Rome Masters - Nadal books Rome final place

Sat, 19 May 17:30:00 2012

Rafael Nadal booked his place in the Rome Masters final with a 7-6 6-0 win over fellow Spaniard David Ferrer.

2012 Rome Masters Rafael Nadal - 0

In a match of contrasts, Nadal took nearly an hour and a half to win the opener, before blowing Ferrer into the weeds in a 40-minute second set.

Sixth-seed Ferrer started the match more strongly, hitting the ball crisply on both sides and getting over 70% of his first serves in.

However, it was a set of missed chances, as Ferrer failed to convert any of six break points in Nadal's opening service game.

The break finally came at the ninth time of asking, as Ferrer took a 3-1 lead, but immediately surrendered the advantage as Nadal broke back easily to love.

Gradually, the world number two hit his stride, even though Ferrer won eight of the first 11 rallies of 10-plus shots.

Unsurprisingly, the tie-break went the distance, and mirrored the set - Ferrer taking the first mini-break, but losing his edge and letting his opponent back in. Nadal won the breaker 8-6.

The second set had no such drama, as Nadal simply blew his increasingly error-prone adversary away. It was virtually flawless stuff from the clay-court legend, who won 32 of 48 second-set points.

Nadal faces Novak Djokovic in Sunday's final.

Rafael Nadal booked his place in the Rome Masters final with a 7-6 6-0 win over fellow Spaniard David Ferrer. - 2


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  1. Good luck in the final, Rafa! You will win it !­ VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Traian, on Sun 20 May 14:27
  2. Nadal is number 3 at the moment, not 2.

    From Bruce, on Sun 20 May 12:44
  3. @ aaditya do you remember how the "also­ run" del potro demolished mentally your perfect­ roger federer in a grand slem final?

    From , on Sun 20 May 9:13
  4. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Djokovic should win, so Federer retains second place :)

    From Rares, on Sun 20 May 4:31
  5. this promises to be a great showdown. i hope nadal­ wins.

    From emerita, on Sun 20 May 2:54
  6. I can't understand the significance of the stats­ above. Rafa has 20 masters 1000 wins, he has won the­ championship in Rome five times and I feel sure he has­ more than eleven wins on clay. Am I missing something­ here?

    From Kathleen M, on Sat 19 May 23:50
  7. I would like to echo that comment on wishing Rafa well­ tomorrow as always ..Go out and do your stuff legend!!

    From David, on Sat 19 May 21:56
  8. Good luck Rafa for tomorrow. Djoko vs Rafa matches are­ not as exciting as federer vs Rafa but these two are­ dominating tennis right now.

    From , on Sat 19 May 21:36
  9. Again, I do feel for Ferrer.. Hard to know how he feels­ having not beaten Rafa on this surface, frustration has­ to be one of the emotions though. Ferrer doesnt have a­ self-defeatist attitude when playing Rafa as some have­ claimed. Quite the opposite. He keeps fighting, points­ are earned not gifted, not against any player - in fact­ many players who fall apart against the big boys should­ use his mentality as a guide. Vamoss Rafa, as always,­ very happy to my favorite do well:)

    From Dosh, on Sat 19 May 21:19
  10. @Sasa, it depend wether Slim De Niro will go for it in­ the final agains Nadal or not, if so yest it's bad­ news for Spider Nado.

    From Ra.Planet of The Apes, on Sat 19 May 21:03
  11. VAMOS RAFA! :) great match! Rafa played excellent­ tennis! he didn't play bad in the first set just­ Daveeed played better and didn't allow him to play­ his best but once he got an opportunity in the second­ set he flew away with it...hard luck to Daveed but good­ luck Rafa against Novak tomorrow! I love you!!­ VAMOSSSSS!

    From Stephanie, on Sat 19 May 20:57
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Rafa@ I have a bad news for you......:-)

    From Sasa, on Sat 19 May 20:56
  13. no 36 comment is disgraceful .Why do u allow this­ comment to go thru !!! ­ annwil

    From Anne, on Sat 19 May 20:45
  14. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Nadal is awful, he knows how to play when it matters to­ him. He could have blown Ferrer away in Madrid if he­ really wanted to but he decided to have a tantrum over­ blue clay!

    From KA18, on Sat 19 May 19:03
  15. In Roland Garros, No one can beat fully fit Rafa Nadal.­ Mark my words....No one.Not even 1% chance of beating.­ If Rafa is fit for RG he will win whoever come in­ his way. Vamosssssssssssssssss Rafaaaaaa.

    From vikash, on Sat 19 May 18:59
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Great Eddie@ what's the logic behind your­ statement, out of their last 5 matches Nole lost only­ one.......on clay? Nole playin the best on beton, but­ last two years he is the only one able to compete with­ Rafa.

    From Sasa, on Sat 19 May 18:59
  17. in Roland Garos the pressure will be on the winner of­ Rome Master, Djoker wont push to the limit to win Rome­ it's suit the both not to meat in 1/2 final of­ Roland Garos, more likely Nadal will beat Djoker in 3­ set in the final of Rome Master.

    From Ra.Planet of The Apes, on Sat 19 May 18:47
  18. @Nicholas if you dont like rafa you have a funny way of­ showing it...Why arte you hanging around his pages­ constantly?..Sounds to me like someone might have a­ secret crush if the truth be told...

    From David, on Sat 19 May 18:45
  19. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    watched the first set till 5-5 and then decided it­ would be better to swim than watch the match. Nadal was­ lucky to win the first set. several missed­ opportunities for ferrer. the second set meltdown of­ ferrer is typical ferrer. this is the reason why ferrer­ will always remain an also ran. what separates these­ also ran players ( ferrer, berdych, del potro, murray )­ from federer, nole and rafa is the never say die­ attitude. even after facing several break points nadal­ refused to give in even though the quality of­ ferrer's groundstrokes were much better than nadals­ but i think in the end, mentally ferrer never believed­ he could beat nadal and vice versa.

    From aaditya, on Sat 19 May 18:44
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    @ mica mica ... Did you watched Hamburg's final­ 2008 between Roger and Rafa ? Exactly after this match­ i stopped admiring Nadal, because there is no­ sportsmanship of what he did during the match .

    From Nicholas, on Sat 19 May 18:42
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