Champions League - Chelsea hailed at trophy parade

Sun, 20 May 16:22:00 2012

Tens of thousands of Chelsea fans lined the streets of West London to celebrate the club's historic Champions League and FA Cup double.

FOOTBALL Chelsea fans celebrate their Champions League victory at an open-top bus parade through West London on May 21 - 0

Hoards of jubilant supporters saluted their heroes during an open-top bus parade less than 24 hours after the Blues' dramatic Champions League penalty shoot-out triumph in Munich.

The rolling procession kicked off from Stamford Bridge, with manager Roberto Di Matteo, captain John Terry and the rest of the double-winning Chelsea team displaying their newly-won silverware.

The Blues were crowned European club champions for the first time in their history after a dramatic final in Germany on Saturday night. They overcame Bayern Munich in their home stadium after the match went to extra time.

Around 25,000 Chelsea fans packed behind one of the goals in the Allianz Arena, while many more crammed into bars in London and around the UK to follow the action live on TV.

Even Prime Minister David Cameron managed to catch the nail-biting shoot-out, watching the drama unfold alongside German chancellor Angela Merkel and other world leaders at the G8 summit at Camp David in the US.

Didier Drogba was Chelsea's hero, scoring the equalising goal in the dying minutes of normal time and netting the spot-kick to win the shoot-out 4-3.

The team's last victory parade saw around 70,000 excited fans flock to the streets to celebrate the club's 2010 Premier League and FA Cup double.

The bus celebration followed the same route, travelling along streets including Fulham Road and King's Road before ending in Parsons Green.

Champions League : Chelsea

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  1. Marley- Jimmy Jump!!!!

    From Lilvillan, on Mon 21 May 14:51
  2. remember that guy who used to sneak into football­ matches..and get himself into photo's and stuff. he­ once managed to get on the end of the united team line­ up on the pitch before a game and shook hands with the­ opposition. he also got into the photo of them­ celebrating with the premiership trophy at old trafford­ once.he was always turning up then he just­ disappeared..until saturday night....he actually­ managed to get past all that security in a chelsea­ kit..and got to receive the trophy...he is a legend.

    From The Master, on Mon 21 May 13:39
  3. #202 aren't you supposed to be an adult to post on­ these forums..i didnt know yahoo sport was a pre-school­ subject...put away your stolen phone and get on with­ your sums.

    From The Master, on Mon 21 May 13:35
  4. The " crowd " was a similar one that you see­ in Syria supporting Assad.

    From RICHARD, on Mon 21 May 13:34
  5. oh no that one was almost literate 4good..have you just­ come from english pre school lessons?.keep it up by the­ time you realise that that victory your team and most­ definitely your captain is seen as a joke by the whole­ football world, we may understand something you say.

    From The Master, on Mon 21 May 13:33
  6. Hello my name is John Terry.When I'm not bailing­ out Mum on shoplifting charges or daddy on drugs­ charges I like to pretend I'm a footballer in the­ Champions League final with my fancy dress kit on. ­ Yes I am a sad excuse for a human being and a total­ tosser.

    From RICHARD, on Mon 21 May 13:32
  7. @4 good i wasnt aware that yahoo was allowed in­ schools...must be play time..did you have your milk­ yet. did mummy pack you dairy lea dunkers all nicely­ and cut the corners off your sandwiches, if she had­ time between doing me and the bloke next door last­ night..must be hard with city and chelsea winning..what­ scarf are you going to buy off ebay now with your­ pocket money..why not save up your pocket money. then­ wait and see who wins the charity shield and then you­ can base your team for next year on that..and perhaps­ you can get a little shirt with a name on it too. hang­ on i better talk some of your language too so you­ understand...ha ha ha hoo hoo hoo muwahahah lol omg­ pmsl brb l8r u sad sad little boy.

    From The Master, on Mon 21 May 13:30
  8. John Terry won the award for the best fancy dress with­ his replica Chelsea kit.Strange there wasn't a mark­ on it.

    From RICHARD, on Mon 21 May 13:29
  9. I'm John Terry and I dress up in fancy dress­ Chelsea kit to make it look as if I was playing.Yes I­ am a tosser.

    From RICHARD, on Mon 21 May 13:28
  10. I think its not parker/marley,they are an item,a very­ small one at that.So thats where parkers hiding­ marley,up your dark passage.

    From Oosthat, on Mon 21 May 13:26
  11. el tony comment 179 the attitude and childlike­ hahaha's and all that pre scholl stuff from the­ likes of 4good...will never transcend from here to the­ football stadium..because the retardos like that havent­ ever been to the ground, are never likely to go and­ will talk absolute tripe about whichever team they­ think will win this year and so become a so called­ supporter. muppets. what used to be two fine english­ teams turned into a laughing stock by dirty oil money.­ the real chelsea fans and city fans dont like it, so­ you wont find them on here with all that girl stuff.­ and would never be saying how glad they are to have­ sold out to sheiks and the kgb. the ones with real­ brains and the ones that were on here before they won­ not after...have a brain and realise its all going to­ crumble around them. and is going to end very badly.

    From The Master, on Mon 21 May 13:25
  12. parker probably marley,or is'nt that a dog in a­ film,i know you marley you that pot hunter from­ nowhereland.Chelsea can win on penalties­ parker/marley,you cant win at all gay boy.

    From Oosthat, on Mon 21 May 13:17
  13. Congrats Chelsea, you bought the Champions League­ trophy back to England, with an emphasis on BOUGHT!!

    From JVR, on Mon 21 May 13:01
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    From Raz, on Mon 21 May 12:31
  15. We here in Ogoni Nigeria equally celebrate with Chelsea­ it's a great achievement kudos

    From VEN. MPIGI PhD, on Mon 21 May 12:20
  16. #4good ...don't lie you were a city fan last week­ and were a united fan last year and will probably­ support spain at the euros. glory chasing child.

    From The Master, on Mon 21 May 11:36
  17. hey i wonder what's happened to paul­ parker...wonder if he's finally quit putting­ nonsense up...i haven't seen him on here since his­ "chelsea cannot win on penalties!" article­ last

    From The Master, on Mon 21 May 11:33
  18. i really apreaciate what the blues had done

    From Karisimbi, on Mon 21 May 10:31
  19. I think its david and peter,two peas in a pod,not­ football supporters but netball and they just wish they­ were like the rest of us,nomal football people,dont you­ ?....................Oh yes you­ do,hahahahahahahahahahaha.

    From Oosthat, on Mon 21 May 9:13
  20. Ahhh! petebogdavinia still biting like a little­ fishy,its a shame you not so happy for your team as you­ are gay in yourself.When you grow up and reach puberty­ your daddy will let you go to football on your­ own,until then go change that stinky nappy.You just­ wish your team were winners like mine dont you­ ?......................Oh yes you­ do,hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha­ hahahaha.Only joking,dont mean to make you cry,little­ diddums.

    From Oosthat, on Mon 21 May 8:59
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