Nadal drubs Djokovic in Monte Carlo final

Sun, 22 Apr 14:53:00 2012

Rafael Nadal won the Monte Carlo Masters after beating Novak Djokovic in straight sets 6-3 6-1.

2012 Monte Carlo Masters Rafael Nadal celebrates winning title - 0

It means Nadal takes the title for the eighth time in succession after an impressively dominant performance against the world number one.

Djokovic looked well below par the entire match as he was broken five times in total. It means Nadal breaks a run of seven straight defeats to Djokovic and provides a massive psychological boost in the build up to Roland Garros.

"It's my favourite tournament in the world," Nadal said on centre court after Monaco's Prince Albert handed him the trophy. "You make me feel incredible feelings."

Nadal struck early as he broke in the third game of the opening set. A piercing backhand winner up the line got the crowd on their feet for the first time and Djokovic followed it with a poor backhand that drifted wide to gift the Spaniard the game.

Djokovic was strangely off colour, hitting more than twice as many unforced errors as winners. He managed to cling to his following three service games, but Rafa once again broke to take the set as the Serbian hit a succession of backhands long.

itw Nadal and Djokovic

Once again the break came early in the second set for Nadal as the errors continued to fly off his opponent's racket. Djokovic's usually fearsome backhand completely broke down as he failed to get over the vicious top spin applied by Nadal.

It wasn't all due to Djokovic's lack of form though. Nadal was at times back to his astonishing best, and the point of the match came as he got the double break. The Spaniard retrieved ball after ball, finally lobbed Djokiovic, then slotted away the follow up, leaving his opponent rooted to the spot.

There was brief hope for Djokovic as he broke immediately back to love in the fifth, but Nadal did the same in the sixth game to regain the double break. By now Djokovic had thrown in the towel and it was a simple task for Nadal to serve it out, an ace a fitting way to take the title.

"I'm sorry about my performance today," said Djokovic, who is based in Monaco. "Congratulations to Rafa, he deserves to win. Me, I'll be back next year."


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  1. Teodora loves Sam.

    From EDDIE, on Fri 4 May 20:49
  2. @161, Sasa: I don't know what you mean when you­ said "I can bet with you that you are going to­ change­ your mind after Madrid" Djoko and Rafa are­ equally my favorites together with Fed and I am trying­ to be fair on my comments which may sound unfair to­ others who adore their individual idols. If you mean­ I'll change my mind about Nadal being the King of­ Clay if he loses in Madrid, I won't as my favorites­ beat one another and sometimes they lose as no one can­ win all the time. For Nadal to lose his crown as King­ of Clay he has to be beaten more times especially in­ the French Open. Djoko 's loss to Nadal at Monte­ Carlo does not affect his being number one in the­ world. One defeat does not justify the opposite.­ It's still Djoko, all hands down. He may become the­ King of Clay someday but not this year as that is too­ early as Nadal I predict will win his record breaking­ 7th French Crown.The one who has a chance to be the­ next King of Clay is Fed as he is the second best clay­ courter in the world. Though Fed is 30, he is not­ finished yet. He could still win one or two GS,­ Wimbledon or USO. As to Djoko he has a slim chance of­ winning his Djoko Slam and the Calendar Slam, though­ unlikely this year, though slimly possible. Vamos­ Federico, Djoko & Nadal!

    From EDDIE, on Tue 24 Apr 14:14
  3. sasa lets see what happens in rome and madrid, this­ year may well be different, we will see.

    From ralph, on Tue 24 Apr 13:58
  4. Nadal put on a clinic against pressure Novak. It was­ only a matter of time before the wheels came off the­ Djokovic gravy train. VAMOSSSSSSSS

    From TennisIsLife, on Tue 24 Apr 13:52
  5. EDDIE@ I can bet with you that you are going to change­ your mind after Madrid....

    From Sasa, on Tue 24 Apr 13:41
  6. Esthetic@ Nadal got 500 points from last year­ Barcelona.

    From Sasa, on Tue 24 Apr 13:37
  7. Nadal was excellent in Monte Carlo, as he was in the­ past, but this time he defeated Novak's shadow, not­ Novak and he should be aware of that fact.

    From Mirjana, on Tue 24 Apr 10:25
  8. No doubt that Nadal is the king of clay and almost­ unbeatable on this surface, which bodes well for him at­ the French Open.

    From M, on Tue 24 Apr 10:16
  9. Could anyone please explain to me how the pts­ difference bet. Nadal and Federer grew bigger after­ Monte Carlo eventhough Nadal won it last year (meaning­ he doesn't win pts) and Federer didn't­ participate last year ( meaning he doesn't lose any­ pts either)? The pts are showing that Federer did not­ lose pts which makes sense, but how did Nadal win pts.­ He was supposed to be defending his pts. Thx

    From Esthetic, on Tue 24 Apr 8:47
  10. Thanks sam, that´ll do nicely.

    From John, on Tue 24 Apr 7:41
  11. Well done Rafa, I told you it was just a matter of time­ to knock out Djokovic. Rafa King of clay you are back.­ Fantastic job, I can't wait to see your performance­ at Roland Garros, be a merciless warrior.

    From Ethan-j, on Tue 24 Apr 0:33
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Instead of mocking at Sam (yes, his predictions proved­ to be awfully wrong) we can notice that anyone of us­ may be like him when one way or another we dive in bias­ assessments. So, let us try to rely on real evidence­ and respect the history of the game and it's heroes­ not allowing the fuss of the moment to prevail over the­ reason. Or... let's assume that even disguised in­ intelligent looks our wishful thinking makes us­ Sam's peers.

    From Teodora, on Tue 24 Apr 0:30
  13. Well done Rafa!!

    From Dee G, on Tue 24 Apr 0:07
  14. At the end of the day we are all arguing look clearly­ we all love tennis some love roger federer and as a­ nadal fan i may not like him but i respect what he has­ acheived as a tennis player and that from a tennis fan,­ I would never knock feds achievements sixteen majors­ nineteen masters five world tour wins i mean enough­ said he is truly the best ever however Nadal has­ achieved so much too at only twenty five he has ten­ majors, too his name twenty masters titles eight monte­ carlo masters, six barcelona and six roland garros­ titles as of yet he has also won gold medal in singles­ and five davis cup medals both have won career slams­ and to be honest both have contributed to us tuing in­ or sitting down to watch tennis. For me rivalries have­ huge impacts and for me federer and nadal are just the­ next stage of sampras, aggassi sampras won more majors­ fourteen but won less masters titles aggassi won eight­ majors gold medal and all four but was six majors short­ of sampras when he retired. Sampras dominated wimbledon­ and hard courts but just couldnt master clay, aggassi­ managed to all four majors and reached the french open­ final twice in his career winning it once. As of yet­ Fed is six majors ahead of nadal but short on masters­ titles but both have won career slams although arguably­ nadal is the better clay court player fed is arguably­ better grass and hard court player. Then comes djokovic­ an amazing player too and achieved so much in also a­ short time in his career but in the end they are all­ amazing in their own way I hope that sam you are wrong­ and nadal does win a major this year but as a fan of­ tennis would love to see fed win one more also but to­ you saying he will win twenty two sorry I would­ disagree think maybe two if he is lucky but hoping he­ wins a major this year too as does nadal i hope and­ hell even nice to see murray finally break his duck­ Vamos nadal good luck for the rest of the year and­ hopefuly win a major somewhere vamos nadal

    From nicholas, on Mon 23 Apr 23:57
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Djokovic had looked shaky all week - no surprise with­ the death of his grandfather. Playing at the highest­ level costs not just physical but emotional energy too­ so the result was a given before the match started.

    From , on Mon 23 Apr 23:10
  16. Check this out ala Sam Parikh, "I don't read­ your comments either"...but here I am responding­ and repeating your words exactly the same as you have­ used them in your comments. Is he for real?

    From Dan, on Mon 23 Apr 21:48
  17. Joker costs KING 3 Majors for 1. I bet .. KING will­ double that number ( 3*2 ) winning 6 in a row.. by­ that time GoaT will be babi sitting..and Joker will be­ crawling to find eMotions ..

    From Saw, on Mon 23 Apr 21:42
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Nicholas funny I don't read ur comments either.­ They r kinda dum anyways and I am lovin it when I give­ thumps down! And oh yeah u too will become a federer­ fan soon!

    From Sam parikh, on Mon 23 Apr 21:32
  19. EDDIE@145 I have always thought I had a way with words­ but you got that right on the butter buddie. That was­ cruel on Sam...but oh so right!

    From Dan, on Mon 23 Apr 19:09
  20. The Clay Season is for Nadal, the Grass may be for Fed,­ the hard court may be for Djoko and HELL is for Sam.

    From EDDIE, on Mon 23 Apr 18:42
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