Euro 2012 - England v Ukraine: Player ratings

Tue, 19 Jun 20:51:00 2012

Eurosport's Tom Adams assesses the performances after England's 1-0 win over Ukraine at Donetsk's Donbass Arena.

Euro 2012 England Ukraine Walcott Cole - 0


GK: Joe Hart - 6

Must rue the inability of the players in front of him to hold onto possession, but largely could not be faulted in his own contribution. Made a crucial stop to prevent Devic from scoring when through on goal, even if the ball crossed the line before Terry cleared, though was rather less convincing when palming out an effort from Konoplyanka.

RB: Glen Johnson - 5

Exposed far too frequently by the runs of Konoplyanka, his impact at both ends of the field was somewhat limited. However, Johnson pulled himself together after the break and showed renewed poise as the tie wore on.

CB: Joleon Lescott - 7

Impressive again at the back. His finest moment came with 15 minutes remaining when he stuck out a boot to prevent Milevskiy from heading home from close range after Hart had saved from Konoplyanka’s fierce effort.

CB: John Terry - 7

Another fine performance from one of England's best players at the tournament. He helped repel a succession of Ukraine attacks but should have done better with a header at the other end. His crucial moment came when, having been exposed in the build-up, he cleared from under the bar, even if the match officials failed to spot it had already crossed the line.

LB: Ashley Cole - 6

Misjudged a bouncing ball and was fortunate that Gusev did not punish him early on. Cole looked somewhat out of sorts in a nervous, rather insipid first half for England but along with his side improved in the second.

RM: James Milner - 5

Selected ahead of Walcott despite the winger's impact against Sweden, Milner was virtually anonymous in the first half and failed to track back and help out Johnson - ostensibly the reason he got into the team ahead of the Arsenal man.

CM: Steven Gerrard - 8

England’s captain was a threat once again with his nicely-flighted free-kicks and did fantastically well when creating the goal following a corner. Gerrard’s delivery has been central to England’s success and here it was matched by his all-round game.

CM: Scott Parker - 7

Produced a typically excellent block in a performance that did not divert a fraction from the norm; Parker even earned raucous cheers for blocking a cross with his face in the closing stages. Extracted every ounce of sweat as he refused to stop running.

LM: Ashley Young - 5

Again marginalised in an ineffectual performance, Young's form is cause for concern. He drifted in and out of the game on the left wing and failed to influence proceedings as he would have liked.

ST: Wayne Rooney - 7

England had waited two games for their attacking talisman to return but he made a big error in the first half when failing to head home despite being well placed to meet a Young cross at the back post. That became redundant just three minutes into the second half when he headed home and Rooney was far more influential in his link-up play thereafter.

ST: Danny Welbeck - 6

Far too isolated in a first half in which he completed just five passes, but the Manchester United forward grew into the contest and showed some nice touches when linking up with Rooney before his late removal for Carroll.


Theo Walcott (on 70') – 6

Failed to make the impact he did against Sweden and saw little of the ball. Was begging for a better pass when accelerating into the box to the left of Oxlade-Chamberlain late on.

Andy Carroll (on 82’) – 6

Proved a menace in his short time on the pitch when fighting for every aerial ball.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (on 87’) – N/A


GK: Andriy Pyatov - 4

Made a mess of a dangerous free-kick from Gerrard in an early sign of his fragility and was woefully culpable for England's goal as he allowed a deflected cross from the opposition's captain to squirm up off his arm and into the path of Rooney.

RB: Oleh Gusev - 7

Exploited an error from Cole to fizz a shot just over early on and was an important component in Ukraine's high-tempo start. He showed plenty of attacking intent and coped well with Young and Cole when they came forward on his side of the pitch.

CB: Yevhen Khacheridi – 5

Was a touch unconvincing and allowed Rooney to get away from him all too frequently in the second half. The centre-back was more of a liability as Ukraine allowed themselves to be opened up and looked vulnerable to pace.

CB: Yaroslav Rakitskiy - 6

Always looked keen to fire long diagonal balls out from the back and proved successful when doing so. Showed off his adventurous streak at times with a couple of long-range efforts.

LB: Yevhen Selin - 6

Was keen to join Konoplyanka in attacking the left side and whipped in one lovely low cross. Was given a difficult time by Gerrard when the captain probed wide on the England right but otherwise coped well with Milner and Walcott.

RM: Andriy Yarmolenko - 7

Criminally hesitated when played through on goal and saw another rather weak effort repelled by Hart. Still his movement posed England problems in the first half and he channelled Maradaona with one extraordinary dribble. He was involved in most of Ukraine’s best moments and went close late on.

CM: Anatoliy Tymoshchuk - 6

As calm and composed as you would expect from a man wearing the captain's armband and with well over 100 caps to his name. Tymoshchuk slowed the tempo when required but in the second half was unable to get a grip on what became an open contest.

CM: Oleh Garmash - 6

A fine effort from range after only seven minutes signalled his intent and the midfield, playing in an advanced role, was a constant threat with his clever movement. However, his influence waned as the game wore on and he became rather lost as an end-to-end contest developed.

LM: Yevhen Konoplyanka - 7

A real livewire on the left side of the Ukraine attack, the young man from Dnipro exhibited his excellent technique when taking on his man and was keen to drift central to influence the game. One thumping effort almost deceived Hart in the second half though the quality of his final product dropped.

ST: Marko Devic - 6

Showed a good touch and was mobile in attack, but saw too little of the ball in the first half. He was denied what should have been a goal when his effort bounced up off Hart and just sneaked over the line, only for the match officials to fail to spot it.

ST: Artem Milevskiy – 6

Missed a golden opportunity to head in an equaliser for Ukraine after 61 minutes and was involved in the game’s big moment of controversy, even if he was offside when the ball was played to him over the top and before he found Devic.


Andriy Shevchenko (on 71') – 6

Booked for a scything challenge on Young and his last international appearance was a bit of a non-event.

Bohdan Butko (on 77’) – N/A

Serhiy Nazarenko (on 78’) – N/A

Tom Adams in Donetsk / Eurosport

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  1. Re:44 Hi George, when the replay was shown on TV, the­ player who made the pass WAS offside when the ball was­ played to him, he then ran back to receive it and may­ have appeared to be onside. Difficult one for the­ linesman but when they froze the frame on TV, at the­ moment of release he was a yard offside so there really­ is no argument. The ball over the line incident would­ not have been an issue if the linesman had spotted this­ infringement. And yes, it was over the line, and yes,­ we need goal line technology, clearly the guy who­ stands at the side of the goal cannot be relied upon.

    From Tim, on Thu 21 Jun 9:19
  2. 55... get behind them all right - with a good lash and­ a big boot ........ make them go forward instead of­ trying miserably to pass across field all the time....

    From keith, on Thu 21 Jun 8:27
  3. the lot of them together weren't worth more than­ 5... the Ukrainians were better all round and it is­ England who should be out, not them. Just hope they­ get a good thrashing by Italy to show them their real­ ,position in world soccer!

    From keith, on Thu 21 Jun 8:25
  4. how can you give rooney a 7 and johnson a 5. have you­ started drinking again?

    From Steve, on Wed 20 Jun 21:48
  5. Lets all just embrace and cheer England for sowing some­ resilience in this years european cup of nations. The­ team has made us all proud and is through to the­ quarter finals when others has failed. They really­ worked very hard to get to this stage and i supposed­ everyone in the country should unite behind them on­ sunday nite. There is more yet to come from ashley­ young, welbeck theo walcot and wayne rooney. England­ now has to form a solid defence and keep oppositions at­ bay.England is just fantastic to watch and i dont­ really see them backing down to any team as yet, they­ ll win convincingly with the attacking force they have­ now, hold your breath coz there is much much better­ football to come from England yet/

    From , on Wed 20 Jun 21:25
  6. I am sick and tired of reading comments from people who­ have not got a clue about football or simply want to­ ridicule England because they have nothing better to­ do. Lets try and simplify things for the morons out­ there 1. Joe Hart, Will be world class with more­ experience just needs to command his box a bit more and­ should have done better with Goal against France. 8 ­ 2.Glen Johnson, Average player who struggles to defend­ but has looked ok at times, possible weak link .5 ­ 3.Joleon Lescott, Good player who has grown into the­ role and looks impressive .7 4. John Terry, Love him­ or hate him he still has the desire and at times is­ outstanding. 8 5.Ashley Cole, World Class, nuff said ­ 6.James Milner, Good player started well but has­ struggled more as the tournament has progressed and may­ well be on the bench against Italy. 6 7.Steven­ Gerrard, Oustanding from the captain and could well be­ the jewel in the crown.9 8. Scott Parker, Box to box­ tenacious fighter who's workrate and movement gives­ Gerrard time and space to shine. 8 9.Ashley Young,­ Very good player but his form is hit and miss, 50-50­ wether he's on the bench on sunday. 6 10.Wayne­ Rooney, World Class , Rusty at times but did what was­ expected ie scored, will improve for Italy game, 7 11.­ Danny Wellbeck, Exciting young player who can look­ brilliant but needs to be involved because he tends to­ drift out of games, Carrol could pinch his place on­ sunday. England have done well to get this far so will­ the knockers just sit down shut up and get behind the­ boys

    From peteri, on Wed 20 Jun 13:15
  7. correct walcott for milner young is to be replaced­ maybe he's been poor we need more direct­ players.....give them the bloody ball though!!

    From DAVID K, on Wed 20 Jun 12:57
  8. Fair comment 52 (Anthony) ..Parker stuck his face in­ where very very few others would do so. Ballsy, and­ chunky..maybe 6 then, instead of 5.

    From BenQ, on Wed 20 Jun 12:50
  9. So Roo gets 7 for doing nothing good except to score­ from 1 inch out? Come on, he was awful! His hair was­ even awful, he looks like a monk now with a brown upper­ and a grey lower ;-) I'd give terry 8 despite 2­ fouls that could have been penos, Gerrard 8, young 6­ for being slightly better than previously, and 5 for­ all the others. The Italian game is a great draw, and­ I'd fancy them to push on for a draw at­ least..italians this tournament are very fragile, and­ Ireland had them pegged for a long time..set pieces­ particularly. I'd drop Rooney for Carroll,­ introduce him for a half, or play rooney/Carroll with­ no Young (!) if needed..but England cannot continue to­ play a player who "might come good as he finds his­ feet again" They might only have 90 minutes to­ find them! anyway, a very lucky win, good luck in the­ next one..going to need improvement. Pity Ukraine, draw­ would have been ok for both!

    From BenQ, on Wed 20 Jun 12:49
  10. Can we give Parker some praise for f***s sake. The guy­ is in there to do a job and he has done that and more­ and is a rock. He is not pretty to watch but Busquets­ get rave reviews for Spain doing a similar job so­ let's give the lad the support he has earned.

    From Anthony L, on Wed 20 Jun 12:42
  11. @ t w He would not be getting the "freedom to­ "rome" you say, I'd say only the Pope has­ that! I understand the game well enough to know­ that Parker has been found out at this level. As­ regards Gerrard's freedom, he sat deep v France and­ has gradually been more attack minded, playing his­ natural game when he has the opportunity too, otherwise­ he is playing a captain's disciplined role. I would­ imagine as per instruction from Hodgson to support the­ front and wide players as much as possible. Try not­ being led by commentators falling over themselves to­ laud players as 'Brave and heroic' for making­ last ditch tackles. If they were as great as­ they're made out to be they wouldn't be getting­ beaten and found out of position in the first place.

    From phil m, on Wed 20 Jun 12:36
  12. It was Joe Hart who saved England from defeat

    From Walker, on Wed 20 Jun 12:30
  13. Tom adams at it again,johnson 5 get a grip lad,not his­ best game but worth more than a 5 !

    From behind the camera, on Wed 20 Jun 12:23
  14. "hey luigi"fanculo ! vaffanculo!

    From Alan Knights, on Wed 20 Jun 12:12
  15. Rooney was rubbish, not for the first time. He scored a­ goal a pub footballer could have scored and also missed­ a one my wife would have scored. Ukraine were the­ better team, but it's all about goals.

    From nigel, on Wed 20 Jun 11:59
  16. It was Ashley Young, not Cole, who misjudged the bounce­ and let in Gusev. Cole was typically solid in this­ game, and trouble down that side came mostly from the­ fact that Ashley Young seemed to be in the wrong place­ at every stage, leaving Cole one on one with Gusev or­ two on one at times.

    From distiller_dude21, on Wed 20 Jun 11:56
  17. Good to see England riding their luck for a change. ­ But wouldn't it be better to see them playing some­ football? Rooney rusty and showed once again the­ worryingly poor first touch he displayed towards the­ end of the last season. And it's a laugh the­ way all the pundits keep banging on about Ashley Cole­ being the best in the world. His positioning is poor at­ this competition and his distribution is worse.

    From Trevor, on Wed 20 Jun 11:53
  18. Re 37: As I understand the rules, it's the position­ of players when the ball is released. The player who­ was the recipient of the long pass was clearly not­ offside when the ball was released towards him. Surely­ he isn't offside if he runs ahead of the defender­ (as he did) and plays it? Is he supposed to wait on the­ defender to catch up with him? And he wasn't­ offside when he played it inside to the­ 'scorer'.

    From BIGMELTIE, on Wed 20 Jun 11:44
  19. I am sorry but these marks are ridiculous - Rooney a 7!­ He had the speed of a Sloth and the first touch of a­ serial killer! In fact his second touch was invariably­ a tackle. The fact is he scored a goal my mum (82)­ would have trouble missing and he missed a couple of­ sitters before then. I really like and rate Hodgson­ but think he made a mistake bringing a­ "Talisman" with a fairly poor international­ scoring record in and disrupting the team. Welbeck and­ Carroll should have been our starting forwards and­ Rooney should have come on as a Sub when the match had­ been won (and it would have been) to give him a­ run-out!

    From ROBERT, on Wed 20 Jun 11:33
  20. Are yahoo getting the Daily mail to write articles now­ pathetic! If you Ukraine had a decent striker we­ would have been battered. But at least everyone plays­ for the team and for me that is a HUGE bonus it is­ something to build from, Gerard was immense he carried­ the team.

    From Dave, on Wed 20 Jun 11:25
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