Premier League - Solskjaer rejects Villa job

Tue, 22 May 22:55:00 2012

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has turned down the chance of managing Aston Villa, a spokesman for the Premier League club said.

McLeish sacked as Villa

"Solskjaer is no longer an alternative for Aston Villa. He has said no for family reasons," Bryan Doogan told Norway's TV2 Sport.

TV2 Sport said the Molde manager told Aston Villa, who fired boss Alex McLeish after a disappointing season, of his decision following a dinner with Molde sponsor Kjell Inge Rokke.

Rokke's company Aker withdrew more than 20 million Norwegian crowns ($3.37 million) in sponsorship following Solskjaer's decision to visit Birmingham to talk to Aston Villa about the managerial vacancy


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  1. I believe Ant and Dec are both still available -­ Who's your next messiah?

    From Pugh McGrew, on Thu 24 May 0:13
  2. Just read Craig's post. He states that the debt is­ £53m. I apologise if my figures are incorrect and you­ clearly have greater knowledge of AV finances than I. I­ simply researched EPL debts and that's what came­ up. I think all of my other points are pretty much­ accurate! Apologies re debt figures.

    From jez, on Wed 23 May 22:28
  3. Ole wants a big club, a well run club, a club that­­ does not have money grabbing American owners, a club­­ that is not operating in a dilapidated stadium, a club­­ that is not running at a debt of £110m, a club where­­ the fans support their manager. Villa? I don't­ think so! If Heskey had still been there, he may have­ considered it!

    From jez, on Wed 23 May 22:18
  4. gareth southgate

    From john A V forever., on Wed 23 May 21:50
  5. Does that make Mick McCarthy the bookies favourite for­ the job? Just a thought!

    From DAVID J, on Wed 23 May 15:31
  6. Go for Petrescu...he's dying to manage in Prem­ League. Knows the english game well and has proven to­ be a good enough manager.

    From Marco, on Wed 23 May 15:03
  7. Why are Villa a joke, J #46? As Zippy says, He was­ never offered the job, he was only a candidate. I­ would have liked him at Villa Park, but there are­ others just as, if not more than, capable.

    From nigel, on Wed 23 May 14:49
  8. That settles it. The job is Noddy Holders. What a joke­ outfit Villa are.

    From J, on Wed 23 May 13:57
  9. i bet the baggies are laughing there nuts off

    From sinbad the sailor, on Wed 23 May 13:02
  10. Bit of a false story as Solskjaer wasn't offered­ the job but merely had an interview to ascertain his­ suitability. The Villa board have obviously learnt that­ interviewing & then employing only one candidate­ has been nothing but disastrous. Hopefully this time­ they will be more prudent in their appointment.

    From zippy, on Wed 23 May 11:56
  11. What happened to the Gus Poyet rumour? Did he turn us­ down already? Anyway, Peter Withe fancies it. He's­ at Woodley, in the Arkwrights Ready To Eat Low Fat Pork­ Sausage League (West) and if Arkwrights withdraw their­ sponsorship I'm not sure anyone will notice! BTW­ its 30 years ago on Saturday that he scored that­ glorious winner against Bayern; that would be a great­ opportunity to announce he's coming! Frankly, we­ seem to be running out of viable alternatives!

    From Rick, on Wed 23 May 10:36
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Villa---my tip for relegation this coming season.­ Liverpool to just stay up if Rupert the bear gets the­ managers job...coyb

    From thomas c, on Wed 23 May 10:30
  13. it was a good opportunity to test himself in the­ Premier League..

    From Nastytackle, on Wed 23 May 10:15
  14. faulkner n lerner ...the comedy duo"!!!!!!!!!!!

    From sean d, on Wed 23 May 9:33
  15. Hi Chris, comment 33. Good comment.. I was intrigued,­ following your suggestion that Villa regularly finish­ in the top 6, and thought I'd check their league­ position history, since Premier League began. Well, my­ memory must be worsening, as rightly so, they finished­ 6th 3 years in a row, ending when they finished 9th­ last season... I really was surprised by this! ­ Looking back over their Prem record, they DO have a­ cycle of a few years of decent finishes followed by an­ abysmal season finishing close to the bottom. 93- 2nd,­ 94- 10th, 95- 18th (out of 22). Then 96 - 4th, 97 -­ 5th, then 7th, 6th, 6th, 8th, 8th. But then 03- 16th!­ Then 6th. Then 2 yrs later - 16th. 08,09,10 - 6th each­ year. 12- 16th. It repeats itself over and over. ­ Villa's average position over the first 10 years of­ the Premier League (if recalculating the first 3 years­ when there were 22 teams to give an approximate­ position based on 20 teams) = 7.1 Over the last 10­ years = 10.2. Average position for Villa is 8.65,­ pretty mid-table. Which shows that Villa are­ historically either pretty exciting, or they're­ pretty terrible. One good omen for Villa is that every­ time they've finished 16th (or 18th) - which is­ once every 5 years - they've bounced back to 6th or­ better either the following season, or at most, the­ season after. The worst finish following a 16th was­ 11th. Comforting?

    From Ross, on Wed 23 May 9:33
  16. False Dawn - agree. Going to Villa Park now days is­ like a trip up the Khyber Pass.

    From Interested observer, on Wed 23 May 8:44
  17. Villas boas should get the job, his name is similar for­ a start. Look at other teams whos managers names are­ similar. Arsene wenger = Arsenal Mancini = Manchester­ city Ancellotti = chelsea. Steve kean out, Tony­ Blackburn in.

    From owen, on Wed 23 May 8:21
  18. dont forget losing Martin Laursen -- quality defender. ­ Villa are gonners.

    From paul g, on Wed 23 May 7:56
  19. What has happened at Villa?? a few years ago they had­ class players like Carew, Milner, Downing, Young and­ Friedel, were manager by M.ON who has got to be one of­ the best managers in Britain, regularly finishing in­ the top look at them....experienced stewards­ like Heskey and Petrov and are gone the youngsters­ while decent aren't ever going to be top players.­ Villa like my club Liverpool are huge clubs but the top­ managers out there are reluctant to come knowing the­ job in front of them is huge and they might not be­ given the time and money to achieve it.......I like­ Villa but really fear for them next season as I believe­ the likes of Southampton, Reading and especially West­ Ham will spend big in order to stay up.

    From Christopher, on Wed 23 May 5:48
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    what a joke villa park has become....employing a 2nd­ rate manager in AMcL....cannot even get a untried one­ OGS just what is going on season ticket holders­ dropping like flies......gates down....and a team full­ of wonder blues fans take the­ piss......from the top club in the midlands WBA we say­ get your act together...

    From KEN. K, on Wed 23 May 0:33
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