Liverpool manager search continues

Mon, 21 May 17:24:01 2012

Liverpool will continue the process of sounding out prospective candidates for the vacant manager's job this week.

Another name was definitively removed from the list after Ajax coach Frank de Boer turned down the chance to discuss the position, while Marseille coach Didier Deschamps has said he expects to be in charge of the Ligue 1 club for the start of pre-season training.

Principal owner John Henry and chairman Tom Werner opted for a recruitment process which involved sounding out the best possible candidates, irrespective of how numerous that list may have been. Press Association Sport understands by next week they could be in a position to draw up a proper shortlist of possibly up to five contenders.

But the Americans, assisted by managing director Ian Ayre, are determined to thoroughly examine all avenues to ensure they give themselves the best chance of finding the right man to succeed Kenny Dalglish, who was sacked almost a week ago.

De Boer turned down the chance to speak to Liverpool as he feels he has an unfinished job at his current club, despite winning back-to-back league titles having taken over from Martin Jol in 2010.

"I am honoured by the request but I have only just started with Ajax," the 42-year-old former Holland international told Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. "In Amsterdam, we are on a new path and I, along with Wim Jonk and Dennis Bergkamp - my colleagues on the technical side - want to bring success. That's why I will stay loyal to Ajax in the coming years."

Deschamps, having been considered for the job after Rafael Benitez's departure almost two years ago, was also believed to be one of the people FSG were keen to talk to.

Marseille finished a disappointing 10th in Ligue 1 but the former France international believes his future remains at the Stade Velodrome.

"It is expected that I be there next season," he told French journalists. "When it goes badly, there is need to recharge. I will leave on vacation but it is expected that I be there (Marseille) for July 2."

Former Porto and Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas remains one of the favourites while Wigan's Roberto Martinez has also been given permission to speak with Henry and Werner.


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  1. Get Rafael Benitez. He loved Liverpool, just that the­ last owners were a pair of b*****s.

    From SJ, on Thu 31 May 8:05
  2. in rafa i trust..

    From Del Reds Piero, on Wed 23 May 7:18
  3. liverpool need to be managed by new breed of liverpool­ bleeding ex players..and i believe jamie redknapp can­ do it...we need to pump back the heart which once was­ Shankly's and Paisley..Benitez too i believe is a­ true Red managers

    From Ular, on Wed 23 May 3:39
  4. Teams managed Barcelona B Liverpool

    From MICHAEL, on Tue 22 May 22:03
  5. Rafa still lives in the wirral and donates thousands to­ causes in mersyside he must come back he loves the­ place it was the last owners he had the problems with.

    From EDNA, on Tue 22 May 21:00
  6. The trend suggest that Managers not thinking too­ English will help. MAN U, ARSEMAL, and MAN C are not­ playing typical English game. Martinez may be young,­ but clearly he could cope and is a seemly risk worth­ taking. Liverpool was too English in their signing last­ session, allowing many stars leave without­ replacements. A mix bag of stars from principal­ leagues of Spain, Germany, Italy and France fusing will­ be better team. Dalglish pays a price of taking wrong­ decisions, I believe he could not get the capital of­ field performance to retain his job. He spent a huge­ nudgey too poorly and definitely Liverpool need a new­ technical bench and few players add-on.

    From Sunday, on Tue 22 May 19:23
  7. How do you expect anybody to take the job when the­ previous guy won a cup and was finalist in the­ other.Beat the European champions home and away and­ again in the cup qualifying rounds and still gets­ sacked after twelve months with 6 of the first team new­ to the system and feeling their way? Key injuries and­ the Suarez stitch up did not help either but we know we­ are better than the league finish we achieved.If I was­ a top manager I would think hard about working for John­ Henry I would know the potential in the side but doubt­ the backing and time to succeed would be forthcoming.As­ somebody already said without anybody lined up what­ were they thinking of??? PAUL

    From PAUL, on Tue 22 May 18:59
  8. Are we preparing ourselves in relegation battle­ already? Why bring in Martinez? If it is really going­ to relegation battle, I guess we can still bring him in­ come January. For now, let's bring in manager in­ top level. My choice would be o'Neal.

    From , on Tue 22 May 16:55
  9. A quick one, it is an insult to even think of asking­ martinez to manage lfc. A big insult. Fenway sports­ must get their acts together, and drop this recruitment­ process nonsense, as this will bring it the least­ qualified with the lowest salary possible !!!! my­ advice, aim high , and approach the best possible, and­ not minnows !!! Lfc legendary status is being eroded­ very fast. Everyone, must stand up and resist this. We­ are lfc , in anfield ! Remember !!!! ian rush, please­ do not just seat there and watch !!! I saw the­ frustration on your face during the f a cup final. Pls­ rally all true supporters around, and employ the best ­ high profile coach for lfc.

    From bobo k, on Tue 22 May 15:31
  10. no Rafael plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    From , on Tue 22 May 13:41
  11. This is getting silly now, they must have had a­ manager sussed out before they sacked Kenny surely. ­ Just tell us who it is FSG you are just inviting the­ media to make up stories. As you are American you have­ no clue, the press hate Liverpool and would do anything­ to bring them down. Right now they are really happy­ making you all look stupid, as you are not replying we­ can only presume that in fact you are.

    From Yvonne, on Tue 22 May 13:35
  12. yanks out theyre fuckin useless get benetiz back now

    From William E, on Tue 22 May 12:50
  13. RAFA just using liverpool to get a place in spain..­ look what happened before he leave liverpool.. he send­ best xabi & aberloa to real.. but we didnt know­ that he has a plan to go to real..

    From nippon, on Tue 22 May 11:15
  14. hannelelaws; I wonder if you have to be given­ directions home each day.

    From MICHAEL, on Tue 22 May 11:14
  15. dont want martinez liverpool is now in free fall cant­ attract top managers sold all our best players we are­ now in the midtable league fsg dont want to pump inthe­ money to get into the champ/league all we doin now is­ buying players who are overpriced and anit no good our­ historys only as good as our future and i see no futrue­ and our history is becoming a distant pass

    From JOHN, on Tue 22 May 11:06
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Ajax coach Frank de Boer and Marseille coach Didier­ Deschamps, have turned down Liverfools because both of­ them know, Liverfools is a POISONED CHALICE. Liverfools­ will NEVER EVER again challenge anyone in the Barclays­ Premiership, because like Miss Havesham they are faded­ and dead. Liverfools a dead team, never to be­ resurrected, like Lazarus. Liverfools part of the faded­ past.

    From hannelelaws, on Tue 22 May 10:01
  17. Don't get me wrong, Rafa had a good record and is a­ club legend for all he achieved. Only thing is that his­ best was achieved with Ayesteran and we should not want­ him back unless the partnership is re-consummated. The­ good things he achieved and for which he is a club hero­ are, winning #5 in 05, winning FA cup, restructuring­ the academy to churn out the likes of Kelly, Flanagan,­ Robinson and Shelvey (maybe Sterling), and lastly to­ bring back Dalglish into the club. If he is to come­ back, we want 2004-07 Benitez, not 2008-10 version­ which was also a failure at Inter.

    From FootballFanatic, on Tue 22 May 9:14
  18. why dont they just listed Pako Ayestarán name in their­ list! it would be great ! :)

    From playerz almeo, on Tue 22 May 9:10
  19. I don't want Rafa back but blaming Rafa's rant­ for not winning the title is rubbish. He drew the fire­ to him when our captain and the club's talismanic­ player decided to gang beat an innocent man in a pub­ over a Phil Collins song. I bet the dressing room was­ really fun after that! I agree with comments about­ Rafa's relationship and the influence of Ayesteran,­ but remember that when Rafa came to Liverpool he was­ screaming angry about the inflexibility of English­ teams (Liverpool) to be able to switch up tactics and­ formations mid-match. Our decline also began with the­ departure of Sami who not only marshalled the defence­ but linked it to the midfield. Now we have a bunch of­ tacklers but not players who lead the line. ­ Liverpool have gone backwards as our players are good­ footballers but not intelligent ones. Rafa­ didn't sign Keane, Keane was forced on him. Rafa­ signed a lot of tripe but he flipped them out of the­ club just as quick with minimal financial loss. I­ don't want Rafa back, but I can see his record­ objectively!

    From Nav, on Tue 22 May 8:51
  20. Well said MICHAEL and Global LFC. Complete sense. I am­ appalled by the number of people that are still­ brainwashed by the Rafa bandwagaon. On top of all the­ points tha you 2 mention I was always dismayed at the­ constant drivel, snippets and rumours about Liverpool­ in the press while Rafa was in charge. Oddly enough it­ stopped when he left! Top top it all the squad­ structure that he left in place was a complete­ disaster. Full of people that never contributed to the­ first 11 while they sat down collecting enormous wage­ packets. We're still recovering from that now 2­ years on! Us Liverpool fans need patience. FSG will­ appoint someone and it will be the best fit for them­ and the club of those people tha are available. The­ club sill has hard times ahead and getting the right­ person in now is critical. We need someone with the­ ability and the foresight to build something new, from­ scratch while the back room management completely­ rebuild the club on other fronts. It will be a long and­ slow process I fear. I hope not but many one here need­ to appreciate the scale of the task. which doesn't­ get any easier with City and United running away­ financially

    From Colyn, on Tue 22 May 8:29
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