, Belgrade will take advantage from. ­ The most important think now is that both Roger and­ Nole playing well, mean we will watch a top level­ tennis tonight. I expect Nole to winn, because he is­ the No.1, guess why?

    From Sasa, on Sat 19 May 13:36
  20. CircemEt, don't be a tard, please. Show some­ respect for the man who won 5 GS and 11 masters in the­ era of Nadal and Federer. Of course that Novak cannot­ win all the matches he play, nobody can. What he did so­ far in 2012 is not that bad. He won AO, Miami, was­ Monte Carlo runner-up, lost in Indian Wells to Isner­ who probably played the match of his career. He's­ just a man of flesh and bones, just like Fed or Rafa.­ Neither Nadal nor Federer were much better this year. ­ And insulting people over nationality issues speaks­ volumes about you, not them.

    From Vojislav, on Sat 19 May 12:22
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