UEFA may review rule that hit Spurs Champions League bid


Wed, 23 May 19:09:00 2012

The Champions League rule which has denied Tottenham Hotspur a place in next season's competition because Chelsea won Saturday's final could be reviewed by UEFA's executive committee, president Michel Platini said on Wednesday.

Chelsea automatically qualified for next season as European champions despite only finishing sixth in the Premier League.

If they had lost on Saturday they would have only qualified for the Europa League, but their victory over Bayern Munich means that they, rather than Spurs who finished fourth in the Premier League, will compete in the Champions League.

Speaking in Budapest ahead of this week's FIFA Congress, Platini said he was aware the rule was unpopular because of the potentially huge Champions League revenue a club can lose because of another's success.

But he told reporters: "Everything can be discussed - the rules, yellow cards, but not during the competition. Perhaps in the next executive committee we can speak about it".

On Tuesday, FIFA president Sepp Blatter questioned whether Chelsea should be allowed to enter next season's Champions League because he said all confederations should follow FIFA's rules on competition winners.

Blatter told Reuters: "We had this rule in FIFA that the winner of the World Cup was automatically qualified and we abandoned it, so the winner of a competition should not be automatically qualified.

"This is the FIFA rule and if we have the same rule all around the world then this should be applicable to UEFA as well."

Platini rejected suggestions that Tottenham were being unfairly punished and that by denying them a place in the competition it made a mockery of their season.

"No, they have not been punished, they know the rules, they should have been third and not fourth, they could have finished first. Did they fight for first place?"


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  1. Surely, UEFA, this rule is grossly unpopular and they­ know this, don't they? If Chelsea were 10th on the­ English log for instance, imagine how ridiculously­ mocked the whole thing would have been to displace­ Spurs on her hard-fought position! The argument the­ UEFA president holds that Spurs could have been 1st,­ 2nd or 3rd on the log doesn't hold substance, does­ it? Unless, of course, they at UEFA just blatantly­ refuse to accept the strength of the English league and­ the mess of that refusal is now the shame of the game­ that's now so disgracefully stuck out, hasn't­ it? The best UEFA could have done is to allow Chelsea­ go for play-off as Liverpool did when a similar­ situation happened, so would Spurs by virtue of their­ finish on the log. For Platini whom, by the way, I so­ much hold in very high esteem to make this sort of­ statement is both mistaken and unfortunate and the fans­ of football couldn't have been better pleased with­ some apologies! If he could make this unfortunate­ statement, could he or UEFA also explain why Chelsea­ didn't finish well on the English log if they were­ that good to be champions? The whole argument here is­ neither to undo either of the two English giants, but­ rather, to buttress the strength of the English Premier­ League. I couldn't agree more, for instance, with­ FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, who now has seen the need­ to modify the determination of a football game result­ on penalty shoot-outs. Especially with what transpired­ on UCL championship match, after Drogba's winner, I­ heard the English commentator with all sorts of­ exclamatory adjectives like unbelievable, incredible,­ destiny, etc to qualify Chelsea's glory, of course,­ based on the prevailing rules of football. The rules­ were there no doubt, but the truth also is, Spurs has­ been outdone under such, an amendment to this­ couldn't be worse, could it? We salute Chelsea and­ the English League for this feat, take heart and cheer­ up Spurs for the sacrif

    From Jim Roggo, on Tue 29 May 11:53
  2. Spurs were a flash in the pan and will amount to­ nothing next season Chelsea ha ve been consist and for­ years and other than the villa boas fiasco would have­ made third anyway

    From Sadoldgit, on Tue 29 May 0:03
  3. As a spurs fan i was disappointed not to get into the­ champions league,but the rules are the rules at this­ time, the winners should always defend their title, i­ think one of the smaller clubs from wales &­ northern ireland should give way and be compensated

    From , on Mon 28 May 15:22
  4. Levy should consider legal action for loss of revenue!­ To finish 2 places above a club in a season long battle­ and then see the club below you gain a champions league­ spot because they won the competition which they­ qualified the year before is not acceptable. Its not­ the Eurovision song contest where the winner hosts the­ competition so why should they get a place in the­ following seasons competition? Not to mention what­ happens later on when they are knocked out of it and­ end up in the Europa league as well!!!!

    From Stephen, on Mon 28 May 10:18
  5. league winners only

    From Tony, on Mon 28 May 9:17
  6. Chelsea won the champions league making them the­ champion of champions only an idiot would see a 4 th­ place club advance in preference to the team at the top­ of the champions league. I think the fa cup winners­ should qualify instead of a club who only comes 4 th

    From Sadoldgit, on Sun 27 May 23:37
  7. The Champions league is a misnomer anyway (begrudgingly­ said) as you don't have to win your league to­ qualify for the CL.Having said that of course it would­ be good to see Spurs in the CL after only finishing 4th­ but we've only got ourselves to blame. We were­ streets ahead of the gooniezzzzzzzzzzz but they caught­ up and overtook us and eventually finished 3rd, so with­ chelski winning the CL we have to face facts and get on­ with it. Europa next year but CL the year after. Must­ buy this year especially a target man and a central­ defender and if the likes of Modric want to go, let­ him. Vertongen would be a good buy as well as Remy but­ if they both decide not to join us we must have a plan­ B and not panick buy.

    From Richie, on Sun 27 May 21:32
  8. Chelsea are the dominat team in London and once we­ build a bigger stadium or expand the Bridge we will­ become even richer and more appealing to visitors and­ locals. It can never be denied that we were the first­ team in London to be European Champions and perhaps­ soon World Club­ Champions.......................wouldn't you just­ love the job as Chelsea marketing manager right now

    From charles, on Sun 27 May 13:42
  9. What part of out don't you understand? The rules­ are the rules. The can't be changed retrospectively­ and any changes will only apply to future competitions.­ You are out of the competition, out of pocket, out of­ the spotlight and out on a limb as Modric and Bale are­ suddenly looking over the fence.

    From charles, on Sun 27 May 13:38
  10. Chelsea did what they had to do in the domestic and­ European cups. Spurs weren't able to finish third­ or win their semi final. Don't blame Chelsea, blame­ yourselves, we gambled and came out trumps. The league­ sacrifice was well worth it, we still got what we­ wanted. What's your excuse? Glory, pride, passion­ and belief. That's what Chelsea have and you were­ saying?

    From charles, on Sun 27 May 13:35
  11. if Arry would have not been distracted by the Englands­ managers job you would have been in the Champions­ League........think you will struggle next season to­ qualify when your best players will be leaving for­ Champions league football

    From Gary, on Sat 26 May 22:20
  12. spurs knew before that if chelsea won the champions­ league they would take an automatic place in next­ seasons competition and the 4th in the league would go­ in the europa cup, spurs are only crying foul now­ because the ruling became a reality spurs have only­ themselves to blame they collapsed near the end of the­ season and they were lucky to get fourth

    From peter, on Sat 26 May 17:24
  13. So why can't the rules be changed now (is it a law­ of nature that can't be challenged). After France­ cheated Ireland to qualify for the last world cup,­ Platini said the game couldn't be replayed (another­ law of nature!) even though another world cup qualifier­ was replayed, thus providing a precedent. Spurs deserve­ their place in the champions league. They got 69 points­ in the toughest league in europe. Valencia only managed­ 61 points and Malaga 58 in Spain; and both Udinese and­ Lazio in Italy had less points than Spurs; and yet all­ four teams qualified for the champions league - along­ with the host of Bratislava-kick-a-ball teams that no­ one has heard of - fodder no doubt for the largely­ meaningless money-making group stages. Why doesn't­ the premier league abandoned UEFA and invited the top 2­ teams from Spain and Italy, plus from Germany, France­ and Holland to form a super league.

    From shiv, on Sat 26 May 14:31
  14. i dont much care this should be a lesson to learn from­ we got 4th in epl that is a good result for any one we­ are starting to be consistent buy the right players we­ can only improve we cant change rules to suit us yes­ chelsea had 2 cups but they were not good enough in the­ prem and it was only 1 point stopping us from getting­ 3rd so not a bad season and there is next season to­ come

    From David R, on Sat 26 May 9:37
  15. lets face UEFA and FIFA dont like the english clubs­ winning there trophies ...as that way they dont get all­ there back handers from french spanish german and­ italian teams.so pratini yes i did spell it right and­ pratter do one will you.and the FA grow some and tell­ those lot that they do not rule football

    From Steve, on Thu 24 May 21:50
  16. @ Coach Dragon, 21 "Spurs are not good enough,­ small club without good­ ambition. Leave the CL to the­ real big boys..." If you are going to troll,­ please atleast, put some effort into it and make it­ interesting instead of the same, tired, bland, boring­ put-downs. Or is it just that you are not creative­ enough?

    From Tim L, on Thu 24 May 18:19
  17. Spurs v Chelski over two legs to play off for the CL­ spot?? Mike S

    From MIKE, on Thu 24 May 10:51
  18. This is totally wrong, what happened to "We cannot­ change the rules mid competition"? these rules­ apply to this situation because last seasons results­ should be governed by last seasons rules. If they want­ to change the rules it should be for next seasons­ Champions League otherwise they are changing the rules­ to suit them selves.

    From richard, on Thu 24 May 9:45
  19. Stupid Platini, it was obvious he wasnt happy Chelsea­ won the game. Maybe he should think about giving it to­ Newcastle United since they also came 5th. Are rules­ made for some stupid situations?

    From Nonso, on Thu 24 May 9:09
  20. Top comment by Brian #10 .. :) Also UEFA's group­ seedings are nonsense .. i.e. next season you could­ have the champions of Spain, England, Italy and Germany­ all in the same group !!!

    From wolfmann, on Thu 24 May 8:58
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